Worship God in Spirit and in Truth – John 4:24

Bible verse: God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth. – John 4:24

The Lord Jesus teaches us to worship God in spirit and in truth, for we’re created by God. He bestows us breath and spirit, so we can feel the existence of God if we call out to Him. In prayer, we should share the words in our hearts with Him and get close to Him with heart and spirit. Then we can achieve the guidance of the Holy Spirit. God says, “The lowest standard that God requires of people is that they be able to open their hearts to Him. If man gives his true heart to God and says what is really within his heart to God, then God is willing to work in man; God does not want the twisted heart of man, but his pure and honest heart. If man does not truly speak his heart to God, then God does not touch man’s heart, or work within him. Thus, the most crucial thing about praying is to speak the words of your true heart to God, telling God of your flaws or rebellious disposition and completely opening yourself up to God. Only then will God be interested in your prayers; if not, then God will hide His face from you. The minimum criterion for prayer is that you must be able to keep your heart at peace before God, and it must not depart from God. Perhaps, during this period, you have not gained a newer or higher view, but you must use prayer to keep things as they are—you cannot regress. This is the very least that you must achieve.

God’s words solve the confusion we often come up with. Will God listen to our prayers? Sometimes in prayers, why doesn’t He listen to us? We should do self-reflection: Have we quieted our hearts before Him every time? Have we spoken the words in our hearts to God? If we pray with a pure and honest heart and tell God the words in our heart, God will surely listen to us. Worshipping God in spirit and in truth, is paramount important. Through sharing the words in our hearts with Him, we will have knowledge of God, will know our shortcomings and deficiencies and make up for them bit by bit, and our growth in life will progress rapidly.

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