The Saintly Decency Believers of God Should Possess.

The Church of Almighty God

The Relevant Words of God Are as Follows:

“Men who were not corrupted by satan were obedient to God, were obedient to God’s words when hearing them, were sound in their sense and conscience, and were normal in their humanity. After they have been corrupted by satan, their original sense, conscience, and humanity all become numb and are damaged by satan. Thus, their obedience to God and their love for God are all gone. Their sense becomes abnormal, their disposition becomes like that of beasts, and their disobedience to God increases more and more and becomes more and more serious, yet they do not know or realize that but just keep resisting and disobeying. … Normal sense means that one has obedience and faithfulness to God, has thirst for God, can be absolute to God, and has a conscience toward God, and means that he is wholehearted toward God and does not deliberately resist God. Abnormal sense is not so. After being corrupted by satan, men have notions about God, have no faithfulness to God, and do not thirst for God, much less have a conscience toward God; they resist and judge God deliberately and even revile God behind his back; knowing for certain that he is God, they still judge him behind his back, and they do not have the least intention to obey God but just keep demanding from God and asking from God. Being such ones with an abnormal sense, they still do not realize their contemptible acts or repent of their disobedient acts. If one can know himself, he is one whose sense has been somewhat restored. The more one is a person who disobeys God and yet cannot know himself, the more he is one whose sense is unsound.”

from “Not Transformed in Disposition One Is Against God” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

“Today, you may pursue to be perfected or pursue to be transformed in your outward humanity and improved in your qualities, but most importantly, you should understand all that God does today is meaningful and beneficial, causing you, living in the filthy place, to break away from filthiness and be free from filthiness, to overcome satan’s influence, and to break away from satan’s influence of darkness, which you should pay attention to, so that you can be kept in the filthy place. What testimony are you required to bear in the end? That is, you, though living in the filthy place, can become holy and are no longer defiled by filthiness, and though living under the domain of satan, break away from the influence of satan, no longer being occupied or harassed by satan, and live in the hand of the Almighty. This is a testimony and is the evidence of overcoming in warring against satan. You can rebel against satan, and what you live out is not the expression of satan but what God required men to live up to when he created them, that is, the required normal humanity, the normal sense, normal insight, normal will to love God, and faithfulness to God that are required of men. This is the testimony a created being should bear.”

from “The Inside Truth of the Conquering Work (2)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

“The normal humanity includes several aspects: insight, sense, conscience, and personality. If you can be normal in these aspects, your humanity will be up to the standard. You should have normal human likeness, behaving like a believer in God. You are not required to reach a very high state, to handle foreign affairs, but you are just required to be a normal man, having the sense of a normal man and being able to discern things. At least you should look like a normal man, and that is all right. … Many people, seeing that the age has changed, do not exercise any humbleness or patience and simply do not have any love or the behavior of a saint. These people are too absurd! Do they have any normal humanity? What testimony do they have? They do not have any insight or sense. Of course, some erroneous practices should be corrected. For example, your former rigid spiritual living and your numb and obtuse appearance should be changed. To be changed does not mean to let you act unrestrainedly or indulge in your flesh, saying whatever you want to say. It is not right to speak with an unbridled tongue! To speak and behave as a normal man means to speak with propriety, saying yes when it is yes and saying no when it is no, speaking truthfully and exactly, and not to practice deception and not to tell lies.”

from “Improving Qualities Is in Order to Be Saved by God” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

“The disposition of normal men does not contain crookedness and craftiness, and they have a normal relationship with others and do not act independently, do not live a vulgar or rotten life, and exalt God among all people and have God’s word permeated among all people. They live in harmony with one another and all live under God’s care and keeping. The earth is full of harmony and is free from satan’s disturbance. Among people they all can take God’s glory as the fundamental thing. Such people are all like angels, simple and lively, and they never utter complaints to God, but just dedicate all they can for the sake of God’s glory on earth.”

from “The Interpretation of the Sixteenth Piece of Word” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

“The normal humanity I speak of is not so supernormal as people have imagined; rather, it means that you can transcend the restriction from any person, thing, and matter and transcend the persecution from the environments, and can draw near to me and commune with me in any place and in any environment.”

from “The Fifty-fifth Piece of Word” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

“…you ought to know that God likes an honest man. … Honesty means to give your heart to God; to never play Him false in anything; to be open with Him in all things, never cover the truth; to never do that which deceives those above and deludes those below; and to never do that which is done merely to ingratiate yourself with God. In short, to be honest is to refrain from impurity in your actions and words, and to deceive neither God nor man.”

from “Three Admonitions” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

“I have many hopes, hoping that you will conduct yourselves well, conduct yourselves properly, perform your duty faithfully, be a man who has the truth and has humanity, be a man who can give up everything and give up his life for God, and so on. These hopes are all directed against your deficiencies and your corruptions and disobedience.”

from “Transgressions Will Bring One into Hell” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

“You lack too much in humanity, live too low a life, have no humanity, and lack insight. So, you need to equip yourselves with the things concerning humanity. Having conscience, having sense, having insight, speaking properly, judging things properly, paying attention to hygiene, and having the likeness of a normal man, all these are knowledge about normal humanity. If you act properly in these aspects, it means that your humanity is up to the standard. The other aspect is equipping yourselves in spiritual living; you should have knowledge of all the work God does when he comes to earth and should have experience of the words he speaks. You should know how to submit to his arrangements and how to fulfill your duty as a created being. These are the two aspects which you should enter in now.”

from “Practice (7)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

“God requires people to live out the normal humanity in the real life, not merely in the church life; he requires them to live out the truth in the real life, not merely in the church life; he requires them to perform their functions in the real life, not merely in the church life. To enter into reality, people have to face the real life in every aspect. If people, in believing in God, cannot enter into the real life to know themselves or live out the normal humanity in the real life, they will be failures. Those who disobey God are all the ones who cannot enter into the real life, who talk about humanity with their mouth but live out devilish nature, and who talk about the truth with their mouth but live out doctrines. Those who cannot live out the truth in the real life are all ones who believe in God but are detested and rejected by God. You should in the real life exercise your entering in and know your lack, your disobedience and ignorance, your abnormal humanity, and your weaknesses, and all such knowledge is based on your actual states and actual difficulties. Only such knowledge is practical and can cause you to truly have a grasp of your states and be transformed in your disposition.”

from “On the Church Life and the Real Life” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

“A person used by God outwardly seems to have no sense and have no normal relationship with others, but he has proper limits in speaking and does not speak indiscreetly and can always quiet his heart before God. Yet such a person can be used by the Holy Spirit. Such a person without sense whom God speaks of seems to have no normal relationship with others outwardly and does not practice outward love or outward practices. However, when fellowshipping about the things in the spirit, he can open his heart and selflessly supply others with the enlightenment and inspiration he has received before God in his actual experience, thereby expressing his love for God and satisfying God’s heart’s desire. When others slander and ridicule him, he can be free from being influenced by outward people and matters and things and can still be quiet before God. It seems that such a person has his original views. No matter how others behave, his heart will never be away from God. When others are talking and laughing casually, his heart is still before God, pondering God’s word or praying silently to the God in his heart and seeking God’s will. He never attaches importance to maintaining his normal relationship with others. It seems that he has no philosophies of life. Outwardly, such a person is lively and lovely, and is somewhat childlike but somewhat steady. This is the very pattern of a man used by God.”

from “It’s Very Important to Build a Normal Relationship with God” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

“In the course of real experience, people who are able to stand witness, who are able to stay the course and stand on God’s side, who never retreat, who are able to have normal relationships with those that love God, who obey God completely when faced with problems and even obey unto death, have the truth. Your practices and expressions in real life are God’s witness. They’re man’s living out and also God’s witness. In this way, you’ll truly enjoy God’s love; when you reach this stage, you have born fruits. You have real living out and your every action inspires others’ admiration; others see that you have very godly living out even if your dress is quite average, you fellowship about God’s words with God’s guidance and inspiration, you can speak out God’s purpose and communicate reality, you understand many matters about service in the spirit, you are natural in speech and decent in behavior, neither creating disputes nor acting wildly, you can obey God’s arrangements when problems are encountered and are able to stand witness, you handle matters calmly, properly and without hurry. Such are the people who really see God’s love. There are those who are young in age, but whose behavior makes it seem as if they are middle-aged, mature and in possession of the truth, and others admire these people. Such people bear witness, and are the manifestation of God.”

from “Those That Love God Will Live Forever in God’s Light” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

The Man’s Fellowship for Reference:

“A true believer in God should at least have the five kinds of spiritual living every day: reading God’s word, praying to God, fellowshipping about the truth, singing hymns and praising, and seeking in everything. If he also has meeting life, he will have great enjoyment. If he has the average understanding ability, that is, he can understand God’s meaning through pondering when reading God’s word himself and knows how to practice according to the truth after understanding the truth, it can be said that such a person will succeed in believing in God. If a person has no such spiritual living or has a very abnormal spiritual living, only having a little occasionally, I think that he is a defective-minded foolish believer. A foolish believer has no spiritual living, and he will not achieve great results in performing his duty. If a person believes in God yet has no spiritual living, he believes in God with his lips but has no God in his heart, much less have a heart of fearing God. How can he have the likeness of a normal man? I see that some people are not at all like a believer in God. Judging from their living and their speaking and behavior in daily life, they are entirely like an unbeliever, without any likeness of a normal man. What they do and say does not benefit others, and some are even loathed and hated by others and are driven out of the door. This not only is a thing of bringing shame to God, but also hinders them from performing duty, which brings trouble to the future gospel work. Here are several states which call for people’s attention:

A normal man, in contacting others, is decorous and virtuous and natural and decent. Some people, however, are not so. They are furtive, not natural at all, and keep winking when speaking, without the manner of a normal man, and like a thief in a way, so that others have guard against them. Some people are bad-looking from birth, and if they do not know how to dress themselves, they even less have a decorous and virtuous likeness, which will bring some difficulties to their performing duty. To perform your duty well, you really have to try hard to exercise and learn, because people do not know each other and they judge others by appearance. If you really look like a thief, everyone will guard against you. So, you should learn to dress yourself as a decorous and virtuous person; be honest and sincere in speaking and conduct, never be glib-tongued, and do not wink at each other; moreover, be self-restrained, and do not walk everywhere or touch their things at will in others’ house, do not look at what you should not, do not go to the place where you should not, behave yourself, and make others trust you and believe in you and have a liking for you. Only thus can you perform your duty well. These are things some people should pay attention to.

There is another state. Some people do not know how to associate with others, do not know how to talk and fellowship normally with others, and even have no human kindness a normal man should have. They only know to do the work quickly so that they can leave after finishing the work, and they seem to know nothing else. When contacting others, they do not have any expression of love, and give no sense of warmth and enthusiasm, but have a streak of cold-bloodedness and mercilessness, as if a cold-blooded killer comes. Then how can they do the work well? Meals need various things to flavor; you should all the more be considerate in contacting others and handling things, and being too dull will not do. Generally, a person, after associating with others for half a day, can leave on them a good impression—this person is frank and warmhearted, and has love and has the truth, very easy to approach, and is a very good brother (sister). If one, in doing things, is too dull, lacks things essential for normal humanity, and has no wisdom, he can hardly accomplish them. This is the defect of some people. They should correct and make up for it as soon as possible.

There is another state. That is, people lack wisdom in preaching the gospel. When they contact others, they do not know how to observe their states, do not know how to discern the situations or find opportunities, much less know how to approach them is proper. They have no ways or methods and no steps in doing things. When meeting with others, they talk blindly, and they leave after finishing what little they have. By doing so they show themselves to be rude and rash, be somewhat foolish, and be quite clumsy. This is also man’s lack. In this aspect everyone has failed so many times. If a person has no wisdom and lacks patience in preaching the gospel, he absolutely cannot succeed. The more hot-tempered a person is, the more failures he will meet. If a person has a slow temper and has some wisdom, he has an advantage. If a person has a hot temper and cannot be patient and lacks wisdom, he absolutely cannot do this work. A hot-tempered person had better find a slow-tempered person to coordinate with. If two persons are both hot-tempered, they will be dismissed home sooner. Preaching the gospel is different from walking among the churches. Preaching the gospel calls for wisdom and love and gentleness the most. A person who has no great patience cannot do this work. When necessary, one has to humble himself and show sincerity and earnestness of loving others. Some people, at crucial moments, knelt down and begged God to bestow grace, which moved others deeply. A person without patience or the sincerity of loving others cannot do this.

There are some other people who have a low personality. In the host home, they act really as if they were in their own home, acting as they wish, without knowing any rules. They play with and use whatever they see, as if they had seen nothing of the world, and go and have a look everywhere, incurring the hosts’ loathing and dissatisfaction, but the hosts feel it embarrassing to ‘reject the visiting,’ and have to endure and contain their anger. Still some people, having stayed with others only for a few days and still unfamiliar with them, ask to borrow money or to use their things, which is really very embarrassing. Still some people, staying in others’ home, have no courtesy, indulge their lust, do not respect others, make jokes lightly, and fight in jest, which are completely not becoming to a saint. I don’t object to jokes, but the ungodly and coarse jokes are improper. Of course it is best to speak with humor and wit, which makes others feel joyful and delighted, but it is better to make no nauseating and coarse jokes. I see that some people are too lacking in human likeness. Although everyone has defects, we should somewhat restrict ourselves, act unrestrainedly, exercise some courtesies, have some respect for others, and behave ourselves, which are proper in people’s eyes. Acting in this way, we will bring benefit to others, will not put God’s name to shame, and will achieve results in performing our duty.

It is very important that a believer in God should have human likeness. If one, believing in God, has no human likeness, he certainly lacks too much in his humanity and absolutely has no truth. Whoever is disliked by man is even more loathed by God. If a person has no humanity, it is not easy for him to be saved though believing in God. He who believes in God yet has no human likeness is a difficult man in God’s family and is a man in danger. If during the period God does the work of salvation, he does not have any transformation, but still has a demonic image like an unbeliever, when God’s day comes, such a person will certainly be the object of punishment. Some people do not know courtesies or rules, because they lack family education. These can be learned and exercised. It is very necessary to grasp some things essential for normal humanity, and it is also a necessary lesson to learn how to conduct oneself and enter into the living of normal humanity. Believing in God, one should pursue to be saved and should live out a meaningful life; he cannot make it without knowledge of humanity. Most of us believers in God were born in the family of laboring people; our parents do not have much knowledge, and they only know to earn money to support the family and know little about how to bring children up. We are really pitiable. Having been corrupted by satan in every way, we only know to try every possible means to seek ways for a living. Fortunately God is incarnated and has saved us, so that we have known the degree of man’s corruption, known man’s lacks, known how to pursue to gain the truth and life. It is really God’s grace that we understand all these.

There are still several most serious states, which people have all seen clearly. All kinds of wicked ones have shown their true colors. Some do not keep a clear line between male and female, flirting and dallying, which is nauseating and disgusting to see. They are really indecent in nature, worse than a beast. There is severer punishment awaiting them, which is the outcome of such people. There is another kind of people who cannot live on probably because their family is extremely poor. Now they take the chance to profit themselves wherever they go, taking money and materials by every possible means. They are really contemptible persons with low personality. Such people have no sense to appreciate the favor, and they are not worthy of pity. Still, some act wildly and tell lies to cheat others of things wherever they go, and finally they give themselves away, so that others see clearly their true color and loathe and hate them and reject them in the end. These evil-doers are all ones abhorred by God and are negative characters in this stream. What punishment they will receive depends on the development and change of things. I hope that everyone will draw lessons from their failures to warn yourself, lest you provoke God’s anger and suffer punishment. I hope that everyone will conduct yourself well.

Concerning the likeness a normal man should have, here are ten items for us to exercise and enter in:

1. Have courtesy, be well-behaved, respect the old and love the young.

2. Have a proper way of living, and it’s beneficial to others and to yourself.

3. Be decorous and virtuous in dressing; wear no weird clothes.

4. Do not borrow money from the brothers and sisters on any excuse, and do not touch or use

others’ things without permission.

5. Keep a line when contacting the opposite sex, and be decorous and virtuous in manner.

6. Do not argue with others, and learn to listen patiently to others.

7. Pay attention to hygiene, but do it according to the realistic conditions.

8. Have normal association with others, learn to respect and be considerate of others, and love

each other.

9. Do your best to help those in trouble, and do not ask or accept articles from others.

10. Do not be served, and do not let others do what you should do for you.

The above ten items are what all the believers in God should at least observe in human living. Whoever violates them is a person with low personality. They can be said to be the rules of God’s family. Whoever often violates them will surely be spurned.

All those who pursue the truth should also imitate the good morals of the saints in past generations, which contain total ten items. If one often practices and observes them, he will surely profit greatly from them. They are very beneficial to him.

The ten principles of conduct becoming to the saints:

1. Have spiritual devotion in the early morning, pray-read God’s word for about half an hour.

2. Seek God’s will in everything every day, so as to practice the truth more accurately.

3. Have fellowship when contacting others, and learn each other’s merits for common progress.

4. Hold an optimistic attitude toward life, and often sing hymns and praise to thank God for

his grace.

5. Keep free from the entanglement of the world, often draw near to God in heart, and do not


6. Have wisdom in heart, and stay away from the places of evil and trouble.

7. Do not argue with others; fellowship about the truth, and stay in harmony with others.

8. Be ready to help others with every effort, relieve others from worries, and solve their

difficulties in entering in while believing in God.

9. Learn to obey others, do not restrain others, do not force others, and bring benefit to

others in everything.

10. Worship God in heart often, and let God rule and be satisfied in everything.

The above ten principles of human living and ten items of conduct becoming to the saints are within people’s reach. As long as one understands them, he can practice them. Even if he has occasional transgressions, it’s easy to solve. The few people whose humanity is too bad are excluded.

The rather profound truths are hard to practice, but we should at least understand the common sense of normal humanity which man should have! If one cannot even live up to these items, he is too devoid of human likeness, simply no different from a brute in human attire. I advise some people not to act wildly, but have some respect and love for yourselves; do not do things of dishonoring God and make yourselves a laughingstock to satan. Achieving your goal and satisfying your flesh temporarily will bring you everlasting embarrassment and misery. God is about to punish man. Being punished is a very painful and disgraceful thing. If you receive no reward but suffer punishment, you will have no face to live in the world. Don’t you think so?”

from “The Likeness a Believer in God Should Have” in The Man’s Fellowship Attached to Christ’s Talks with Church Leaders and Workers

“Normal humanity mainly means having conscience, sense, personality, and dignity. And conscience and sense contain forbearing with others, enduring others, being honest with others, exercising wisdom in associating with others, having true love for the brothers and sisters. These five items are essential for normal humanity.

The first item, we have to have forbearance. What does forbearance mean? It means that no matter what defect we see in the brothers and sisters, we should treat them rightly and should not exclude or discourage them. We should treat them rightly, that is, show tolerance and understanding. When we see others have defects and have expressions of corruptions, we should think, ‘Now is the period God is doing the work of salvation, and each of God’s chosen people has expressions of corruptions, which is normal; we should understand them. Besides, consider our own corruptions, which may not be fewer than those expressed by others; as we treat the expressions of our own corruptions, so should we treat others’.’ In this way, we will be able to forbear with others and will achieve the result of forbearing with others. If you cannot forbear with others, it shows that there is something wrong with your sense, and it also proves that you do not understand the truth or know God’s work. What does it mean to not know God’s work? It means that you have not realized that now God’s work has not concluded, and people are still in the period God is doing the work of salvation and have not been made complete, so everyone inevitably has expressions of corruptions; people are all pursuing the truth normally, knowing their corruptions normally, and experiencing God’s word, and are all in the period of entering into the truth, and they have not completely gained the truth, and only when one has gained the truth will his life disposition begin to be transformed. If you have realized this, you will have the sense of a normal man. When you have sense, you will have sense in treating others. If you have no sense, you will have no sense in treating anyone. This is the aspect of forbearance.

The second item is endurance. It is not enough to have only forbearance. You have to have endurance. Sometimes you can forbear and understand. But it is unavoidable that a few brothers and sisters may hurt you and offend you in doing things, and in such cases, your corrupt disposition will break out easily. People all like to fight, and everyone is very selfish, likes to preserve his face, and has vanity. So, if anyone hurts you in his speaking or does something that you think offends you, you should endure. Then what is endurance? Endurance is also contained in sense. Only if you have sense can you have endurance. Then how to endure? If you want to endure others, you should first understand them. That is, no matter who hurts you in speaking, what should you think and how should you treat him? You should first realize this: His word hurts me, his word seems to disclose my shortcoming and to be directed at me. If he directs his word at me, what does he mean? Is he harming me? Is he treating me as his enemy? Does he have hatred of me? Is he taking revenge on me? I have not offended him, so the answers are no. Since this is the case, no matter what he says, he has no intention of harming you, and he does not mean to treat you as his enemy. These are certain. When he says this word, he says it according to a normal man’s mind, and he does not direct it at a certain person. It can be said that he is communicating the truth and communicating his knowledge, is disclosing man’s corruption, or is knowing his own corrupt state, and he is absolutely not directing it at a certain person consciously. You first understand him, and then your anger will be appeased, and you will be able to endure him. Some may ask: If a certain person is consciously attacking me, is consciously directing his word at me, and he says the word consciously for some purpose, then how should I endure him? You should endure this way: Even if he is consciously attacking me, I should endure him, because he is a brother or sister, and he is not my enemy, much less is he a devil or satan. It is inevitable that a brother or sister has expressions of corruptions and has some intents, and it is normal. I understand him, and I should forbear with and endure him. After you think this way, you should pray to God and say, ‘God, now someone hurts my pride, I feel embarrassed, and I always want to get angry and always want to attack him. This is really an expression of my corruption. Before, I thought I had love for others; now I feel it unbearable when his word pricks my heart, and I want to counterattack him and want to take revenge on him. I do not have love but only hatred. I still have hatred in my heart! God, as you pardon us and forgive our sins, so should we forgive others. We should not hate others. May God keep me, so that my nature will not break out. I am willing to obey you and willing to live in your love. We have too much disobedience and resistance against Christ and against everything done by God. Christ is enduring us, and God is doing this stage of work with great endurance and love. So how many sufferings and humiliations and slanders Christ has undergone! Even Christ can endure; then our little endurance is nothing. Compared with Christ’s endurance, we fall far short….’ After praying in this way, you will feel that you are too corrupt and too small and have too little stature. At that time, you will be able to endure and will cool down, and your anger will be appeased. In this way, you will be able to endure.

The third item, we have to be honest with others. Being honest with others means that no matter what we do, whether helping others, or ministering to the brothers and sisters, or fellowshipping about the truth, we should speak what is in our heart and should not practice falsehood or hypocrisy; besides, we should not promise anything before fulfilling it. When the brothers and sisters need our help, we should help them, and whatever duty we are needed to perform, we should perform it, in an honest way and without practicing falsehood or hypocrisy. … Of course, in being an honest person, we should exercise wisdom with certain people. If you see that a person is unreliable and he is quite deeply corrupt, and you cannot see through him, not knowing what things he can do, then you should exercise wisdom and not tell him everything. We should have principles in being an honest person. Do not say what we should not, but say what we should. Besides, in being an honest person, we should speak with sense and normally. You should not say, ‘I will be honest with you today, and I will tell you my everything.’ Is this being an honest person? Isn’t this like a child playing a game? You should be normal. He says, ‘I will go to work today. If there is nothing else, I will go to do my business.’ You say, ‘Hey, wait a moment, I need to be honest with you. I have some words to say to you.’ He says, ‘I have no time to listen now. I have to hurry to do business.’ You say, ‘No. I have to be honest with you. Before, I treated you…; today, I should….’ Aren’t you being foolish? To be an honest person is not to be a fool, but to be a wise person, being wise, simple and open, and having no deception. You should be normal and should have sense. Honesty is based on sense. This is what it means to be honest, be an honest person, when associating with others. Of course, in being an honest person, most importantly, you should be honest with God. If you are an honest person only before man but are not honest before God and still can cheat God, isn’t it a problem? If we pursue to be an honest person before God, we will naturally be honest before man. Whatever you cannot do before God, you can even less do it before man. No matter which aspect of the truth or which aspect of the positive things you enter into, you should first do it before God. If you achieve the result before God, you will naturally live it out before man. Do not exert yourself to do this or that before man while acting freely as you wish before God; that won’t do. What is important is to do it before God. God examines mankind, and God searches man’s heart. If you can get a pass before God, you really have reality. If not, you have no reality. This is the principle of practicing the truth.

The fourth item, we have to exercise wisdom when associating with others. Some people say, ‘Is it necessary to practice wisdom when associating with the brothers and sisters?’ Yes, we should practice it. Practicing wisdom is all the more beneficial to the brothers and sisters. Some ask, ‘Is it doing craftiness to practice wisdom with the brothers and sisters?’ Wisdom is not craftiness; it is a thing completely opposite to craftiness. Practicing wisdom is that when the brothers and sisters are small in stature, we use some methods, lest they be unable to accept. Besides, those who are small in stature, especially the ones who have no truth, still have some expressions of corruptions and still have some corrupt dispositions; if you are too simple and open and tell them anything, sometimes you will easily give others a handle against yourself and easily be used by others, and it’s not good. Because man has corrupt dispositions, you should more or less guard against others and should use some methods. Yet your guarding against a person does not mean that you will not help him or love him; it means that you should not tell him some important things of God’s family for the time being, but just fellowship about the truth with him. If he needs the spiritual help in life and needs the supply in the truth, we should spare no effort to satisfy him. But if he inquires about this or that thing of God’s family or inquires about this or that thing of the leaders and workers, it is unnecessary to tell him. If you tell him these things, he will easily give them away to others, and this will affect the work of God’s family. That is to say, what he should not know and what is unnecessary for him to know, we should keep back from him; what he should know, we should spare no effort to let him know, making it clear to him honestly and without any reservation. Then what are the things he should know? Pursuing the truth is what he should know; what truths he should equip himself with, what aspects of truths he should understand, what duties he should perform, what duties are suitable for him, how he should perform his duties, how he should live out normal humanity, how he should live the church life, these are all what he should know. Besides, the rules and principles of God’s family and the work of the church, we cannot tell the unbelievers lightly; information about the brothers and sisters, we cannot tell the unbelievers nor tell our unbelieving family numbers. These are the principles we must observe in practicing wisdom. For example, what the name of a certain leader is and where he lives, you should not tell; if you tell, maybe sometime these will spread to the ears of the unbelievers, even to some bad persons who are spies or secret agents, which will cause trouble. In this matter, we should exercise wisdom. So, it is very necessary to exercise wisdom. Besides, when you are being simple and open with others, you should not tell them some special privacies lightly. You should consider the stature of the brother or sister. After you tell, if he, who is not a godly person, jokes about the matter of yours and spreads it, that will get you into trouble and will cause harm to your personality. So, when you are being simple and open, you should practice wisdom. This is the fourth standard essential for normal humanity—exercising wisdom when associating with others.

The fifth item, we have to have true love for the brothers and sisters who truly believe in God, practicing some true love for them, giving them some true help, and having some spirit of dedication. When we find a brother or sister is one who pursues the truth, we should particularly fellowship with him more and should supply him more, regardless whether he is a new believer or a believer of several years. There is a principle in the church life: For those who pursue the truth, treat them specially; fellowship with them more, supply them more, and water them more, and help them up as soon as possible, so that they can grow up in life as soon as possible. As to a person who does not pursue the truth, after we water him for some time, if it is revealed that he does not love the truth, we need not exert too much effort on him, and it is unnecessary, because we have done our very best to help him, and it is enough as long as our duty has been fulfilled. … You should see on whom you should focus your effort in working. Does God perfect those who do not pursue the truth? As the Holy Spirit does not do that, why do you do blindly? You do not know the work of the Holy Spirit and yet you always show off your ability; isn’t this your foolishness and ignorance? So, we should spend more efforts sustaining the brothers and sisters who truly pursue the truth, for they are the ones God saves and the ones predestined and chosen by God. If we often fellowship about the truth together with them in one accord, sustaining and supplying each other, we will all be saved in the end; if you do not get on well with these people, then you go against God’s will. … In the church, those who have normal humanity should put themselves among those who pursue the truth, live in harmony with these people, and through pursuing the truth together, progressively reach the point of spending for God with one heart and one mind. Then, when those who pursue the truth are saved, you will also be saved, because the Holy Spirit works among the pursuers of the truth. …

In the above paragraphs we have fellowshipped about the five aspects essential for normal humanity. If you have had all these five aspects, you will be able to live in harmony with the brothers and sisters, and you will find your position in the church and will be able to perform your bounden duty well.”

from “How to Build Up the Church Life and the Meaning of Building Up the Church Life” in Fellowship and Preaching About Life Entering In (1)

“The fourth aspect of manifestation of being transformed in disposition is that one has conscience and sense, is kindhearted, and has become an honest person. ‘Having conscience and sense’ means that he knows to repay God’s love while enjoying God’s grace and can perform his duty as a created being while believing in God, for he has knowledge of God, is kindhearted, and has become an honest person. Having become an honest person, he not only can perform his duty to repay God’s love, but is also kind to others. Such a person has no lies and no deception, much less schemes or tricks. Associating with such a person, you will never get into danger or be harmed by him. … After being transformed in disposition, he can be kindhearted and be fair to anyone; especially, he can be gracious to those who are comparatively good. First, he will not cheat you; second, he will not trap you; third, he will not mean to harm you. You can rest assured about these forever. Besides, even if you hurt him in some things, he will forgive you and not remember your faults, can forbear with you, tolerate you, and endure you, and can still treat you with love. If you meet such a person, won’t you be much safer? He who has been transformed in disposition is kindhearted, and he has love for anyone and can help him. Even if you hurt him or do something unfair to him, he can tolerate and endure and forgive you. Such a person has normal humanity and has the likeness of a real man. He who has the likeness of a real man has conscience and sense in treating others, treats others according to the truth, has obedience and love to God and has true worship of God. This is a person who has been transformed in disposition. Now people have too many elements of malice within. What are the manifestations? When they feel someone disagreeable, they can judge and belittle him; isn’t this malice? Still, when they see someone express some corruptions, they do not treat him as a man but as a devil, being unable to treat him rightly; isn’t this malice? If someone has done a thing unfair to them or has said some improper words about them, such as, words of judging and doubting them, and offended them, then they do not forgive him and will return a tooth for a tooth, giving tit for tat; isn’t this malice? Still, when associating with others, they always take advantage of them and always order them about freely, asking others to do things for them, but they never help others; isn’t this malice? These are all manifestations of malice. He who is kindhearted has no malice in his heart. You may owe him, yet he does not reckon with you; he feels he absolutely cannot owe you, so he will not owe you. Besides, you may offend him, yet he does not want to offend you, much less to harm you. Isn’t this being kindhearted? If someone has done a thing unbeneficial to him, he can put himself in his position, can forgive him, and can sympathize with and understand him. This is also a manifestation of being kindhearted. Some people did much evil in the past and now they believe in God and can pursue the truth; they can forgive others all the more and can treat them rightly and fairly. Such people are kindhearted ones. A kindhearted person has forbearance, mercy, forgiveness, endurance, and even more love and sympathy for others in his heart. So, people all like to contact such people and all want to make friends with such people.”

from “The Truths One Must Enter Into to Be Transformed in Disposition and the Manifestations of Being Transformed in Disposition” in Fellowship and Preaching About Life Entering In (4)

“A saved person, after having had the true knowledge of God, has lived out the likeness of a real man. The likeness of a real man is summarized in two words: first, he has the truth; second, he has humanity. Only such is an honest person, a real honest person, before God. A real honest person has the truth within, and he will certainly not be corrupted by satan anymore, and satan will be unable to deceive him. He has seen through this world, seen through the evil and darkness of this world, and seen through the nature and substance of this corrupt mankind. So he can truly worship God and obey God, and his living has become the true testimony of his believing in God. Such is a saved person. A saved person, because of having the truth, has conscience and sense before God and has personality and dignity before man, and he holds on to God’s word and can perform his duty in the position of a created being to satisfy the Creator. Such is a saved person. The aspect of a saved person’s having the truth is that he can see through the world, see through satan, and see through corrupt mankind, so he knows how to treat the world, knows how to treat satan, and much more, knows how to treat this corrupt mankind. Thus, he surely has principles and truths in many things in his life. He who has the truth has several aspects of manifestations: first, in the matters concerning the truth, he can pray to God and seek and can obey God; second, in performing his duty in God’s family, he can safeguard God’s work, dares to hold to the truth and principles, not fearing to offend others, can perform his duty in the position of a created being and be in one mind with God, and can stand on God’s side all along. This is the aspect of a saved person’s having the truth. The aspect of his having humanity is that he knows to repay God’s love and can perform his duty faithfully in the position of a created being, doing all he can to perform well all the duties he can, he has a normal relationship with others, associating normally with most people and getting on well with them, and he is honest in speaking and has wisdom in doing things. This is the aspect of his having humanity. He who has these two aspects of manifestations is a person who has the truth and has humanity. He who has humanity may not be lofty outwardly or have much knowledge and insight, but as he has the truth, he has normal humanity. He who truly understands the truth has normal humanity. Such a person, not extraordinary or exceptional outwardly, seems to be very common and normal and inconspicuous. However, those who have no truth cannot see through him. Only those who have the truth, through observing his life, can finally discover that he is out of the ordinary, and he has the truth and principles within and is very wise in doing things. Besides, his normal humanity is being simple, honest, and open, and approachable; whoever contacts him feels that he is really a good man, and such good people like him are not many, very few. Such a person does not have any ill intentions or any evil deeds. No matter how you associate with him, even if he acts toward you with wisdom and principles, he will never harm you, much less cheat you. This is sufficient to prove that he who has the truth and has humanity is a truly kind and honest person. Such a person is one who has been saved.”

from “The Four Standards of Being Saved and the True States of a Saved Person” in Fellowship and Preaching About Life Entering In (3)

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