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Christian Marriage – God’s Words Got My Husband Back

Christian Marriage – After my husband’s promotion, he gradually fell into the evil trend. The past happy marriage was on the brink of breaking down. Fortunately, God’s words got my husband back and saved our marriage.


No Longer Hate My Drug addicted Husband

My husband once could manage the household, but later he took drugs and no longer took care of the family. I felt miserable … However, I don’t hate him anymore because I have known the root cause of his taking drugs and found the greatest happiness.

Marriage,God prepared for me

Find the Right One God Prepared for Me

Are you confused about how to choose your marriage partner? Her experience will tell you how to find the right one.

marriage,christian marriage

Don’t Let Suspicion Ruin Your Marriage

When they, due to her misunderstanding and suspicion of her husband, gave each other the cold shoulder, what power dispelled all her suspicion and saved their marriage which was on the brink?

Conflict in Marriage

Best Remedy for Conflict in Marriage

Are you still depressed about family disharmony? Practice in this way and you will no longer make a stranger of your spouse but have a normal relationship with your spouse.


Facing My Husband’s Betrayal, I Felt Released!

My husband’s betrayal made me desperate about life, and I even tried to end my life by taking an overdose of sleeping pills. But when I understood the root cause of this pain, I was relieved.

Let God Be the Master of My Home!

Let God Be the Master of My Home!

I always wanted my husband to listen to me, so that I can wear the pants in my house. But we always quarreled, and I suffered unspeakably. However, when I humbled myself and let God be the master of my home, my family had real happiness.

I Had an Extramarital Affair, Will God Forgive Me?

I Had an Extramarital Affair, Will God Forgive Me?

I had an extramarital affair, and I thought God must forsake me. But He didn’t, and He was still waiting for me to turn back. God’s love to me is so great!

How Should I Face and Overcome Domestic Abuse

How Should I Face and Overcome Domestic Abuse?

Being abused by her husband numerously, she was living in agony and desperation. It was God’s word helped her see clearly the root cause of the domestic abuse. Under the protection of God, she suffered no more.

God Led Me To Get Over My Husband’s Infidelity

God Led Me To Get Over My Husband’s Infidelity

Her husband’s infidelity was a lethal strike to her, and she even tried to commit suicide before. But God’s words helped them put back their marriage together and made her know the meaning of life.