Principles of Knowing God’s Utmost Salvation of Man—The First One

1. As long as there is a sliver of hope that people are able to accept the truth and truly repent, God will not abandon His salvation of them.

God’s word:

“In the past, words of cursing and detesting and loathing have been said to you, but today you have changed, so God’s attitude toward you has also subsequently changed. People always feel afraid and insecure. This proves that they still do not understand the will of God. Now that this matter is clear, can this kind of phenomenon still occur later on when some matter comes upon you? Do you have some understanding of the natures within people and of each aspect of human reason? Do you have a rough idea? In the past, some people have been expelled for doing some bad things and the church has rejected them. They roam about for years, and then they come back. It is good that they haven’t completely run away; since they haven’t completely run away, they have the opportunity and the hope to be saved. If they ran away and didn’t believe, and became like unbelievers, then they would be completely done for. If they can turn around, then they have hope. This is rare and precious. Regardless of how God works people and regardless of how God treats people, hates people, or detests people, if there comes a time when people can turn around, then I will take special comfort; this means that people still have that much of God in their hearts, have not completely lost human reason, have not completely lost humanity, still intend to believe in God, and intend to acknowledge and return to God. Regardless of who runs away, if they return, and this family is still in their hearts, I will be a little sentimental and take some comfort; however, those who never return are pitiful. If they can return and begin to sincerely believe in God, My heart will especially be filled with gratification. They were able to come back, and it seems like they haven’t forgotten Me and have come back. They have such a heart and mind. At that time when we meet, I will be moved; when you left, you were certainly negative and your situation was not good, but now you have returned, which proves that you still have faith in God. However, it is still unknown whether you are able to continue moving forward, as people change too quickly. In the Age of Grace, Jesus had pity and grace for the people. If one sheep was lost out of a hundred, He would leave the ninety-nine and look for the one. This phrase does not describe a mechanical practice, it is not a rule, but it shows God’s intentions toward mankind, God’s urgent intention to save mankind, and God’s deep love for mankind. It is not a way of practice, but it is His disposition and His mentality. Therefore, some people leave for a year or half a year, or they have many weaknesses and many misconceptions. Afterward, if they wake up to reality and are able to have understanding and turn back and get back on the right path, I will be especially comforted and take pleasure in this. Being able to stand in the current world and age of sensual pleasures and evil, being able to acknowledge God, and being able to get back on the right path and return are things that really bring comfort and are exciting.”

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