God’s Word “Work and Entry (3)”

God has entrusted much to humans and has also endlessly talked about human’s entry. But because people’s caliber is so poor, many of the words of God are scarcely followed. There are various reasons for their poor caliber, such as the corruption of human ideology and morality, a lack of proper upbringing; feudal superstitions which seriously occupy the heart of man; depraved and decadent lifestyles which result in many maladies in the deepest corners of the human heart; superficial cultural knowledge, with almost ninety-eight percent of the people lacking cultural education and, what is more, very few people receiving higher levels of cultural education, so people basically have no idea what is the Spirit or what is God, but have only a vague and unclear image of God as provided by feudal superstitions; pernicious influences deep in the human heart resulting from thousands of years of national spirit and feudal thinking have left people bound and chained, without an iota of freedom, resulting in people having no aspiration, no perseverance, no desire to make progress but instead being passive and regressing, with a slave mentality that is particularly strong. And on and on. These objective factors have created an indelibly filthy ugly image of human ideological outlook, ideals, morality and disposition. It seems humans are living in a terroristic world of darkness, and no one seeks to transcend, with no one thinking of going to a world of ideals. Instead, they simply accept their lot in life, and spend their days bearing and raising children, striving, sweating, working, dreaming of a comfortable and happy family, conjugal affection, filial piety on the part of children, joyful twilight years and peacefully living one’s life. … For decades, thousands, tens of thousands of years until now, people have been wasting their time, no one creating a perfect life, just fighting with each other in a dark world, struggling for fame and fortune, and intriguing against each other. Who was searching for God’s will? Was there anyone responding to the work of God? All of these portions within humans occupied by the influence of darkness have become human nature long ago, so it is quite difficult to carry out the work of God and even less attention is paid to God’s commission today. Anyway, I believe that people will not mind Me uttering these words since what I am talking of is the history of thousands of years. To speak of history means facts and, moreover, scandals that are obvious to all, so what point is there in speaking contrary to facts? But I also believe that reasonable people upon seeing these words will awaken and strive for progress. God also hopes that humans can live and work in peace and contentment and also love God. It is God’s will that all of humanity enter into rest; the filling of the entire land with God’s glory is even more God’s great desire. It is just a shame that human beings remain unrepentant, corrupted by Satan so much that today they no longer have the likeness of humans. So human thought, morality and education form an important chain of links, with training in cultural knowledge forming a second chain, for improving human’s cultural caliber and changing their spiritual outlook.

In fact, God’s requirements of people are not so high, but because the gap between people’s caliber and God’s requirements is so large, most people simply “look up” in the direction of God’s requirements but are incapable of attaining them. People’s innate conditions along with what they accumulate through life are far from sufficient to meet the requirements of God. But to simply recognize this point is not a completely surefire tactic. Distant water cannot quench a nearby thirst. Even if people know themselves to be inferior to dust, if they do not have the resolve to satisfy God’s heart, much less take the advanced way to meet God’s requirements, then what value does that kind of knowledge have? Is it not like drawing water with a sieve, all in vain? My key point is that of entry; that is the main topic.

During the course of man’s entry, life is boring, full of the monotonous elements of spiritual life, such as doing some praying, eating and drinking the words of God, or getting gatherings, so that people always feel there is no great pleasure in belief in God. When such spiritual activities occur, they are always carried out on the basis of human’s original disposition as corrupted by Satan. While people can sometimes receive the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit, the original thinking, disposition, lifestyles and habits of human beings are still rooted within, and so human nature remains unchanged. The superstitious activities that people engage in are the most hated by God. Even now, many people are still unable to let go of them and think that these superstitious activities are decreed by God, and have until today not yet thoroughly escaped from them. Such matters as wedding feasts or dowries for young couples, the gifts of cash and the banquets and other words and phrases concerning celebratory occasions, the ancient phrases passed down, and all the meaningless superstitious activities conducted in behalf of the dead and funeral arrangements, all these are even more loathed by God; even Sunday (the Sabbath, as observed by Jews) is also loathed by God; human relationships and worldly communication are even more detested and rejected by God. Even the Spring Festival and Christmas Day which are known to everyone are not decreed by God, let alone the toys and decorations (couplets, New Year cake, firecrackers, lanterns, Christmas gifts, Christmas parties and Holy Communion) for these festive holidays—are they not idols in people’s hearts? The breaking of bread on the Sabbath, wine and fine linen are even more idols. All the various traditional festival days popular in China, such as the Dragon Heads-raising Day, the Dragon Boat Festival, the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Laba Festival and New Year’s Day, and the completely meaningless festivals in the religious world such as Easter, Baptism Day, and Christmas Day, all of these have been arranged and handed down from olden times to today by many people, and are all incompatible with humanity created by God. It is people’s rich imagination and “ingenious conception” which have allowed them to be passed down to today. They appear to be free of flaws, but all are in fact Satan’s tricks played on humanity. The more Satans there live in a location, and the more obsolete and backward that place is, the more grave are the feudal customs. These things bind people tight, allowing absolutely no room for movement. Many of the festivals in the religious world seem to display great originality and appear to create a bridge to the work of God, but they are actually Satan’s intangible ties binding people’s knowledge of God, Satan’s tricks. In fact, when a stage of God’s work was finished, He already destroyed His tools and style of that time without leaving any trace. However, the “devout believers” still worship those tangible material objects but leave behind what God has without any study about it, seemingly full of love of God but actually pushing Him out of the house long ago and placing Satan on the table to worship. Portraits of Jesus, the Cross, Mary, Jesus’ Baptism and the Last Supper, all of these, people treat them as God and worship them while repeatedly crying out “God the Father.” Isn’t this all a joke? Until today, many similar sayings and acts passed down amongst humanity are hated by God, they seriously obstruct the way ahead for God and, furthermore, cause a huge loss to human’s entry. Putting aside the extent to which Satan has corrupted humanity, the law of Witness Lee, the experiences of Lawrence, the survey of Watchman Nee and the work of Paul have fully occupied the inside of humanity. God has no way to work in humans because within them there is too much individualism, laws, rules, regulations and systems, and these things, in addition to the feudal superstitious tendencies of people, have captured and devoured humans. It is as if people’s thoughts are a moving, fairy tale movie in color, with fantastic beings riding the clouds, so imaginative as to be thrilling and astonishing. To speak honestly, the work that God comes to do today is mainly to deal with and dispel the superstitious colorings of humans and to make the mental outlook of humans take on a brand-new look. God’s work is not what has been handed down by humanity from generations of ancestors and preserved to today, but is work as personally initiated by Him and completed by Him, without any need for the inheritance of a certain great spiritual man, or inheriting any representative work by God from some other era. None of these things need to be the concerns of human beings. God today has another style of speaking and of working, so why should humans be “concerned”? If humans walk the path of today within the current stream under the inheritance of the “ancestors,” they will not reach the destination. God very much dislikes such action, just as He hates the worldly years, months and days.

The best way to change human disposition is to reverse these profoundly poisoned things in the depths of people’s hearts, allowing people to start by changing their ideology and morality. First of all, people need to see clearly that all these religious rites, religious activities, dates, festivals, are all hated by God. They should break free from these bonds of feudal ideology and eliminate the deep superstitious colorings. These are all a part of human entry. You have to understand why God leads humanity from the secular world, and from the rules. This is the gate for your entry, and although it has nothing to do with your spiritual experience, these are the main things blocking your entry, blocking your knowing God. They form a “net” which enmeshes people. Many people read the Bible too much and even can recite numerous passages from the Bible. In their entry today, people unconsciously use the Bible to measure the work of God as if the basis of the work of God is the Bible and its source is the Bible. When the work of God is in line with the Bible, people strongly support the work of God and look on God with new eyes; when the work of God does not match with the Bible, people become so anxious that they sweat and search for the basis of the work of God; if the work of God has no mention in the Bible, people will ignore God. It can be said that most people gingerly accept, fastidiously obey and casually recognize the present work of God, and as for the things of the past, they hold on to half and abandon half. Can this be called entry? Holding the books of others as treasures, and treating them as the golden key to open the gate of the kingdom, people simply show no interest in God’s requirements of today. Moreover, many “smart experts” in the left hand hold the words of God, while in the right hand they hold the “masterworks” of others, as if they want to find the basis of the words of God from these masterworks to fully prove that the words of God are correct, and they even provide explanations to others in combination with the masterworks, as if they were working. To tell the truth, many “scientific researchers” among humanity never think highly of today’s latest scientific achievements, unprecedented scientific achievements (i.e. the work of God, the words of God and the path for life entry), so people are all “self-reliant,” “preaching” far and wide relying on their silver tongues, flaunting “the good name of God.” However, their entry is at risk and the distance from God’s requirements seems to be as far as from the creation until this moment. How easy is it to do the work of God? It seems that people have already decided to leave half of themselves to yesterday and bring half to today, deliver half to Satan and present half to God, as if this is the way to have an easy conscience and feel some sense of comfort. People’s hearts are so insidious, they are afraid of losing not only tomorrow but also yesterday, deeply afraid of both offending Satan and the God of today who seems to be and not to be. Because people’s ideological and moral cultivation is so poor, their ability to discern is particularly bad, and they basically don’t know whether or not today’s work is that of God. Perhaps it is because people’s feudal superstitious thinking is too deep that they have long placed superstition and truth, God and idols, in the same category; they don’t care to distinguish between these things. It seems as if they have racked their brains but are still unable to be clear. That is why humans stop in their tracks and no longer move forward. All of these arise from people’s lack of correct ideological education, which brings great difficulties for their entry. As a result, people never have any interest in the work of the true God, but persistently stick to the work of man (such as those viewed as great men) as if it is imprinted. Are not these the latest lessons for human’s entry?

from The Word Appears in the Flesh

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Find the Shepherd
Find the Second Coming of Jesus Christ - Let’s discover the mystery of the Lord’s second coming, watch and prepare for it, then welcome the returned Lord Jesus Christ.

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