People! Rejoice!

In My light people can see once more, and in My words people find enjoyments. I have come from the East and I hail from there; and when My glory shines forth, all nations are illuminated. All is brought into the light, and nothing is left in darkness. In the kingdom God’s people live with Him in a state of unequalled happiness, water dancing in its flow for people’s pleasure, mountain upon mountain abundant among men in My prosperity. All men work toward prosperity, diligently, and with dedication and loyalty in My kingdom. In the kingdom, there is no more rebellion, and no more resistance; the heavens and the earth work together, the love between man and Me deep and profound, nestled together among all the sweetness life has to offer…. At this time, I’m officially beginning My life among the heavens. There is no more interference of Satan, and the people have entered into rest. Throughout the cosmos, the chosen ones live in My glory, unequalled in their joy, not as people living among people, but people living with God. Everyone has experienced the corruption of Satan, and all have tasted the joys and sorrows of life. How can one not rejoice when living in My light? Can one simply let go of such a beautiful moment and let it pass? People! Now, sing from your hearts and dance in rejoice for Me! Lift your sincere hearts and offer them to Me! Raise your drums and beat to the rhythm for Me! I exude joy above the universe! I show My glorious face to all people! My voice thunders! I transcend the universe! I am already a King to all people! I have been exalted by the people! I wander among the blue heavens and the people move with Me. I walk among them and My people gather around Me! The hearts of the people are joyous, their song sending waves throughout the universe, transcending the skies! There is a fog on the universe no longer; no longer is there silt, nor sewage flowing. Holy people in the universe! Under My inspection your true countenance is revealed. You are not man covered in filth, but saints pure as jade. All of which I love! All of which I like! All things come to life! All saints return to the heavens to serve Me, and they return to My warm embrace! No longer afflicted with grief or sorrow, no longer worried or anxious, but offering up themselves to Me, and returned to My home, and they shall love Me in their homeland for all eternity! Unchanging! Without sorrow! There is no weeping! There is no flesh! The earth ceases to exist, the heavens are forever. I appear before all people, and all people praise Me. This life, this beauty, from time immemorial and forever on, is unchanging, and this is life in the kingdom.

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