Forgiveness of Sin Doesn’t Mean Full Salvation

The Lord Jesus’ precious blood made us forgiven of sins, but our sinful nature still remains and we still live in the situation of committing sins and confessing them. How to be fully saved? What are the steps for full salvation?


Are We Reborn After Being Baptized in Jesus’ Name?

Are we reborn after being baptized in Jesus’ name? She still often sins after being baptized, so she doubts whether she has been reborn?

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How to Be Saved Fully? – Spiritual Growth

One may ask: The Bible says, “That if you shall confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus, and shall believe in your heart that God has raised him from the … Read More How to Be Saved Fully? – Spiritual Growth

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Why Do We Still Commit Sins?

The Lord Jesus has forgiven our sins, but why do we still commit sins? The protagonist’s confusion was resolved in a meeting.

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There Is a Way to Be Free of Sins

Do you worry that there’s no way to be free of sins? This article will tell you the root of sin and help you find the way to be free of sins.

What Kind of People Can Gain God’s Salvation?

What Kind of People Can Gain God’s Salvation?

Every Christian yearns to gain the Lord’s salvation and be raptured into the kingdom of heaven. But what kind of people can gain God’s salvation?


I Have Found the True Path to Be Born Again

I’ve finally found the path to being truly cleansed, followed the footsteps of the Lamb, and walked on the path to true repentance and rebirth.


I Have Found the Way to Be Always Saved

“Once saved, always saved.” is this statement based on the Lord’s word? How can we be always saved?

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I Have Found the Way to Break Away From Sin

She had no way to break free from the vicious circle of committing and confessing sins. Not until one day she had a communication with others, did she finally find the way of breaking away from sin.

Once Saved Always Saved

Once Saved, Always Saved? – Fact or Fiction?

Once saved, always saved? Is it true? A Bible study solved my confusion …