Practice According to God’s Words in All Things

practice according to God's words in all things

As time went by, many conflicts appeared. Formerly, Chenxi always indulged her roommates, not quibbling over many little things in life. She thought believers in God shouldn’t act the same as unbelievers. She, therefore, always forbore with their unreasonable requests. However, these days, as soon as it grew dark, her roommates would turn the light off to see movies. Their reason was that turning off the light could create an atmosphere of cinema. This thing troubled her a lot.

She had to brace herself to walk toward the self-study classroom. Looking at the empty campus, she thought: Other students must be in their dormitories. But that my roommates persisted in switching the light off to see movies, I wouldn’t have to go out to suffer this. … At that time, she suddenly realized: It’s wrong to think in this way. Am not I falling into the influence of Satan? She hastened to pray to God silently in her heart, “O God! My stature is too small. When things happen to me, I always fixate my eyes on others, thinking they are not good. I’m often angry with my roommates at such trifles. Please keep me from living under Satan’s control. …”(“Tonight, the Dormitory Light Comes onTonight, the Dormitory Light Comes on”)

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