A Christian praying to God

Healing Testimony: Experiencing God’s Salvation When I Was Afflicted by Cancers

Afflicted with 3 cancers, I was supposed to be beyond saving. Later God’s words gave me faith. When I truly relied on and obeyed God, I actually recovered without treatment.

An Unexpected Miracle: My Daughter Survived a Cerebral Hemorrhage

My daughter suddenly suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and nearly died when her condition kept deteriorating. Under the guidance of God’s words, I sincerely entrusted her to God and a miracle happened.

Christians pray to God

Her Daughter Faced Death Due to Illness and Recovered Miraculously by Relying on God

Her daughter suffered from pancreatic cyst, and the chances of survival were small. However, when she relied on God and obeyed His sovereignty, she saw a miracle—her daughter recovered.

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God Has Given Me Who Was Diagnosed With Lymphoma a Second Chance at Life

I was diagnosed with both lymphoma and lymph node tuberculosis at the same time and the doctor gave my family members three different critical condition notifications. But a miracle produced when I entrusted my life into God’s hands.

She Miraculously Recovers From the Sudden Hemorrhage in Her Brain Stem

She Miraculously Recovers From the Sudden Hemorrhage in Her Brain Stem

I am a Christian. When I was 68 years old, I suffered a brain hemorrhage, and nearly became braindead. Thanks to God’s protection, I miraculously recovered. I welcome you to read this article of my true experience.

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God’s Grace: Wonderous Experiences of a Critically Ill Child’s Recovery

When my child took a high fever and nearly died twice, it was God who protected him and brought him through. From this, I experienced man’s life is in God’s hand.


How a Christian Recovered From Invasive Breast Cancer?

By Zhongxin In June 2016, the weather was hot. After a busy day outside, she went home in the evening and went straight to the bathroom to take a shower. … Read More How a Christian Recovered From Invasive Breast Cancer?

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How Did She Keep Faith in God in the Face of Sickness?

Sickness suddenly befell her and the doctors’ hands were tied. But when she relied on God, her sickness took a turn for the better.

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My Husband’s Life Being at Stake, Who Should I Rely On?

Her husband suddenly fell ill and his life was in danger. In this crisis, she relied on God and had true faith in and obedience to Him, and her husband miraculously recovered.


The Testimony of a Six-Year-Old Girl Coming Back to Life

His 6-year-old granddaughter was attacked by brain fever and the doctors couldn’t do anything for her. He prayed to God and saw God’s grace: His granddaughter came back to life.