Mankind’s Destination and the Beautiful Prospect of the Kingdom

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The life in the rest will be a life in which there is no war, no filthiness, and no unrighteousness remaining, that is, there is no disturbance of satan (the hostile force), no corruption of satan, and no harassment of any force that is hostile to God, all things are after their kinds and worship the Creator, and the heavens and the earth are in peace. This will be mankind’s life in the rest. When God enters into rest, on earth there will be no more unrighteousness remaining and no more harassment of any hostile force, and mankind will enter into a new state and will no longer be the mankind corrupted by satan but a mankind who has been saved after being corrupted by satan. The day of mankind’s rest will also be the day of God’s rest. God loses his rest because mankind cannot enter into rest; it is not that he had no rest from the beginning. Entering into rest does not mean that all things will stop their activities or everything will stop developing. Neither does it mean that God will no longer work and men will no longer live their life. The mark of entering into rest is that satan has been destroyed, all the wicked men who are associated with satan in its evil have been punished and exterminated, and all the forces hostile to God exist no more. For God to enter into rest means that God will no longer do the work of saving mankind; for mankind to enter into rest means that all mankind will live in God’s light and live under God’s blessing, there will be no corruption of satan and no occurrence of unrighteousness, and all mankind will live normally on earth under God’s care. For God and man to enter into rest together means that mankind will have been saved and satan will have been destroyed, and that God’s work on man will have completely ended and God will not continue to work on man and man will no longer live under satan’s domain. Thus, God will no longer be busy and man will no longer rush about, and God and man will enter into rest at the same time. God will return to his original place, and men will all return to their own places. These will be the respective destinations of God and man after the end of the entire management. God will have his destination, and man will have his place to go. God in the rest will continue to lead all mankind to live on earth, and man in God’s light will worship the only true God in heaven. God will not live among men, and man cannot live with God in God’s destination. God and man cannot live in the same realm, and they will have their own ways of living. God is the One who leads all mankind, while all mankind are the crystallization of God’s management work and are the led ones, who are different from God in essence. The original meaning of ‘rest’ is to return to one’s original place. So, for God to enter into rest means that God will return to his original place, will no longer live on earth, and will no longer stay among men to share joys and sufferings with them. For man to enter into rest means that men will all become real created beings, will worship God on earth and have a normal life of mankind, will no longer disobey or resist God, and will recover the life of Adam and Eve in the beginning. These will be the respective lives and destinations of God and man after they enter into rest. The defeat of satan will be the sure trend of God warring against satan. So, God’s entering into rest after the end of his management work and man’s entering into rest after being thoroughly saved will also be the sure trend. Man’s resting place will be on earth, and God’s resting place will be in heaven. Man in the rest will worship God and live on earth, and God in the rest will lead the mankind who remain, leading them in heaven and not on earth. God will still be Spirit, and man will still be flesh; God and man will have their different ways of resting. God in the rest will come among men and appear to them, and man in the rest will be taken by God to heaven to have a visit and enjoy the heavenly life. After God and man enter into rest, satan will have ceased to exist, and the wicked men will, like satan, have also ceased to exist. Before God and man enter into rest, the evil ones who have persecuted God on earth and God’s enemies who have done disobedience on earth will have been destroyed, destroyed by the great disasters of the end time. After the thorough destruction of the evil ones, there will be no more disturbance of satan among men; only then will mankind have been thoroughly saved and will God’s work have completely ended. This is the precondition for God and man entering into rest.”

from “God and Man Will Enter Into Rest Together” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

Only those who love God are the ones who can testify God, are the witnesses of God, are the ones blessed by God, and are the ones who can inherit God’s promises. Those who love God are God’s bosom friends, are the ones loved by God, and are the ones who can enjoy the blessings with God. Only such people are the ones who will live forever and the ones who will live under God’s care and keeping forever. God is for people to love and is worthy to be loved by all people. But not everyone can love God, and not everyone can testify for God and reign with God. Those who truly love God, as they are the ones who can testify God and who can dedicate all their strength to God’s work, are all the ones who can go anywhere under heaven with no one daring to resist and are all the ones who can reign on earth and rule over all the people of God. They are the ones who come together from all over the world, and are the ones who come from all corners of the world, speak different languages, are of different colors, but have the same meaning of living and the same heart of loving God; they are the ones who have the same testimony and the ones who have the common resolution and aspiration. People who love God can go anywhere under heaven, and people who testify God can travel across the entire universe. Such people are all the ones loved by God and are all the ones blessed by God. Such people will live in God’s light forever.”

from “People Who Love God Will Live in God’s Light Forever” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

Those God will perfect are all the ones who will inherit God’s blessings and God’s inheritance; that is, they will receive what God has and is as what they have within and have all God’s words wrought into them; no matter what being God has, he will let you receive all of it, so that you will live out the truth. Such are the ones perfected by God and the ones gained by God. Only such people will be qualified to inherit the blessings bestowed by God:

1. Receiving all God’s love.

2. Being able to act to God’s will in everything.

3. Receiving God’s leading, living under God’s enlightenment, and receiving God’s inspiration.

4. Living out an image loved by God on earth, loving God genuinely and being crucified for God and being qualified to requite God’s love with death like Peter, and having the same glory as Peter.

5. Being loved, admired, and envied by everyone on earth.

6. Overcoming all the bondage of death and Hades, leaving no chance for satan to work on them, being occupied by God, living in a fresh and lively spirit, and feeling no boredom.

7. Being indescribably excited and thrilled all the time in their life as if seeing the coming of God’s glorious day.

8. Being glorified with God and having the same countenance as the holy ones loved by God.

9. Becoming the ones loved by God on earth, that is, becoming God’s beloved sons.

10. Being transfigured and ascending to the third heaven with God, transcending the flesh.”

from “The Promises to the Perfected Ones” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

With my word becoming complete, the kingdom progressively takes shape on earth, and people also progressively return to normal. Thus the kingdom in my heart is established on earth. In the kingdom, all the people recover the normal human life. It is no longer the icy winter, but a world of spring all the year round. And people no longer contact the desolation of the world or endure the coldness of the world. People do not fight against each other, and nations do not war against each other; there is no more slaughter, and there is no more blood of slaughter flowing. The whole earth is full of joy, and every place is brimming with the warmth of the world. I travel over the whole earth, I enjoy on the throne, and I live among the stars. The angels offer new songs and new dances to me and are no longer tearful due to their ‘fragility.’ In my presence, the angels’ weeping is heard no more, and no one pours out his sorrows to me anymore. Today, you all live before me; tomorrow, you all will live in my kingdom. Isn’t this just the greatest blessing I bestow to people?”

from “The 20th Piece of Word” of God’s Utterance to the Entire Universe in The Word Appears in the Flesh

In the kingdom, the life of the people and God is perfectly pleasant. Waters are dancing with joy for the happy life of all the people, and all the mountains are enjoying the riches from me together with all the people. All men are striving to make progress and working hard, being faithful in my kingdom. In the kingdom, there is no more disobedience and no more resistance. The heaven and the earth accompany and rely on each other; men and I have deep affection for each other, on sweet terms in life, leaning close to each other…. At this time, I formally begin my life in heaven; there is no more disturbance from satan, and all the people enter into rest. In the entire universe, my chosen people live in my glory, happy beyond measure, which is not a life of man and man, but a life of the people and God. All men went through satan’s corruptions and tasted all the joys and sorrows of the world. Today, living in my light, how can they not rejoice? How will they easily let such a wonderful time slip by? All my people! Sing the songs in your heart and dance joyfully for me! Lift your sincere heart and offer it to me! Make joyful music with tambourines for me! I express my joy above the entire universe! I show my glorious face among all the people! I will shout aloud! I will transcend the entire universe! I have reigned among all the people! I am exalted among all the people! I am roaming in the blue sky, all the people traveling with me; I am walking among all the people, my people surrounding me! The hearts of all the people are very delighted, and their loud singing shakes the entire universe and rends the skies! In the entire universe, there is no longer the covering of fog, there is no more sludge, and there is no more turbid water gathering and flowing! The holy people in the entire universe! They show their original appearance in my inspection, no longer being the ones filthy all over but the holy ones white as jade, who are all my beloved and my favored ones! All things are revived. All the holy ones serve me in heaven again, nestling in my warm bosom, no longer weeping, no longer worrying, consecrating themselves to me, returning to my home, and loving me in their homeland without end! This will never change! No more sorrow! No more weeping! No more flesh! The earth no longer exists, but the heaven will remain forever. I appear to all people, and all people praise me. Such a life and such a beautiful scene will never again change from everlasting to everlasting. This is the life in the kingdom.”

from “Rejoice! All the People!” of God’s Utterance to the Entire Universe in The Word Appears in the Flesh

When mankind has entered into the eternal destination, all men will worship the Creator. Because men have been saved and have entered into eternity, they will no longer pursue any goals, much less need to worry about being besieged by satan. At that time, all men will ‘keep their place’ and perform their duties, and even if there is no chastisement and judgment, they will still perform their own duties. At that time, everyone will be a created being in identity and in position, and they will no longer be high or low but only the functions they perform will be different. Yet they will still be living in an orderly and proper destination of mankind, and they all will be performing their own duties for the worship of the Creator. Such a mankind will be the mankind in eternity. At that time, what man receives will be a life of being shone upon by God, cared for by God, and kept by God, man will live with God, mankind will have a normal life on earth, and all mankind will have stepped onto the right track.”

from “Recover Man’s Normal Life and Bring Man into the Pleasant Destination” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

After the conquering work ends, mankind will be brought into a beautiful heaven and earth. Of course, such a life will still be on earth, but it will be greatly different from man’s present life. Such a life is a life mankind will have after they all have been conquered. Such a life will be another new beginning for mankind on earth. When mankind has such a life, it will prove that mankind has entered into another new and wonderful state, which will be the beginning of God and man living on earth. The precondition for men to have such a wonderful life is that they have to become obedient before the Creator after being purified and conquered. So, the conquering work is the last stage of work before mankind enters into the pleasant destination. Mankind will have such a life, and it will be the life on earth in the future, the most wonderful life on earth, and also a life man yearns for and a life man has never reached throughout history. It will be the ultimate result of the six-thousand-year management work, and it is what mankind hopes for the most and is also God’s promise to man. But it will take a period of time before this promise is fulfilled. When this last stage of work has been finished and men have been thoroughly conquered, that is, when satan has been thoroughly defeated, mankind will enter into the future destination. After men have been refined, they will not have the sinful nature, because God will have defeated satan, that is, there will be no hostile forces that can harass them. When there is not any hostile force that can attack men’s flesh, they will be free and become holy. Such will be the ones who enter into eternity. Only when the hostile forces of darkness have been bound and men are free wherever they are will they have no disobedience and no resistance. Once satan is bound, men will be fine. Now they are not, because satan is still disturbing everywhere on earth and because the entire management work has not concluded. After satan has been defeated, men will be completely released. When they have gained God and come out from under satan’s domain, they will see the sun of righteousness. All the life that a normal man should have must be recovered, such as, being able to discern good and evil, knowing how to eat and dress, and being able to live normally. All these that a normal man should have will be recovered.”

from “Recover Man’s Normal Life and Bring Man into the Pleasant Destination” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

When mankind has a real human life on earth, all satan’s forces will have been bound, and man’s life on earth will be very easy and will not be as complicated as it is now. Such things as interpersonal relationships, social relationships, and complicated family relationships are too troublesome and too painful! It is too miserable for man to live in these things! After man has been conquered, man’s heart and mind will have been changed, and all men will have a heart of fearing God and a heart of loving God. When all those in the entire universe who pursue to love God have been conquered, that is, when satan has been defeated, satan will have been bound, that is, all the forces of darkness will have been bound, and man’s life on earth will be free from any disturbance and man will be able to live on earth freely. If man’s life is without the fleshly relationships and without the complicated fleshly things, it will be much easier. Man’s fleshly relationships are too complicated. That man has these things proves that he has not broken away from satan’s influence. When you have the same relationship with the brothers and sisters as you usually have with your family members, you will be free from trouble and will not worry about anyone. That will be best. Then you will be relieved of half of your sufferings. When men live a normal human life on earth, they will be like angels. Although they will still be flesh, they will be almost like angels. This is the final promise, the promise bestowed to man in the end.”

from “Recover Man’s Normal Life and Bring Man into the Pleasant Destination” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

I reign in the kingdom, even more in the entire universe. I am the King of the kingdom, and also the Head of the universe….
“…I will appear publicly to all people in the entire universe, and all flesh will be able to see all my deeds. All spiritual men will surely live peacefully in my house and enjoy good blessings with me. All those cared for by me will surely escape chastisement and will surely not undergo the suffering in the spirit or the pain in the flesh. I will appear among all peoples publicly and reign and rule, so that there will be no more smell of corpse in the entire universe, but my fragrance will fill the whole earth….”

from “The 29th Piece of Word” of God’s Utterance to the Entire Universe in The Word Appears in the Flesh

I rest on the throne and lie above the entire universe. I am fully satisfied, for all things have recovered their holiness. I can again live in peace in Zion. People on earth can again live and work in peace and contentment under my guidance. All peoples are managing everything in my hand. All peoples have recovered their original intelligence and their original likeness. They are no longer dusty all over but holy as jade in my kingdom. Everyone is in appearance like the holy ones in men’s heart. For my kingdom has been established among men.”

from “The 16th Piece of Word” of God’s Utterance to the Entire Universe in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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    “Living out an image loved by God on earth, loving God genuinely and being crucified for God and being qualified to requite God’s love with death like Peter, and having the same glory as Peter. Being loved, admired, and envied by everyone on earth.” I hope to live out the image God loves.

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