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Don’t Let Jealousy Ruin Our Friendship

Competing for a leading role caused a rift between a pair of good friends, who are both actresses. But who helped them make it up in the end? This article will show you the answer.


Humble Yourself, Make Friends With Students

How to teach disobedient students? When she humbled herself and treated her students equally, she got unexpected effects.

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I Didn’t Rush About for Money After an Accident

In order to be a cut above others, I rushed about for money but didn’t get what I wished for in the end. However, in an accident, I saw God’s love and protection, and also changed my life that tried desperately to make money.

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During My Career, I Learned to Rely on God

I wanted to do a good job by relying on my ability, but things went contrary to my wish. However, when I learned to rely on God, I easily finished my job.


Christian Testimony: A Special “Best Salesperson”

Xiaojie, who is a Christian, works at a skin care chain. She worked three months before she was named “best salesperson of the year.” How could she do that?

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I No Longer Hate My Colleague

Because of the loss of interests, she not only strove with but hated her colleague in the law firm. But at last, who allowed her to let go of the hatred and live in the light?


I Have Known How to Get Along With My Colleague

When I get along with newcomers, I understand that if we want to interact well with others, we must put aside our interests first.


Being Arrogant Will Harm Yourself

The Bible said, “He shall save the humble person” (Job 22:29). It’s clear that if we want to gain God’s approval, we must first resolve our arrogant disposition.

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How to Be an Honest Person in the Face of Interests

It’s crucial for believers in God to be honest. However, when our interests are impaired in real life, how can we be honest according to God’s words?


Ever-present Love – God’s Love

The lonely soul is from far away, seeking the past, searching the future, struggling hard, and chasing the dream. I don’t know where I’m from and where to go, born … Read More Ever-present Love – God’s Love