Christian Devotional Song “Yearning”: Oh Lord, Come Quickly

Christian Devotional Song “Yearning”: Oh Lord, Come Quickly

The world is dark, the devil reigns.
The longest night just stretches on.
The path to believing in the true God and pursuing life is hard.
The CCP comes for us, repressing the people of God.
They come to arrest and persecute us.
Loved ones cannot understand.
We are slandered and mocked by our neighbors,
and rejected by the world.
I endure the pain, I call on the Lord.
Jesus, please give me strength!

Lord, I beg You to enlighten and lead me.
Stay by my side as I walk in this dark night.
May You be with me and strengthen my faith.
So I can endure to the end and be saved.
Oh Lord, come quickly.
Save us from the grasp of Satan so we can return to You.
I yearn for Your return, when You will take us into heaven,
with You in the heaven for eternity.

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