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Relying on God Is Crucial When You Encounter Difficulties

Encountering difficulties, how do you solve them? By relying on your experiences or on God? Let’s see how the protagonist did.

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Is It Right or Not to Chase Perfection

She chased perfection in everything, which made her exhausted. Under the guidance of God’s words, she finally stays true to herself.

Achieve Harmonious Coordination With Co-workers

3 Ways to Help You Achieve Harmonious Coordination With Co-workers

In the work of the church, how should we achieve harmonious coordination with co-workers? This article shows 3 ways.

Practice the Truth

Colleague No Longer Found Fault With Me After I Practiced the Truth

After I practiced the truth, my colleague didn’t find fault with me and our relationship became more harmonious.

Relying on God, I Got More Than a Job

Relying on God, I Got More Than a Job

Only when I was rejected time and again in job-hunting in Japan did I come before God. Unexpectedly, relying on God, I not only got a job but also gained …

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Can You Accept the Fact That Good Friend Is Better Than You?

By Hongmei Xiaoxiao is an extroverted girl, and worked in a well-known advertising company. She made a lot of good friends there, and Xia Qing was one of them. Xia … Read More Can You Accept the Fact That Good Friend Is Better Than You?

Get On Well With Foreign Roommates

How Did I Get On Well With My Foreign Roommates?

Due to the difference in living habits and culture, I had several conflict and quarrels with my foreign roommates. Nonetheless, later, we get on well with each other like family. How did I achieve it? I’d like to share it with you …


Relying on God, I Graduated on Schedule

In order to graduate on schedule, I fetched help everywhere, but to no avail. When I put aside myself and relied on God, things have been looking up …

Relate Well With Colleagues

Can’t Relate Well With Colleagues at Work? What Should We Do?

Because of my arrogance, I couldn’t relate well with my colleague. However, under the guidance of God’s words, I found the way of practice.

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Relying on God, I Easily Modify Well Creative Proposal

When I relied on myself to modify the proposal, I suffered the failures three times; but when I relied on God, I successfully modified it in two hours, even my boss couldn’t believe that.