Say Bye-bye to Thrillers

Tempted by Thrillers Again, I Fell Into Darkness

I thought that I had been able to overcome the temptation of thrillers. In actual fact, without the truth as my life, I was powerless to resist the temptation of negative things and was obsessed by thrillers again. One day, I organize some pictures of my son into a photo album on my mobile phone. On the following night, when I picked up my phone and was about to look at the photos of my son, a few words popped up on the screen. I clicked them without thinking and then I knew it was a piece of fiction. However, I had started reading unwittingly. After that, I was inextricably trapped again.

For a few days, my mind was totally occupied by fiction. When having meetings, I couldn’t help thinking the plot of the fiction. On arriving home from meeting, I first looked at my phone. I didn’t do the housework, nor did I pray in the morning or evening. Gradually, I didn’t live the proper spiritual life and my heart was away from God, so that I lost my normal relationship with God. Thereupon, I fell into darkness. My situation was extremely bad and the previous feeling of fear welled up in my heart again. Not until then did I realize that I had unconsciously fallen for Satan’s scheme and fallen into its temptation. Filled with guilt, I at once kneeled on the floor and prayed to God and repented, asking Him to enlighten and guide me, so that I could truly see through Satan’s scheme, see clearly the serious consequence of being corrupted by it, hate and reject it and break free from its bondage.

Through Seeking the Truth, I Found a Way to Break Free From Horror Fiction

In my search, I saw God’s words, “The devil Satan does these things in order to lure people, to cause them to degenerate. For those who live in virtual worlds, they have no interest whatsoever in anything to do with the life of normal humanity; they are not in the mood to work or study. They are only concerned about going to virtual worlds, as though they are being enticed by something.” “All the things that normal humanity shouldn’t have, the things that normal humanity doesn’t normally need, the things that normal humanity doesn’t possess—if you are determined to pursue these things, and are set on sampling them and experiencing them, then you may possibly bring on the work of another kind of spirit.

From God’s words, I understood: Satan uses the “drug” thrillers to lure and afflict people, making us live in the virtual world. By this means, It makes us become increasingly depraved, to such an extent that we are obsessed with thrillers and not in the mood to do all the other things and eventually become useless people. Thinking back, I lit on horror fiction when I was at rock bottom. From then on, I was addicted to them enjoying the excitement and in this way I filled the void in my heart. If I didn’t read them, I would feel my life to be very dull and not know what to pursue after. I lived in the vicious circle—living in the virtual world became my escape from the difficulties in my life, which caused me even more unwilling to get back to the real world and face reality. Although I had believed in God, without the truth as my life I still couldn’t stop myself from reading horror fiction to enjoy the thrills and still wanted to indulge in the virtual world.

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Meanwhile, through the revelation of God’s words, I realized that if I continued to be ensnared by Satan, unable to pull myself out and was set on enjoying the nonhuman things, I would surely be taken captive by the evil spirit sooner or later. I couldn’t help thinking of what had happened in my neighborhood just a few days ago: When a twelve-year-old boy was playing with the phone, his mother hurried him into eating. But he gave no response and still played with it. Then his mother nagged him. Unexpectedly, the boy ran out of their home without a word and jumped down from the 36th floor. In today’s society, everyone indulges in playing with phone, both adults and children. My son was only five years old. He would play computer games all day long if I gave him free rein. After work, my husband had his phone in his hand all the time, even when eating or using the bathroom. As it turns out, Satan not only uses fiction to afflict people but also uses all sorts of online games and new things available from phone to tempt us and to occupy our time and energy, thus making our heart away from God, and making us live in the imaginary world and detach ourselves from real life without the living out of normal humanity. Little by little, we will be corrupted into non-humans by Satan this way, and then utterly lose God’s care and protection. Satan uses these means to achieve its objective of afflicting and devouring people. If I had not come before God, and if God had not revealed how Satan fools, corrupts and finally devours people, I would have never seen clearly its meanness and evilness.

I also saw God’s words, “This evil world uses all manner of ways to attract those who have not seen through the world, who have not seen through the evil trends of mankind. It specially lures these people. If you cannot often come before God, if your heart and your brain are often blank, then you will be in danger.” “Once you realize how scary and sickening these evil trends are, do you then have any discernment toward what Satan does? What should your attitude be? Should it be to abandon these things?” “You should implore God often, that you not fall into temptation, and that you not be deceived by Satan. In this evil age, in this age infested by unclean spirits and devils, you should pray that God’s kindness and protection will often be with you, that He looks after you and protects you, so that your heart won’t leave God, and you can strive to use your heart and your honesty to worship God. Is it a right way to follow? (Yes, it is.)”

God’s words pointed out a right way for me to follow and made me have faith to break free from the control of Satan. I had to pay much attention to drawing near to God and always live before God and let my heart be possessed by positive things. And I must not leave my brain blank, give any chance to Satan or give myself any chance to be dissolute. Then the negative things inside me that belong to Satan will naturally disappear. Understanding these, I kneeled on the floor and prayed to God, “O God, may You give me faith and strength and protect my heart, and may You lead me to learn to rely on You and look up to You in everything, so that I can live according to Your words and stand witness for You and shame Satan. If I read thrillers again, may You discipline me. Please treat me according to my oath.”

Through a Real Battle with Satan, I Overcame the Addiction to Thrillers

In the following days, I focused on positive things, practicing pondering God’s words and entering into them, and keeping a normal relationship with God. Gradually, my situation improved a lot. After my situation was totally adjusted, my heart was released.

One Sunday, I played with my kid at home. After I got some photos of him, I started to look at my phone. At that time, a thought struck me, “I’ve not finished reading that novel yet. Why not search for it and continue reading? After finishing reading it, I’ll no longer read horror fiction.” Thank God for His guidance! Just when I wanted to search for that novel, I realized that Satan’s temptation befell me, and remembered the oath I swore to God. Then I hastened to repent in prayer to God and thought of God’s words, “Since you have already set your determination to serve Me, I will not let you go. I am a God who hates evil, and I am a God who is jealous of man. Since you have already placed your words upon the altar, I will not tolerate you running off before My very eyes, and I will not tolerate you serving two masters. Did you think that you could have another love after you placed your words upon My altar, after you placed them in front of My eyes? How could I allow people to make a fool of Me that way?” Yeah, God’s disposition is holy and righteous. God is as good as His word, and His word shall be accomplished. He doesn’t allow us corrupt mankind to deceive Him in the slightest. I’ve made the oath in God’s presence that I will not read thrillers anymore. If I knowingly read it, isn’t this deceiving God? God’s disposition allows no offense. So what’s the nature of the problem of blatantly deceiving God? Thinking of these, I couldn’t help but emerge with a shred of reverence toward God and dared not read it. I put much effort into understanding God’s words every day. After a while, when the words horror fiction came to my mind, I no longer had a desire to read them. Gradually, my situation became better and better and the negative things inside me disappeared. I wasn’t afraid of the dark anymore and I slept well at night. Under God’s guidance, I successfully beat my addiction to thrillers.

After the experience, I’ve truly felt: If we do not come before God, we can only be led astray and poisoned by Satan being inextricably trapped in all kinds of trends. Despite that we know we shouldn’t indulge in evil trends, we cannot find the way of freeing ourselves from the enticement of them. Only if we come before God, accept His salvation and receive the supply of His word can we truly distinguish between positive and negative things and find the right way of breaking away from Satan’s affliction. Only if we follow God and worship God can we live out a truly meaningful and valuable life. In order to repay God’s love, I’m willing to do my utmost to cooperate with Him to fulfill my duty of a created being. Thanks be to God!

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