Christian Spiritual Devotional “By Relying on God, We Will Surely Have a Path Forward”

Christian Spiritual Devotional “By Relying on God, We Will Surely Have a Path Forward”

When we meet difficulties and feel at a loss, when we face dangers and feel timid and afraid, when we encounter setbacks and feel frustrated and disappointed… Please don’t be worried and afraid .because God is our support! As long as we truly rely on and look to God, and entrust our actual difficulties to God, God will lead and guide us anytime, and open up a way for us.Take Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt as an example. When the Israelites were faced with the dilemma of the Red Sea in front and the Egyptian army behind,Moses sincerely prayed to and relied on God.Then he witnessed God’s wonderful deed: The Red Sea was parted by God and the dry ground appeared.So, the Israelites successfully crossed the Red Sea and escaped from the chase of the Egyptian army.

There are many other examples in the Bible:

David defeated the giant Goliath by relying on God;the Israelites attacked Jericho by relying on God;Daniel remained unhurt in the lion’s den by relying on God….Just as God says, “And I will strengthen them in the LORD; and they shall walk up and down in his name, said the LORD” (Zechariah 10:12).Regardless of how many truths people understand, how many duties they do, how many things they experience while performing their duties, no matter how great or small their stature is or what their personal environment is like, something that they cannot be without is looking to God and relying on God in all things; this is the greatest wisdom.

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