In Believing in God, You Should Establish a Normal Relationship With God.

The Relevant Words of God Are as Follows:

Believing in God, you should at least resolve the matter of your normal relationship with God. If you do not have a normal relationship with God, your believing in God loses meaning. To build up a normal relationship with God, this is achieved completely through quieting your heart before God. A normal relationship with God means that you do not doubt or deny any work of God but can obey it, have a right intent before God, do not plan for yourself, and no matter what you do, put the interests of God’s family first, accept God’s searching, and obey God’s arrangement. In doing everything, you should quiet your heart before God. Even if you do not know God’s will, you should do all you can to fulfill your duty and your responsibility, and when God’s will is revealed to you, you practice according to it then, which is not late. When your relationship with God is normal, your relationship with men will also be normal. All this is based on God’s word. Through eating and drinking God’s words, practice according to God’s requirements and set your viewpoints right; do not do things that resist God or disturb the church, do not do things which are not beneficial to the life of the brothers and sisters, do not say words which do not benefit others, and do not do unpresentable things; do everything aboveboard and be able to bring it before God. Although sometimes your flesh is weak, you should put the interests of God’s family first, without seeking your personal interests, and should practice righteousness. If you can practice this way, your relationship with God will be normal.

Whenever you do a thing, you should examine whether your intent is right.pray If you can do it according to God’s requirement, your relationship with God will be normal. This is the minimum standard. When you, through examining your intent, find that you have a wrong intent, if you can forsake it and act according to God’s word, then you will be a right person before God. It shows that your relationship with God is normal and that everything you do is for God, not for yourself. Whenever doing a thing or saying a word, you should have a right heart, act justly, and act not according to your emotion or your own ideas. This is the principle by which a believer in God should act. In a small thing a person’s intent and stature can be revealed. So, if one wants to enter into the way of being perfected by God, he should first solve the matter of his intents and his relationship with God. Only if your relationship with God is normal can you be perfected by God and can God’s dealing, pruning, discipline, and refining produce the due results on you.”

from “How Is Your Relationship with God” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

It can be said that to have a right relationship with God is the first step in one’s entering into the spiritual journey. Although man’s destiny is in God’s hand, and it is predestined by God and cannot be changed by himself, yet whether you can be perfected and be gained by God is determined according to whether your relationship with God is normal. Maybe you have weaknesses and disobedience, but as long as your viewpoints and your intents are right and your relationship with God is right and normal, you will have the qualification to be perfected by God. If your relationship with God is not right, your purpose being for the flesh or for the family, then it will be in vain no matter how much effort you make. If your relationship with God is normal, everything will be all right. God looks at nothing else but whether your viewpoint of believing in God is right, in whom you believe, for whom you believe, and for what you believe. If you see these clearly and can practice with a right viewpoint, you can grow in life and can surely enter the right track. If your relationship with God is abnormal and your viewpoint of believing in God is erroneous, then you will be finished, and you will gain nothing no matter how you believe. Only if your relationship with God is normal can such things as your forsaking the flesh, praying, suffering, exercising patience, obeying, helping the brothers and sisters, spending more for God, and so forth be approved by God.”

from “How Is Your Relationship with God”
in The Word Appears in the Flesh

If one wants to have a normal spiritual living and build a normal relationship with God, he has to first give his heart to God and quiet his heart before God. Only after his whole heart is turned to God can he gradually have a normal spiritual living. If one believes in God but does not give his heart to God, put his heart in God, or take God’s burden as his burden, then all that he does is cheating God and is what a religious person does, and it cannot be approved by God. …

In experience, it can be seen that quieting the heart before God is a most important thing, and it has a bearing on one’s spiritual living and his growth in life. Only if your heart is quiet before God will you achieve results in pursuing the truth and pursuing the transformation of your disposition. This is because you come before God with a burden, always feeling that you lack too much, that there are many truths you need to know and many realities you need to experience, and that you ought to care for God’s will. You always have these things in your heart, as if you would be overburdened with them, and thus you feel heavy about them in your heart (but it is not a passive state). Only such a person is qualified to receive inspiration from God’s word and receive moving from God’s Spirit. It is because of his burden and his heavy heart, or in other words, because of the price he pays and the suffering he undergoes before God, that he receives in return God’s inspiration and enlightenment. For God does not show favoritism to anyone, and he always treats man fairly, but he does not bestow to man lightly or give to man unconditionally. This is one aspect of his righteous disposition. In practical life, most people have not reached this state. At the very least, their heart has not turned to God completely. Therefore, even today their life disposition has not been transformed much. It is all because they only live in God’s grace but have not received the working of the Holy Spirit. God’s criterion in using a man is: giving his heart to God, having a burden for God’s word, having a thirsting heart, and having the will to seek the truth. Only such a person can receive the working of the Holy Spirit and often receive inspiration and enlightenment.”

from “It’s Very Important to Build a Normal Relationship with God”
in The Word Appears in the Flesh

First start with praying. Praying by being quiet before God is most effective. Then, eat and drink God’s word. You should be able to receive light through pondering God’s words, find ways of practice from them, know God’s purpose in speaking them, and understand them without any deviation. At ordinary times, your heart should be able to draw near to God, contemplate God’s love, and ponder God’s word normally, without being disturbed by outward things. When your heart is quiet to an extent that you can be in a state of meditation, contemplating God’s love within and truly drawing near to God within in any circumstance, eventually to the point where you utter praises from your heart, which is even better than prayer, this means that you have quite a stature. If you can reach the above-mentioned states, it proves that your heart is truly quiet before God. This is the first basic exercise. Only when one can be quiet before God can he receive the Holy Spirit’s moving and the Holy Spirit’s inspiration and enlightenment, have genuine fellowship with God, touch God’s will, and touch the Holy Spirit’s guidance. This means that he has entered the right track of spiritual living. …

While eating and drinking God’s present word, ponder God’s word and pray over God’s word. This is the first step in being quiet before God. If you can be truly quiet before God, the inspiration and enlightenment of the Holy Spirit will accompany you.”

from “On Quieting the Heart Before God”
in The Word Appears in the Flesh

When one prays, his relationship with God is most direct. And one’s relationship with God is most close when he prays. When you are doing things at ordinary times, can you kneel down and pray at once? You cannot. When one kneels down and prays, his relationship with God is most close. In reading God’s word, if you read it after you make a prayer, you will feel it is different. If you have no prayer in a period of time, you will not understand God’s word when you read it, not knowing what its meaning is after reading it.

The purpose of praying is that one can come before God and receive the things which God will give man. If you often pray and often come before God, you will often be connected with God and will often have his moving and receive his supply within. As you often receive it, you will be transformed, and you will be in a better and better condition and not be depressed. In particular, when the brothers and sisters pray together, they will have especially great strength after prayer, their face being covered with sweat, and feel that they have gained quite a lot. Actually, in their several-day gathering, they have not fellowshipped anything special. It is the prayer that stirs up their strength, so that they wish to give up their families and the world right away and wish to abandon everything, feeling it is enough to have only God. You see how great this strength is.”

from “The Significance and Practice of Prayer”
in Christ’s Talks with Church Leaders and Workers

A normal spiritual living is a life of living before God. When you pray, you quiet your heart before God, and through praying, you seek the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to know God’s word and understand God’s will. When you eat and drink God’s word, you will know more clearly and transparently about what God wants to do now, and will have new ways of practice and will not hold on to the old ones. All that you practice is for the purpose that you can grow in life. For example, when you pray, your purpose is not to say some nice words or to have a good cry before God to show your indebtedness, but to exercise to use your spirit, to quiet your heart before God and exercise to seek guidance in everything, so that your heart can be attracted by fresh light every day and you will not be passive or lazy and enter the right track of practicing God’s word.”

from “On Normal Spiritual Living” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

To live a normal spiritual living, you have to be able to receive new light every day, pursue to have a true knowledge of God’s word, be clear about the truth, have ways of practice in everything, and be able to discover new things and your deficiencies in reading God’s word every day and thus have a thirsting and seeking heart, which will activate your whole being so that you can be quiet before God all the time, fearing that you might fall behind. When a person has such a thirsting and seeking heart and is willing to enter in constantly, then he has stepped onto the right track of a spiritual living. He who can receive the moving of the Holy Spirit, has the desire to make progress, and is willing to pursue to be perfected by God, who thirsts for a deeper knowledge in God’s word, who does not pursue supernatural things but pays the price practically, cares for God’s will practically, and enters in practically so that he has a more real and practical experience, and who does not pursue empty letters and doctrines, does not pursue to touch supernatural feelings, and does not adore any great man, has entered into a normal spiritual living. All that he does is for the purpose that he can grow more in life, be fresh and not dead in his spirit, and always enter in actively.”

from “On Normal Spiritual Living” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

If you cannot keep up with the present light, your relationship with God will become distant or even be cut off, and thus you will not have a normal spiritual living. A normal relationship with God is built upon accepting God’s present word. Do you have a normal spiritual living? Do you have a normal relationship with God? Are you one who keeps up with the working of the Holy Spirit? Those who can keep up with the present light of the Holy Spirit, touch God’s will in God’s word, and enter into God’s word are ones who keep up with the stream of the Holy Spirit.”

from “Know God’s Newest Work and Keep Up With God’s Pace”
in The Word Appears in the Flesh

To pursue life entering in and pursue the transformation of his disposition while believing in God, one has to pay the price and reach the point that whatever God does, he still follows God. This is what man must achieve. Even if you keep it as a regulation, you have to keep it. No matter how great the trial is, you cannot lose your normal relationship with God, and should still pray and live the church life and not leave the brothers and sisters. When God tries you, you should still seek the truth. This is the minimum for the spiritual living. Always have a seeking heart, do your best to cooperate, and exert all your strength. Can you do that? On this basis, it will be easy for you to discern and enter into reality. If your state is normal, it will be easy for you to accept God’s word, and you will feel it not difficult to practice the truth and feel that the work God does is so good. If your condition is not good, no matter how good the work God does and no matter how good others’ words, you will not want to pay heed to them. If one’s condition is abnormal, God will have no way to work on him; thus, his disposition will not be transformed.”

from “You Should Hold to Your Faithfulness to God”
in The Word Appears in the Flesh

If you do not have a normal relationship with God, no matter how you maintain your relationship with people, however hard you try and however much effort you make, it is of human philosophies of life, and you are maintaining your position among people according to human viewpoints and by human philosophies so that they will compliment you, but are not building a normal relationship with them according to God’s word. If you do not pay attention to your relationship with people but maintain a normal relationship with God, being willing to give your heart to God and learning to obey God, naturally your relationship with everyone will be normal. In this way, your relationship with people will not be built on the flesh but on the love of God, and you will almost have no fleshly contact with them but have fellowship with them in spirit, loving each other, comforting each other, and supplying each other, doing all these on the basis that your heart satisfies God. It will not be maintained by human philosophies of life but will be naturally formed through your burden for God. There will be no need for you to exert human effort but just act according to the principles in God’s word. … One’s normal relationship with others is built on the basis that his heart is turned to God, and it is not attained through his human effort. Without God, one only has a fleshly relationship with others, which is abnormal and indulgent in lust and is hated and loathed by God. If you say that you have moving in your spirit, but you always like to fellowship with those who are to your liking and who you think highly of, and if someone else who is not to your liking seeks you remain silent due to your prejudice against him, this further proves that you are a person of emotion and you do not have a normal relationship with God at all, and you are deceiving God and are covering up your ugliness. Even if you can speak some knowledge, as your intent is not right, all that you do is out of human goodness, and God will not approve you. You are doing it by your flesh, not out of God’s burden. If your heart can be quiet before God and you can have normal contact with all those who love God, then you are a person fit for God to use. Hence, no matter how you contact others, you are not practicing philosophies of life but are caring for God’s burden and living in God’s presence.”

from “It’s Very Important to Build a Normal Relationship with God”
in The Word Appears in the Flesh


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