I No Longer Put Too Much Pressure on Daughter

I always hoped that my daughter was intelligent, and would be successful after growing up. But she failed to live up to my expectations, what should I do?


Relying on God, I Changed, So Did the Naughty Boy

What should we do if children are naughty? When I disciplined the boy by shouting at him, I didn’t solve any problem but felt very tired. However, when I acted in this way, the naughty boy changed.


New Way to Educate My Son

Past wrong educational way produced a widening gap between me and my son. After I educated my son with this new way, our relationship took a turn for the better.

mother and daughter

I No Longer Hate Plain-looking Mom

Out of vanity, I always hated my plain-looking mom. It was God’s words that changed me and made me no longer hate my mom, but admired her from my heart.

mother and daughter

How to Stop Being a Controlling Mother

My seven-year-old daughter abandoned herself to TV and cellphone, and didn’t change when I taught her as a controlling mother. We were growing further and further apart. But when I practiced like this, my daughter changed …

Let Go of My Resentment

11 Years Later, I Let Go of My Resentment Toward Mother Finally

When she was 11, her mother betrayed her father, and also abandoned her. Since then she hated her mother. It was God’s words that guided her not to bear a grudge against her mother and to be truly liberated and free.

Let God Be the Master of My Home!

Let God Be the Master of My Home!

I always wanted my husband to listen to me, so that I can wear the pants in my house. But we always quarreled, and I suffered unspeakably. However, when I humbled myself and let God be the master of my home, my family had real happiness.

How Should I Face and Overcome Domestic Abuse

How Should I Face and Overcome Domestic Abuse?

Being abused by her husband numerously, she was living in agony and desperation. It was God’s word helped her see clearly the root cause of the domestic abuse. Under the protection of God, she suffered no more.


After Her Marriage Broke Up …

After her husband had an affair, she suffered from the broken marriage and even wanted to commit suicide. Later she got over it like this.

I Let Go of The Hatred of My Father And His Mistress

Our happy family was broken because of my father’s affair, which took its toll on me and made me live in hatred. However, God’s words helped me get over the haze of pain and let go of the hatred of my father and his mistress.