Praise and Worship Song “God’s Love for Man Is Most Genuine”

Praise and Worship Song “God’s Love for Man Is Most Genuine”

My darling, you are the apple of mommy’s eye, mommy lives to make you happy.
Mommy often chides you to be diligent in your studies, in the hope that you will have prospects, and distinguish yourself.
I know that you love and cherish me, mommy, but you demand too much.
I cannot do what you ask; the stress is too great, it pains my heart, and I look to death for escape.
Ah, mommy cannot understand you, and ends up hurting you.
Mommy, I know you meant well,
but I don’t understand why people have to live like this.

We don’t realize that our fates are commanded by God,
and instead we mistakenly think that we can build happiness with our own hands.
We pay such a high price for this belief and suffer so much,
but are we really able to change our own fate?

Now I have read the words of God, and I understand the truth; I have seen how deeply corrupted mankind is.
People pursue fame, fortune, status, the pleasures of the flesh, unaware that their fate is controlled by God.
Amid God’s words, I am awoken: How empty it is to live for fame, fortune, and status.
The words of God show me my life’s direction; only understanding the truth is to have life.
Now, we enjoy God’s words each day, we perform our duty and live before God.
The words of Almighty God guide us in living amid the light—how joyous it is to be with God.
We spurn the enslavement of corrupt flesh, of fate and prospects—how happy it is to be liberated.
From God, we receive the truth and the life. The kingdom of Christ is our wonderful home!

from Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs

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