God’s Love Behind Tiny Grass That You Don’t Expect

By Jingjing

After dinner, my husband and I went for a walk in the park. It was very hilarious. Children’s noises, parents’ warnings, loud music and the shouts of street vendors—various sounds were mixed together. Adults and children were busy with their own business: Some were standing at the fountain and watching it, some were sitting in the pavilions and chatting, and some were doing aerobics to the music … My husband and I walked to a corner of the park. There was a wood, with different species. The rough trees were green and fresh. There were lots of weeds among the trees. Looking ahead, several winding gravel paths came into sight. The weeds were briskly growing out from the cracks between the gravel. Seeing the grassy paths, I immediately felt very comfortable. In twos and threes, some people were strolling in the path. Compared with those noisy places, it was serene and beautiful heaven.


My husband and I walked leisurely in the path. Stepping on the soft grass, I felt as if we were having an outing in the spring. A gentle breeze coming, the waving grass seemed to greet us and welcome our arrival. I sat on the stone bench under a big willow. Its branches were bending down and dancing with the wind beside me. Being in the beautiful scenery, I was very pleased. I looked at the grass on the ground: Some were standing proudly in the wind; some, broken, were swinging in the wind; still some were lying on the ground, like a sick old man, weak and limp. There were also some bald places because people trod on the grass too often. Seeing them, I couldn’t help remembering a poem that I learnt in my childhood, “Wild grasses spread o’er ancient plain; with spring and fall they come and go. Wild fire can’t burn them up; again They rise when vernal breezes blow” (from “Song of the Immortals: An Anthology of Classical Chinese Poetry” by Xu Yuanchong). People admire the tenacious life force of the grass, because even if a big fire burnt them down, they will put forth new growth in the next year and bring the breath of life to the earth. I felt it is marvelous. I wondered what is the continuation of the life of the grass year after year for? Why does the grass live in this way? I had no idea who bestows the grass tenacious life force. If the grass was burnt down by a big fire and never grew out again in the next year, what would the world be like?

A paragraph of God’s words occurred to me: “Take the tiny grass as an example—there are spring shoots, summer blooms, and autumn fruit. The fruit falls to the ground and that grass dies. The next year, the seed from the fruit sprouts and continues according to the same laws. The lifespan of the grass is very short—it’s alive from the spring to the fall, then it dies. Every seed falls to the ground, grows roots and sprouts, blooms and produces fruit—this process only occurs over the spring, summer, and fall…. No matter what type of plant it is or how long its lifespan is, generally speaking, God manages its balance based on how long it lives, its ability to reproduce, its speed of reproduction as well as its amount and rate of reproduction. This allows them, from the grass to the trees, to be able to continue to thrive, to grow within a balanced ecological environment. So when you look at a forest on earth, no matter if it is trees or grass, it is continuously reproducing and growing according to its own laws. It doesn’t need mankind’s help; it doesn’t need any additional work from mankind. Only because they have this kind of balance are they able to maintain their own environment for survival. Only because they have a suitable environment for survival can these forests, these grasslands continue to survive on earth. Their existence nurtures generation after generation of people as well as generation after generation of all sorts of living things with habitats in the forests and the grasslands—birds and beasts, insects, and all kinds of microorganisms” (“God Himself, the Unique IX”).

All things have a kind of balance. They all follow such laws: The old perish and the new thrive—this is a way God rules over all things. Each kind of plant neither grows without limit, nor withers sharply. They all have growth cycle and fixed lifespan. Each of them will die naturally when the age is reached, and then the seeds fallen in the ground will sprout and grow again. In this way, they keep bringing vitality to the earth, bringing the breath of life to the world, and creating a favorable living environment for mankind. All creatures are orchestrated and arranged by God to grow in a balanced way like this, making the whole world colorful, and making all kinds of animals and insects have their own habitats. With the constant alternation and repeated growth of the trees and flowers, we can breathe the fresh air and see the green world. This makes us feel happy and comfortable. So we won’t feel our life is vapid, but have faith in it. If the grass and trees died and didn’t take root and come out again, there would be only one color in our life, i.e. yellow. If we saw the same thing or the same one color every day, our life would be lack of vitality. In order to provide us human beings with a favorable living condition and environment, God set such life laws for all things. If there was no more grass, our living environment would be damaged, and we would be under threat; the grassland would be gone, and the herbivores, like cows, sheep and horses would have no food. The grassland absorbs the heat of sun to regulate the temperature for man. All of these are serving for the existence of mankind. From this we feel God’s love for man is so deep. The grass is unattractive, and even can be abandoned carelessly by man; however, God’s deep love for us is just behind it. How great His love is! Though we don’t know God, His love is embodied in everything He created, in the laws God determined for all things, and in His will in creating all things. Moreover, each thing He created doesn’t exist for nothing, but has its unique significance and value, in which there is God’s deep love for us mankind. As long as we observe carefully among all things God created, we can discover that His supplies for us are really abundant, and His concern and love for us are too deep to tell.

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