Red Re-education at Home—Unusual Education

By Zhu Dan, Finland

Red Re-education at Home

The movie Red Re-education at Home has “red education” with Chinese characteristics as a subject, and has attracted many people’s attention. The red is the special color to stand for the CCP. Since the CCP took power, red dictatorial rule, red education, red thoughts and so on have been fixed deeply in Chinese souls. As a movie of Christianity, it is completely acted by a group of Christians who are amateur actors, so during the film there must be various hardships. Of course, I can’t know of these behind-the-scenes stories, yet the effect that the movie shows has already given me the answer. What story will Red Re-education at Home reflected by a family tell?

The movie unfolds itself around the debates aimed at beliefs that break out at the hero Zheng Yi’s home. One heated family debate after another, and series of battles between righteousness and heretical fallacies are a feast for the eyes and ears. In each of the debates, his son, a student who has returned from studying in America, offers well-organized, rational arguments and successfully refutes the view of his father, an atheistic official, leaving him with nothing to say. In their dialogues Zheng Yi plainly exposes the evil intentions of suppressing religious beliefs of the atheistic CCP, and the perplexed people who live in dark society also find the bright path: Only by believing in and worshiping God can we the created human beings walk on the right path of life; only by reading God’s word can we see through things, obtain the truth from God and step onto the bright and true path of life. Instead, many communists who the father, Zheng Weiguo stands for obviously know the CCP’s darkness and evil, but for the sake of protecting their status and livelihood they still stubbornly stand on the side of the CCP to oppose God and the truth. They obey the CCP government to persecute and arrest believers in God. From this, it can be seen that the communists in the system of the CCP are extremely selfish and malicious. Meanwhile, they are also the products that have been poisoned by red education of the CCP. They know clearly believing in God is the right thing, but they still oppose and ban reliefs; they only see things before their eyes but don’t accept the truth from God; they carry on the living attitude of “Enjoy yourself today” and in order to satisfy their flesh they are willing to risk their lives for such an evil party. I see these people live really pitifully and sadly.

As for this family movie mainly acted by only four people, its characterization is quite wonderful. The hero, Zheng Yi, needless to say, is an excellent returned student. Both in appearance and temperament, the actor and his part match perfectly. The status of an architectural engineer studying abroad tells us that the hero is thoughtful and insightful. Therefore, when he noticed the CCP government always persecutes Eastern Lightning cruelly and captures many Christians, he had some doubt and felt confused, and thus proactively sought and investigated Eastern Lightning. Finally, he was certain that Almighty God is the return of the Lord Jesus. On account of loving and yearning for the truth and the positive things, he isn’t afraid of might, sticks to the truth and stands on the side of justice while his belief conflicts with his father’s. Zheng Yi, just like his name, rather has a sense of righteousness. In order to choose the truth, he can betray darkness and evil, even though his family conditions can make him rise high in the world and live a life which all people admire. Such a choice inspires some people who hesitate at a crossing and don’t know how to choose between the right path of life and the worldly wealth and rank, and points out the direction to them clearly. In every argument with his father, his firm and kind eyes make the character more popular, and meanwhile, a sincere Christian and traditional dutiful son appears before audience.

Red Re-education at Home

The father, Zheng Weiguo, is a minister of a Municipal United Front Work Department. To be frank, he is a CCP official who specially arrests believers in God, but his two children are Christians. We can imagine how fierce the family arguments are. Returning to the topic, about the role of Zheng Weiguo, the actor acts well. From his eyes, actions, clothes, lines and so on, he vividly acts the CCP official before audience. The actor, Lu Chen, is also a Christian persecuted deeply by the CCP. During the film he must obtain God’s guidance so that he can play the CCP official so well. In many debates with his children, he repeatedly uses rumors and fallacies to prevent them from believing in God, deceives his wife who doesn’t know the truth and instigates her to use emotions to persuade their children. At the beginning, you may think that his actions are due to consideration for his children. Of course, his wife also believes this all the way, so she is used by him many times. After all kinds of his erroneous views are refuted by the truths and facts, in the dialogue with his wife, he finally tells the truth. In reality, the reason why he so stubbornly hinders his children from believing in God is that he wants to protect his status and livelihood. It is the selfish and malicious nature of communists revealed in him that causes him to drive his children out of home. However, through his last words and acts, I see that he has discernment of the red power of the CCP regime, but he is only chocked with silent fury. He falls into it so deeply that he is unable to extricate himself from it, which is also the sadness of a communist. It can only be said that just because of him, this originally happy family has developed to the point of breaking up.

Zheng Yi’s younger sister, Zheng Rui, is ingenious and gentle. However, when she faces unrighteousness, she is firm and dares to argue strongly on just grounds. As a reporter, she has opportunities to have a deep understanding of the dark inside story of the CCP. The more truth she understands, the more quickly she awakens. It is yearning for brightness and justice that lets her choose to be loyal to her belief when her father opposes her belief extremely. The Christians’ persisting in their belief is praised all the time by people, and this movie spreads this faith again by Zheng Rui and Zheng Yi, the two common Christians.

In the movie, there is still another character who can’t be ignored, and that is the mother, Mu Xinping. Although she is a typical family housewife, she has thoughts and knows her own mind. When her husband argues with their two children, she listens to them all along and plays the role of the mediator of the family. But in the end, faced with the disintegrating family, she eventually wakes herself up before the truth, resolutely rejects her husband’s red rule and chooses to believe in God with her children. This plot serves as a crucial point in the movie. Such a woman as has lived in red re-education for several dozen years, finally dares to tell her husband the pain of her being enslaved by red re-education and makes a right choice. That is not easy at all.

On the whole, the plots are very closely connected with each other. In every debate, the father puts forward a question with provocation, or he instigates his wife to start a topic. However, every time Zheng Yi and his sister can use the truth that they understand and the facts to fight back. The wonderful arguments between the father and the son are not abrupt and the plot is sleek and streamlined and unfolds naturally, which catches the audience’s eye. Although the conversations are between family members, they are certainly worth thinking over. What’s more, it is because they are a family that the father and the son dare to talk about such a sensitive subject in China where there is no freedom of speech. Their debates make audience enjoy themselves.

Red Re-education at Home is worth watching. If you are a Christian, then it will let you understand more truth; if you are an atheist, it will bring you heavy reflection; if you are a Chinese, after seeing it, you will be struck and it will arouse your sympathy within; if you are a foreigner, it will show you the true looks of China under the CCP’s rule, which is reflected by a family. It can be said that this movie serves as a good vivid example for education in understanding the red rule of the CCP.

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