Christians of The Church of Almighty God in Italy Celebrating New Year’s Eve With Other Christians From All Over the World

MARIA INMACULADA Catholic Church organized an event on New Year’s Eve. Many Christians from Spain, Romania, Mexico, Argentina, Peru and other countries as well as thirteen Christians from The Church of Almighty God were in attendance. This is the Church’s first New Year’s Eve celebration with Christians from China. It promoted the relations between Christians from various countries and added oriental element to the Church as well.

This event includes dinner, hymnodies, instrumental performance, counting down to New Year, walking around the Church and gardens, etc. During the event, Christians from The Church of Almighty God sang two hymns, one is a hymn of God’s word in Italian, “How Important God’s Love for Man Is,” another is a hymn of praise of God in Mandarin, “Right Here, Right Now, We Get Together.” One of them also played the cucurbit flute. Their wonderful performances enlivened the atmosphere and received a huge round of applause. Other church members all praised: Your performances are wonderful!

Sister Doriana said to the reporter of the Eastern Light during the interview: “I really like their hymn. This hymn is filled with love, I really want to learn it.” Later, Christians from The Church of Almighty God enthusiastically sang “How Important God’s Love for Man Is” with Doriana again. They also gave her the lyrics and promised to send her the music video of the song as well.

The Church leader Sister Rita said in the interview: “I know it is very difficult for Chinese Christians to believe in God in China. I understand their situation. We are willing to pray for them.”

Some performers from The Church of Almighty God were being interviewed as well, one of them said: “It’s our first time participating in a church event, celebrating New Year with other Christians all over the world. We really feel true release and freedom. Worshiping God openly in the church and praising the Creator loudly with songs are what we do not even dare to imagine in China. We never had the chance to do so before. We really appreciate this opportunity.”

It is understood that the Christians in The Church of Almighty God have long been suffering suppression and persecution from the Chinese Communist government. Some of them were even being arrested and sentenced to jail. Some were forced to escape to abroad for survival. This event promoted the relations between them and Christians from Italy and other countries, helping them to bond with each other and providing them a platform to know more about each other’s beliefs and culture.

thirteen Christian

During the event, the Christians from The Church of Almighty God sang a hymn of God’s word, “How Important God’s Love for Man Is.” (Source: By Lucy)

a Christian of the church of Almighty God

Cucurbit flute performance by a Christian from The Church of Almighty God. (Source: By Lucy)

sing together

After all performances, Sister Doriana expressed her adoration of the hymn, “How Important God’s Love for Man Is” and sang it together with other Christians. (Source: By Lucy)

the church of Almighty God

Christians from all over the world are counting down to the New Year. (Source: By Lucy)


A Sister interacted warmly with other Christians and shared her family photos with them. (Source: By Lucy)

The Church Leader Sister Rita and the Christians of The Church of Almighty God took a group photo when she showed them around the church. (Source: By Lucy)

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