Pencil Story – God Is With Us

Pencil Story – an animated tale

After watching this simple but allegorical video, I was deeply touched and vividly appreciated that our track of life is just like the lines in the video. Everyone has his own way to walk, along which there are many ups and downs. Sometimes, we take the wrong path or take detours. It’s difficult to walk toward the correct direction all the time. However, once we make a mistake or stumble over a bump, we often feel discouraged, frightened or disappointed, and even become mired in defeat. Just like the pencil in the video, we totter alone with fear and hardships. Fortunately, an eraser appeared. And he erased all the trace in the wrong path, as well as the pencil’s tears of sadness. It made the pencil feel no more aimless or helpless, but boldly continue his journey along the lines. This reminded me of God who is guiding us forward all along. He is encouraging us at all times. When we are weak or fall down, He comforts and supports us with His words enabling us to stand up again. When we are lost or can’t find the direction of life, it’s also God’s word that guides us to the right path and find the real value and meaning of life. Only God fully understands our needs, just as God’s word says: “It is that God’s will to save mankind is sincere. He gives people opportunities to repent and opportunities to change, and during this process, He understands people and deeply knows their weaknesses and the extent of their corruption. He knows that they will stumble. Just like when someone is a small child and they are learning to walk, no matter how good of a physique they have and how tough they are, there will be times that they fall and stumble, times that they bang into something or trip. God understands every single person like a mother understands her own child. He understands every person’s difficulties, weaknesses, as well as their needs. Even more, He understands which difficulties each person will encounter in the progression, the process of entering into a change in disposition, and what kinds of weaknesses and failures will occur. This is something that God understands most. That is why it is said God sees into the depths of people’s hearts. No matter how weak you are, as long as you do not forsake the name of God, as long as you do not leave God or this way, you will always have an opportunity to achieve a change in disposition. And if we have the opportunity to achieve a change in disposition then we have hope for our continuing survival. If we have hope for our continuing survival, we have hope of being saved by God.

Thank the producer of this video for the enlightenment it brings to us. Whatever we encounter, we should believe that God is the mainstay of us, and we will surely get through the adversity; God is the very present help of us, so with God’s company, we can marched forward without hesitation!

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