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Hi there! Here we can find the God’s footsteps. Listen! This is the voice of God ……

      “When I speak to the entire universe, all men hear my voice, that is, see all my deeds in the entire universe. Whoever disobeys my will, that is, whoever opposes me with his doings, will fall in my chastisement; I will renew the stars of heaven, the sun and the moon will be renewed because of me, the heaven will no longer be the old one, and all things on earth will be renewed, which will be accomplished because of my word; all the nations in the entire universe will be redivided and replaced by my kingdom, so that the nations on earth will disappear forever and become a kingdom that worships me, and all the nations on earth will be destroyed and cease to exist; among men in the entire universe, all who are of the devil will be destroyed; all who worship satan will fall in my burning, that is, all except those who are in this stream will be burned to ashes; the religious world will return to my kingdom in different degrees when I chastise all the peoples and will be conquered due to my deeds, because they all will have seen that ‘the Holy One on the white cloud’ has already come; all men will be after their kinds and receive various kinds of chastisements according to their different doings, those who resist me will all perish, and those on earth whose doings have nothing to do with me will exist on earth because of their performance and be ruled over by the sons and the people; I will appear to all nations and all peoples and utter my personal voice on earth, declaring that my work has been crowned with success, so that all men will see with their own eyes.”

From “The 26th Piece of Word” in God’s Utterance to the Entire Universe of The Word Appears in the Flesh

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