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This classic short animated film is produced by Pixar Animation Studios. It won the 74th Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film. It reflects a state of society with bright colors in a humorous way: People don’t get along well with others. Conniving and intriguing, comparing to each other and coddling up to power are commonplace. Such social phenomena are embodied through the appearance of some birds. Successively, lots of small birds land on a wire, they start to squabble, crowd, and won’t lose out in the slightest. As the large bird wants to make friends, the small ones chatter suspiciously, get started mocking at its looks. When the large one lands on the middle of the wire and its weight causes the wires to sag, all the small birds slide down toward it, and they get more annoyed and keep crying. The two nearest the large one get started pecking at its toes, egged on by the rest. Finally, they push the large one off the wire. But meanwhile, the wire snaps upward and flings all the small ones. All of them fall to the ground, having lost all their feathers and they hide behind the large bird in shame.

Such social phenomena are getting more and more increasing: struggling for fame and gain, conniving and intriguing happen among colleagues; many cliques and much bullying can be found everywhere in the school. Even in family, there is nothing strange that family members hurt each other for their own interests. Hence, people always say that one would be satisfied with having a soulmate for life. A soulmate is seldom but it is more rare opportunity to find a tried and true friend in their lives. Then what’s the root cause of these phenomena? God says, “Man’s flesh is of Satan, it is full of disobedient dispositions, it is deplorably filthy, it is something unclean. People covet the enjoyment of the flesh too much, there are too many manifestations of the flesh, and so God despises the flesh to a point. When people leave behind the filthy, corrupt things of Satan, they gain God’s salvation. But if they remain incapable of divesting themselves of filth and corruption, then they will still be under the domain of Satan. People’s conniving, deceitfulness, and crookedness are things of Satan …” From the revelation we can see that the reason we can’t get along well with others is that we have been corrupted by Satan. Many times, we want to be patience, tolerance and getting along well with each other. But instead, we reveal our satanic disposition and are often beside ourselves. Just like the small birds in the film, they cannot help but be rash or impulsive.

How should we deal with this problem to get along well with others? One day, I saw a passage of God’s word, “everyone has small faults and foibles and they all have some things that are characteristic to them; they can all be self-righteous, weak and lacking. You should therefore help others with a loving heart, be tolerant, be forbearing and don’t be too harsh or make a fuss over every tiny detail. …When people do things, God is watching. However you do things and however you think in your heart, God is watching! If you are to master principles, you must first understand the truth; once you have understood the truth, then you can understand the will of God. Once you understand the truth, with the truth telling you how to treat people and you understanding it, you will then know what way to treat people is God’s will; if you don’t understand the truth, then you will certainly not understand God’s will. How you are to treat people is clearly told, clearly shown and pointed out in God’s word; the attitude with which God treats man is the attitude which people should adopt in their treatment of one another.” I can see from God’s word: every man has corrupt dispositions and shortcomings, it needs tolerance and forgiveness in our interactions. What’s more, we should pursue the truth to know God. If not, neither can we see through the truth of our corruption by Satan, nor can we understand the reason that people can’t get along well with others. We will have a change in our life disposition once we have God’s words to be our life and no longer conflict and scheme, compare to each other and climbing social ladder. When we practice according to God’s words, we will easily be tolerance, love and being able to help one another. Thank God!

Find the Shepherd
Find the Second Coming of Jesus Christ - Let’s discover the mystery of the Lord’s second coming, watch and prepare for it, then welcome the returned Lord Jesus Christ.
Find the Shepherd
Find the Second Coming of Jesus Christ - Let’s discover the mystery of the Lord’s second coming, watch and prepare for it, then welcome the returned Lord Jesus Christ.

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