look at the computer

Simple, Effective Way to Counteract Computer Screen Radiation

I never expected that green tea can counteract computer screen radiation. It relieves my eyestrain and I can work without worries.

Peter is praying

What Is Shown by Pursuits of Peter and Paul?

Peter and Paul were both followers of God. Do you know why the Lord Jesus only gave the keys to the kingdom of heaven to Peter?

Girl looking into the distance

When You Don’t See Others’ Shortcomings …

When we always complain about others, why don’t we reflect on ourselves?

Letter and pen

A Letter to Tell You How to Achieve Harmonious Coordination

This letter can help you find the way to achieve harmonious coordination. Click to read now.

She is watching the scenery on the mountain

Thoughts Provoked by a Talk

After talking with my father, I couldn’t help thinking: Can money make people happy?

Red leaves

3 Aspects of Significance of God Testing Man

Grasp 3 aspects of the significance of God testing man and understand God’s painstaking intention, you will not be afraid of His trials.

Spiritual Emptiness, Knowing God

Only by Knowing God Can We Break Free From Spiritual Emptiness

How to break free from the suffering of spiritual emptiness? Only knowing God can help you make it. Share with you how I know God’s sovereignty and break free from emptiness.

reading book

What Is the True Meaning of Freedom in God’s Eyes?

Do you know the true meaning of freedom? God’s Interpretation of freedom will give you the answer.

sunshine warmed her desolate heart

Who Helps Her Stop Feeling Empty and Miserable?

Betrayal of her boyfriend made her almost commit suicide. In perplexity, she expected someone to help her stop feeling empty and miserable. One day, God’s salvation came upon her, she realized …


The Rough Path of Life Perfects Our Faith

Don’t be afraid of ups and downs of life. God uses this to perfect our faith.