Gospel Movie clip “The Bible and God” (1) – A Desolate Church Is Revitalized 01

The brothers and sisters of Elder Liu Zhizhong’s church broke free from the trap of the Bible and investigated Almighty God’s work in the last days online. From the word of Almighty God, they received the watering and provision of […]

Since the Lord Jesus and Almighty God are one God, can’t I also be saved by believing in Jesus?

The answer from God’s word: “To man, God’s crucifixion concluded the work of God’s incarnation, redeemed all of mankind, and allowed Him to seize the key to Hades. Everyone thinks God’s work has been fully accomplished. In actuality, to God, […]

When the Lord Jesus was crucified, He said, “It is finished.” It proves that God’s work of saving mankind has been accomplished. Why are you saying God has carried out another work of judging, purifying and saving man?

The answer from God’s word: “When Jesus came, He also did part of God’s work, and spoke some words—but what was the main work He accomplished? What He mainly accomplished was the work of crucifixion. He became the likeness of […]

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