God’s Word “The Age of Kingdom Is the Age of Word”

The Age of Kingdom Is the Age of Word

In the Age of Kingdom, God uses the word to usher in a new age, to change the means of His work, and to do the work for the entire age. This is the principle by which God works in the Age of Word. He became flesh to speak from different perspectives, enabling man to truly see God, who is the Word appearing in the flesh, and His wisdom and wonder. Such work is done to better achieve the goals of conquering man, perfecting man, and eliminating man. This is the true meaning of using the word to work in the Age of Word. Through the word, man comes to know the work of God, the disposition of God, the essence of man, and what man ought to enter into. Through the word, all the work God wishes to do in the Age of Word is accomplished. Through the word, man is revealed, eliminated, and tried. Man has seen the word, heard the word, and become aware of the existence of the word. As a result, man believes in the existence of God; man believes the almightiness and wisdom of God, as well as God’s heart of love for man and His desire to save man. Though the word “word” is simple and ordinary, the word from the mouth of God become flesh shakes the heavens and earth; His word transforms the heart of man, the notions and the old disposition of man, and the old appearance of the entire world. Through the ages, only the God of this day works in such a manner, and only He speaks and saves man thus. Thereafter, man lives under the guidance of the word, shepherded and supplied by the word; they live in the world of the word, live within the curses and blessings of God’s word, and even more live under the judgment and chastisement of the word. These words and this work are all for the sake of man’s salvation, achieving God’s will, and changing the original appearance of the world of old creation. God created the world with the word, leads men throughout the universe with the word, conquers and saves them with the word. Finally, He shall use the word to bring the entire world of old to an end. Only then is the management plan wholly complete. Throughout the Age of Kingdom, God uses the word to do His work and achieve the results of His work; He does not work wonders or perform miracles; He merely does His work through the word. Because of the word, man is nourished and supplied; because of the word, man gains knowledge and true experience. Man in the Age of Word has truly received exceptional blessings. Man suffers no pain of the flesh and simply enjoys the bountiful supply of the word of God; they need not seek or journey forth, and at ease they see the appearance of God, hear Him speak personally, receive His supply, and see Him personally do His work. Man in ages past was unable to enjoy such things, and these are blessings that they could never receive.

God is determined to make man complete. Whichever perspective from which He speaks, it is all for the sake of perfecting these people. Words spoken from the perspective of the Spirit are difficult for man to understand, and man is unable to find a path to practice, for man has a limited ability to receive. The work of God achieves different effects, and each step of the work has His purpose. Moreover, He must speak from different perspectives to perfect man. If He uttered His voice from the perspective of the Spirit alone, this stage of God’s work could not be completed. From His tone of voice, you can see He is determined to make this group of people complete. As one who wishes to be perfected by God, what is the first step you must take? You must first come to know the work of God. As new means are used and the age has changed from one to the other, the means by which God works have also changed, as has the way God speaks. Now, not only have the means of His work changed, so has the age. It was formerly the Age of Kingdom, a stage of work in which to love God. Now, it is the Age of Millennial Kingdom—the Age of Word—that is, an age in which God uses many ways of speaking to perfect man and speaks from different perspectives to supply man. As soon as the times passed into the Age of Millennial Kingdom, God began to use the word to make man perfect, enabling man to enter into the reality of life and leading man onto the right track. Man has experienced so many steps of His work and has seen that the work of God does not remain unchanging. Rather, it is constantly evolving and deepening. After such a long time of experience, the work has turned and changed again and again, but whatever the changes, it never deviates from God’s objective of working man. Even through ten thousand changes, its original purpose never changes, and it never deviates from truth or life. Changes in the means by which work is done are merely a change in the format of work and perspective of speaking, not a change in the central objective of His work. Changes in tone of voice and means of work are made to achieve an effect. A change in tone of voice does not mean a change in the purpose or principle of work. The essence of man believing in God is to seek life. If you believe in God yet do not seek life or truth or knowledge of God, then there is no belief in God! Is it realistic that you still seek to enter the kingdom to be king? Only achievement of true love for God through seeking life is reality; the pursuit and practice of truth are all reality. Experience the words of God while reading His words; in this way, you will grasp the knowledge of God through real experience. This is a true pursuit.

In the Age of Millennial Kingdom, whether you have entered into this new age is determined by whether you have entered into the reality of God’s words and whether His words serve as the reality of your life. The word of God is made known to all so that, in the end, all men will live in the world of the word and the word of God will enlighten and illuminate every man within. If during this period of time, you are hasty and careless in reading the word of God, and you have no interest in His word, it shows that there is something wrong with your state. If you are unable to enter into the Age of Word, then the Holy Spirit does not work in you; if you have entered into this age, He will do His work. What can you do at the moment, the beginning of this Age of Word, to gain the work of the Holy Spirit? In this age, God will make it a reality among you that every man lives out the word of God, is able to put truth into practice, and loves God earnestly; that all men use the word of God as a foundation and their reality and have hearts of reverence for God; and that, through the practice of the word of God, man can then rule together with God. It is this work that God will achieve. Can you go without reading the word of God? There are many now who feel that they cannot go even a day or two without reading the word of God. They must read His word every day, and if time does not permit, listening to His word suffices. This is the feeling that the Holy Spirit gives man and how He begins to move man. That is, He governs man through words so that man can enter into the reality of the word of God. If you feel darkness and thirst after just one day without eating and drinking of the word of God, and you find it unacceptable, this shows that you have been moved by the Holy Spirit, and He has not turned away from you. You are then one who is in this stream. However, if you have no perception or feel no thirst after a day or two without eating and drinking of the word of God, and you do not feel moved, this shows that the Holy Spirit has turned away from you. This means, then, the state within you is not right; you have not entered into the Age of Word, and you are one who has fallen behind. God uses the word to govern man; you feel good if you eat and drink of the word of God, and if you do not, you will have no way to follow. The word of God becomes the food of man and the force that drives him. The Bible said that “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.” This is the work that God will accomplish this day. He will realize this truth in you. How is it that man in the past could go many days without reading the word of God but continue to eat and work? And why is this not the case now? In this age, God primarily uses the word to govern all. Through the word of God, man is judged and perfected, then finally taken into the kingdom. Only the word of God can supply the life of man, and only the word of God can give man light and the way of practice, particularly in the Age of Kingdom. As long as you daily eat and drink of His word and do not leave the reality of the word of God, God shall be able to make you perfect.

One cannot be in a rush to achieve success when seeking life; growth in life does not happen in just a day or two. The work of God is normal and practical, and it must undergo a necessary process. It took Jesus become flesh a process of 33.5 years to complete His work of crucifixion, let alone the life of man! It is also no easy task to make a normal man who manifests God. This is particularly so for the people of the nation of the great red dragon. They are of poor caliber and require a long period of God’s word and work. So do not be in a hurry to see results. You must be proactive in eating and drinking of God’s words, and put more effort on the words of God. After reading His words, you must be able to put them into practice in reality, and in the words of God, you then gain knowledge, insight, discernment, and wisdom. Through this, you will change without realizing it. If you are able to take as your principles the eating and drinking of the word of God, reading His word, coming to know it, experiencing it, and practicing it, you will grow without realizing it. Some say that he is unable to put the word of God into practice even after reading it! What is your hurry? When you reach a certain stature, you will be able to put His word into practice. Would a four- or five-year-old child say that he is unable to support or honor his parents? You should know now what your stature is, put into practice what you can, and do not be one who disrupts the management of God. Simply eat and drink of God’s words and going forward, take that as your principle. Do not worry yet about whether God can make you complete. Do not delve into that yet. Simply eat and drink of God’s words as you come across them, and it is assured that God will be able to make you complete. However, there is a principle by which you must eat and drink of His word. Do not do so blindly. Rather, seek out the words that you should come to know, that is, those that are related to vision. Another aspect that you must seek out is those of actual practice, that is, those about what you ought to enter into. One aspect is about knowledge, and the other relates to entering. Once you find out both, that is, when you grasp what to know and what to practice, you will know how to eat and drink of the word of God.

Going forward, talking about the word of God is the principle by which you speak. When you come together, you should fellowship about the word of God and use that as your topic; talk about what you know of the word of God, how you put His word into practice, and how the Holy Spirit works. If you fellowship about the word of God, the Holy Spirit will illuminate you. Man too must cooperate if this is to become a world of the word of God. If you do not enter into this, God cannot do His work. If you do not talk about His word, He cannot illuminate you. Whenever you are free, talk about the word of God. Do not talk idly! Let your life be filled with the word of God; then you are a devout believer. Even if your fellowship is superficial, that is all right. Without the superficial, there would be no depth. There is a process that must be undergone. Through your exercise, you gain insight into the illumination of the Holy Spirit upon you, and how to effectively eat and drink of the word of God. After a period of such exploration, you will enter into the reality of the word of God. Only if you have the resolution to cooperate will you receive the work of the Holy Spirit.

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