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Why God Does Not Answer Your Prayers?

Although we may say many nice words in prayer to praise God and express our devotion, our prayers are not answered by God. Why does God not listen to this kind of prayer?

How Christians Pray to Be Heard by the Lord

Discussion: How Christians Pray to Be Heard by the Lord

Is the Lord more likely to hear a longer prayer? Through seeking and fellowshiping, Sister Wang found the answer and understood how to have her prayers heard by the Lord.

Biblical Stories ,You How to Pray

3 Biblical Stories Teach You How to Pray According to God’s Will

How should we pray according to God’s will? This article will tell you the answer through 3 examples—the prayer of the Lord Jesus, the prayer of a publican, and Solomon’s prayer.

Praying Without Ceasing

What Does Praying Without Ceasing Refer To? What Is the Effect of Praying Without Ceasing?

What is the meaning of the apostle Paul’s words “pray without ceasing” (1 Thessalonians 5:17)? This article will tell you the answer and how to pray without ceasing.

Four Kinds of Prayer That Do Not Accord With the Will of God Should Be Avoided

Why Doesn’t God Answer My Prayers?

Do you feel God doesn’t answer your prayers? This article shares with you 4 kinds of prayers that God doesn’t answer and 2 ways to pray.

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How to Pray to God to Be After His Will and Heard by the Lord

Only if we pray to God in line with God’s will can we often obtain God’s enlightenment and have a path of practice. Grasp these 3 principles of praying to God and your prayers will be after God’s will.

Christians pray to God

How Great Is the Power of Prayer? How Can We Gain It?

The power of prayer means that as long as we genuinely call out and pray to Him, God will accomplish everything we ask for. How should we pray so as to gain the power of prayer? This article will show you the answer.

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3 Methods of Prayer Make Your Prayers Conform to God’s Will

Why does God not hear our prayers? How can we pray in a way that conforms to God’s will? This article will give us three methods of prayer.

Pray,How to Pray

How to Pray to Have Your Prayers Heard by God

By Guoshi Brothers and sisters: Peace to you in the Lord! Today, our topic of fellowship is “the three problems we must resolve in prayer.” May the Lord guide our … Read More How to Pray to Have Your Prayers Heard by God

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3 Principles to Rely on God Besides Verbal Prayer

By relying on God many difficulties can be resolved. Grasping 3 principles of true dependence on God helps you appreciate God’s wondrous deeds.