Film Review: Preaching to Auca—A Corn of Wheat Falls Into the Ground and Dies

By Chen Hui, Finland

God said, “Truly, truly, I say to you, Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it stays alone: but if it die, it brings forth much fruit” (John 12:24). The moving film, Preaching to Auca, tells us such a story: A corn of wheat falls into the ground and dies, but brings forth much fruit. This film is just 7 minutes and 13 seconds long and is showed more with scenes and subtitles instead of narration; however, it has completely communicated the missionaries’ dauntless spirit and God’s immeasurable love for mankind.

The movie tells, in 1956 five young people headed by Elliot evangelized to Ecuador, but they were all killed by the Aucas (Cannibals) in 15 days. Later on, in order to accomplish the mission that these missionaries hadn’t finished, their wives brought their children to the country again to preach God’s gospel to this nation which had never heard the gospel. Finally, being moved by God’s love, all of the Aucas baptized into the name of the Lord.

A Special Dialogue Before Leaving

Son: If the Aucas attack you, will you defend yourself? Will you use your guns?

Father: Son, we can’t shoot at them. They are not ready for Heaven, but we are.

The short dialogue between the father and son expresses that these missionaries are ready to be martyred for the gospel at any time. Such fearless dedication is exactly the spirit of the cross. Let’s look back on the history: Many missionaries lay down their life and shed blood to preach the Lord’s gospel. Because of their selfless devotion, they sow the seeds of the gospel to every corner of the world, making the worldly people see the light.

Living out God’s Love

When Elliot and other four people are attacked by the Aucas, they could have opened fire on the Aucas, but they don’t. And before death, Elliot says one word in the Auca language taught by his son: I’m your friend, your sincere friend.” The man who killed him is shocked by this scene. I’m also moved deeply and can’t help thinking of the word said by the Lord Jesus on the cross, “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do” (Luke 23:34). It’s exactly because of God’s love that these five people can behave so courageous and fearless. Five years later, when all the Aucas are baptized and return to the Lord, the young man who killed Elliot becomes the first minister of Auca. I think Elliot’s words before his death must have a huge impact on him.

Being out of God’s Love

The chief of Auca: Who are you? What’s your purpose of putting such great effort here?

The missionary’s wife: The man whom you killed five years ago is my husband. We come here again due to God’s love.

This touching dialogue, with only a few words, shocks my heart. When the Aucas know these people are the wives and children of those men that they killed, they feel very touched, for their coming is without hatred or retaliation, but full of God’s love. Afterward, all the Aucas accept God’s gospel with their immense admiration for the missionaries and grateful heart to God. Because they have understood that the coming of those five young people is due to God’s love, and that their death brings the true light to the whole nation.

The self-denying missionary work for the cross makes the Aucas gain new life. Five corns of wheat die but bring forth much fruit. Today, Jesus’ salvation of the cross has already spread to the ends of the universe. The Lord promised that He would bestow us the everlasting gospel in the last days (See Revelation 14:6). Now, the prophecies of the Lord’s coming have already been fulfilled. That the Aucas aren’t ready to accept the gospel of the Lord’s salvation has led to an irreparable regret. My friend, are you ready to accept the everlasting gospel?

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