Returning to God: Casting off the Decadent Life and Walking Onto the Right Path of Human Life

Xinxin    Thailand I was born into an ordinary family in Burma. After finishing the fourth grade in primary school, I joined the Xuguang Christian School through the recommendation of one of my relations. In school, apart from regular courses, […]

The Church of Almighty God

You Ought to Consider Your Deeds – God’s Word

Judging from the actions and deeds in your life, you are all in need of a passage of words every day to supply and replenish you, for you are too lacking, and your knowledge and ability to receive are too […]

If I believe in Almighty God, doesn’t it mean that I have betrayed the Lord Jesus? Isn’t this apostasy?

Bible Reference “Him that overcomes will I make a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go no more out: and I will write on him the name of my God, and the name of the city […]

The Church of Almighty God

The Mystery of the Incarnation (1) | God’s Word

In the Age of Grace, John paved the way for Jesus. He could not do the work of God Himself and merely fulfilled the duty of man. Though John was the forerunner of the Lord, he could not represent God; […]

The Church of Almighty God

God’s Word “Work and Entry (3)”

God has entrusted much to humans and has also endlessly talked about human’s entry. But because people’s caliber is so poor, many of the words of God are scarcely followed. There are various reasons for their poor caliber, such as […]

The Church of Almighty God

Typical Words of God on Disclosing the True Substance of Corrupt Mankind (Part One)

452. People all look up to the me in heaven and all particularly care about the existence of the me in heaven, but no one cares about the me living in the flesh, because I who live among people am […]

The Overcomers’ Testimonies “The Fragrance of Love Given Off in Adversity”

The Fragrance of Love Given Off in Adversity Xiaokai     Jiangxi Province I’m an ordinary country woman. Due to the feudal thought of valuing sons and belittling daughters, I, who have no son, once felt unable to lift up my […]