A Blade of Grass That Grows Among Thorns

Yixin    Singapore

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Yixin, a kind and caring beautician, came to Singapore from China. Under the Lord’s protection, she had a secure job and led a happy and steady life. Later, she heard the news about the Lord’s return. Unexpectedly, during the process of her investigation, she was paid attention to by her company and pastor. She was once afraid of a rupture with others and the loss of her job. However, God’s words led her. Depending on the guidance of God’s words, she saw clearly what came from Satan and what came from God in the hindrance and attack from her pastor and fellow believers. She understood many aspects of truths and grew gradually amid attacks and threats, ultimately solidifying her will to follow God all her life. Here is the inspiring experience she narrated.

A Sister of My Original Church Knew That I Was Investigating the Work of God in the Last Days

In November of 2016, I made the acquaintance of people in the Church of Almighty God on Facebook, a brother named Lin Quan, two sisters called Zhang Hua and Xiaoxiao. They fellowshiped and bore witness to me about God’s work in the last days combining with the prophecies in the Bible. Through their fellowship and testimony, I got to know that Almighty God has done a stage of work of judgment and purification with the word based upon the redemptive work of the Lord Jesus. In the last days, God intends to completely save man from the domain of Satan through judgment, allow man to break away from Satan’s influence, stopping disobeying Him and resisting Him and becoming someone truly obedient to Him. From Almighty God’s words, I also came to understand that God will separate wheat from tares, sheep from goats through judgment so that man shall be classified according to kind. Through Almighty God’s words and the testimonies of the brothers and sisters, I realized that Almighty God is exactly the coming of the Lord Jesus whom I longed for. I was willing to accept His work in the last days.

One day, Sister Zhu of my original denomination suddenly asked what I was up to recently. Then I told her my investigation on Almighty God’s work in the last days. Upon hearing the Church of Almighty God, she began to slander the Church and blaspheme Almighty God by repeating many online rumors and words of condemnation of God. She also advised me not to contact the people of the Church of Almighty God. I said, “I have engaged with those brothers and sisters for a while and felt good to communicate with them. They are different from what you said. What’s more, Almighty God’s words are very practical and easy to understand and remember. They can supply man and be the bread of life and show man the way to practice, giving me much more than the pastor’s sermons.” Seeing my determined attitude, she quit trying to persuade me but asked me whether to tell my investigation on the work of Almighty God in the last days to Sister Yun, who preached the Lord’s gospel to us. I answered, “No. There are still many things I don’t understand. I will tell everyone when I fully verify it.” She promised me not to speak to Sister Yun until I was clear about it.

My Investigation on God’s Work in the Last Days Was Given Away and I Was Attacked by My Boss

Against all expectations, five days later, my boss found me and said, “Yixin, Sister Yun asked me to pray for you. Although I don’t know how to pray, I will try my best….” Upon hearing these words, I realized that Sister Zhu had told Sister Yun my investigation on Almighty God’s work of the last days.Such behavior of hers was so immoral and full of deceit and betrayal to me, making me feel that even brothers and sisters in the Lord were untrustworthy…. As I thought of this, my boss, without asking me the ins and outs, accused me of not believing in the Lord properly and going astray in the presence of over ten people in the company. She also spoke many words resisting Almighty God and condemning the Church of Almighty God. It happened so suddenly that I didn’t know what to do, with a very awful feeling. So I prayed silently, “O Lord! Why did they say those words of resistance and condemnation without investigation? How could they put so much trust in the online rumors? O Lord! What should I do? Am I really wrong? O Lord! I wish for You to protect me. I don’t know what to do….”

Almighty God Guided Me to See Through Satan’s Plot

Later, I told Brother Lin Quan what happened to me. He sent me some God’s words, “Satan is constantly devouring the knowledge that men hold of Me in their hearts, and constantly, with teeth bared and claws unsheathed, engaged in the last throes of its death struggle. Do you wish to be captured by its deceitful stratagems at this moment? Do you wish, at the moment that the last phase of My work is completed, to cut off your own life? Surely you are not still waiting for Me to dispense My leniency one more time? Seeking to know Me is the key thing, but neither should you neglect to pay attention to actual practice. I am revealing insights to you directly in My words, in hopes that you will be able to submit to My guidance …” (“The Sixth Utterance” of God’s Utterances to the Entire Universe in The Word Appears in the Flesh). And “When God is working in the flesh, He is actually doing battle with Satan in the flesh. When He works in the flesh, He is doing His work in the spiritual realm, and makes the whole of His work in the spiritual realm real on earth” (“Corrupt Mankind Is More in Need of the Salvation of God Become Flesh” in The Word Appears in the Flesh). Brother Lin told me, “God’s words make us understand that it is a spiritual battle and that Satan’s harassment has come upon you. God incarnate expresses words for man to know Him, His work and His disposition so as to save them. While Satan follows on the heels of God to disturb and disrupt God’s work, deny God’s work and Christ, and reject the truth so as to hinder man’s return to God. The Bible says, ‘And the light shines in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not’ (John 1:5). ‘He came to his own, and his own received him not’ (John 1:11). When the Lord Jesus came to do His work, the leaders of Judaism, like the chief priests, scribes and Pharisees, not only rejected Him but also became Satan’s servants, making every effort to defy His work. They mainly used the means of creating rumors and giving false testimonies to oppose God. For example, they slandered and blasphemed the Lord Jesus, saying that He drove demons out by the prince of the devils. They also framed Him for perverting the nation and forbidding to give tribute to Caesar. What’s more, after the Lord Jesus’ resurrection, they even bribed the soldiers to give the false testimony that the body of the Lord Jesus was stolen by His disciples. It is even recorded in the books other than the Bible that the Lord Jesus was an illegitimate son. In the last days when God carries out His new work, the CCP government fabricates numerous rumors in order to establish an atheistic place in China, and many pastors and elders in the religious world give lots of false testimonies for the sake of maintaining their status and jobs. So that people might be blinded, frightened, and hindered from investigating and accepting God’s new work. Therefore, we must see clearly that the atheist CCP government is the enemy of God, that the pastors, elders and the wicked who prevent man from investigating God’s work of the last days are the Pharisees of modern times, and that the online rumors are Satan’s schemes. Only in this way can we stand at God’s side in this spiritual struggle, without being taken captive by Satan….”

Brother Lin’s fellowship allowed me to know the root cause of the rumors. None of the people who attacked me had investigated Almighty God’s work of the last days before resisting it. They got really carried away with those rumors. Wise people would draw a conclusion after investigation. However, since belief in God was a serious matter, I feared taking a wrong path and had some misgivings. After I got home from work, I prayed to the Lord in tears, “O Lord! You are the God who observes the depths of man’s heart. You once guided me when I was most in need, making me happy and joyful. O Lord! I am very bewildered right now. May You guide and lead me. O Lord! Today I won’t listen to others and follow the crowd. I am willing to act in harmony with Your will.” As I was sleeping that night, without knowing the time, I felt in a daze that something was pressing on me. I wanted to open my eyes but failed and my struggling was in vain. I shouted hurriedly, “Lord Jesus, save me!” But it was useless although I had shouted twice. I was very fearful and was at a loss what to do. Suddenly I thought of Almighty God. So I cried out “Almighty God” twice and then I woke up. I was seized by panic and it was quite a while before I recovered. I thought to myself: Why was it useful to cry out to Almighty God while calling out to the Lord Jesus was not? At that time, I remembered Brother Lin’s fellowship: Almighty God has come and continued the work of the Lord Jesus. He has ushered in a new age and concluded the old by the name of Almighty God. Because there is one name for each age, the Holy Spirit upholds His new name in the new age. Now it is the last days. Almighty God set about His work in 1991. So, God only answers our prayers when we pray in the name of Almighty God. Only then did I realize that what happened just now was not accidental, but the confirmation given by God after He heard my prayer. Thanks be to the Lord! Thus, I had confidence to face the attacks from my boss and my colleagues.

I Was Again Attacked Because I Persisted in Believing in Almighty God

When I was at work the next day, my boss again criticized me in front of all the employees, saying that I was walking the wrong path. She also spoke very harsh words to blaspheme God. I was indignant at those words and asked her, “What is evil? We all believe in God. Why do you condemn others in this way?” After saying this, I stormed away. A few minutes later, my boss came for me and blamed me for losing my temper with her. I said, “I did not mean to get mad. But you shouldn’t have said those words. We believers in God should not say the words profaning, resisting or condemning God, which is sinning against God. If you feel I will be detrimental to the company, I can choose to leave. All I want is to believe in God properly. I won’t hurt you or affect the company. You think you mean well. But I’m an adult with rational thinking. Concerning whether Almighty God is the coming of the Lord Jesus, I have sought and investigated it rather than believed it by listening to others casually.” She then asked me if I had read the statements on TV and online. I answered, “Anything negative comes from Satan. What I have seen differs from what you have seen. The Church of Almighty God has never made people do those evil things. Rather, quite the opposite, we’re asked to be good and honest people.” Then she was speechless and left.

A Hymn of God’s Word Gave Me Confidence to Fight

However, from then on, my boss has been freezing me out and even satirizing me in order for me to give up my faith in Almighty God. One day, my boss suddenly told me, “Sister Yun will talk to you when she comes back from her business trip.” At those words, I felt somewhat bad and nervous. It was Sister Yun who spread the Lord’s gospel to me. She was also a VIP client in our beauty salon. If she was offended, it would be hard for me to deal with her and my boss would be unhappy. As the day of Sister Yun coming back approached, I became more nervous and scared. One afternoon, I prayed to God in a VIP room. Just after my prayer, my boss phoned to say, “Sister Yun will come in a moment. Give a facial treatment to her.” Though reluctant, I had no excuse to wriggle out of it. I went to the staff room, listening to hymns of God’s word in order to quiet my heart before God. I listened to the 210th hymn “I Am Determined to Love God”: “… I wish for You to open the eyes of my spirit, I wish for Your Spirit to touch my heart, so that before You I am divested of all passive states, and unconstrained by any person, matter, or thing; my heart I completely lay bare before You, such that my entire being is devoted before You, and You may test me however You wish. Now, I give no thought to my prospects, nor am I bound by death. Using my heart that loves You, I wish to seek the way of life.” God’s words gave me faith. Gradually, my heart calmed down and was at ease. Yes. Whatever others say, I should seek the truth, search for the appearance and work of God and pursue to love Him without the constraint of anyone. How my boss sees or treats me and how my relationship with Sister Yun is going to be rest in God’s palm. Therefore, I got the faith to face all this.

Dear brothers and sisters, if you have any understanding or enlightenment from God, welcome to share with us via:1. The online chat window at the bottom of the website. 2. Send an email to [email protected].We sincerely hope we’ll grow spiritually through sharing with each other.

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