Christian Music Video “The Lives of All Beings of Creation Come From God”

The Lives of All Beings of Creation Come From God

The life bestowed upon man by God is endless, unfettered by flesh, time, or space. Though it is mysterious, it serves as proof, proof of God’s gift of life. Many people may not believe the life source is from God, but they are enjoying all that comes from God. Should God have a change of heart and reclaim all the world and His life, then all the world and living beings, all creation will forever be gone. God gives His life to all things living or lifeless. His power and authority bring good order, an incomprehensible truth that is a testament to the life force of God.

Now God wants to tell you a secret: The greatness and power of God, it lies beyond the reach of all His creatures. It is thus now and evermore. God is the life source for all creation in its many different forms. All living things follow the path made by God. It is through God’s care and provision that man receives God’s gift of life, without which man’s life loses value and his course is set adrift. If man fails to cherish all that God bestows, God, the Creator, will take it all back. Man’s reparations shall be heavy for all that God has given to man.

from “God Is the Source of Man’s Life” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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