God’s Word “Work and Entering In (3)”

The ways of satan's corrupting mankind

Work and Entering In (3)

God has committed a lot to people and has talked a great deal about peoples entering in. But because peoples qualities are very poor, many of Gods words have hardly produced any effect. There are many reasons why peoples qualities are poor: Their thinking and morality are corrupt and they have no breeding; feudal superstitions gravely occupy their hearts; their fallen and rotten ways of living cause many vices in their innermost being; their cultural knowledge is superficial, almost ninety-eight percent of them are short of education in cultural knowledge, and very few of them have received a higher cultural education, so they simply do not know what is Spirit and what is God, but only the feudal superstitions give them an obscure image of God; the poisons in their innermost being which are inherited from the several-thousand-year national spirit and the feudal thoughts bind them so much that they do not have any freedom, and cause them to have no aspiration, have no willpower, have no desire to make progress, be passive and back-drawing, and be very slavish; and so on. These objective factors have made peoples mental outlook and their ideal, morality, and disposition an indelible filthy ugly image. It seems as if all people are living in a dark terrorist world, and no one thinks about transcending it or thinks about going to an ideal world, but they just live their life lawfully and properly: bearing and raising children, laboring, sweating, and working, and dreaming of having a comfortable and happy family, enjoying connubial love and filial piety from children, living a happy old age, and passing their life in peace…. For decades, thousands of years, tens of thousands of years, and even today people are still wasting their life in this way. No one has created a most beautiful life, but all have been fighting against one another, scrambling for fame and gain, and intriguing against one another in the dark world. Who has ever sought God’s will? Who has ever given heed to God’s work? All these parts of people which have been occupied by the influence of darkness have long become their nature. So, it is very difficult for God’s work to be carried out, and even less do people have a heart to pay heed to God’s commissions of today. Anyway, I believe that people will not mind these words I am speaking, because what I am speaking is the history of thousands of years. When “history” is mentioned, it is real things, and is all “scandals” obvious to all. Why should I speak contrary to the facts? But I also believe that all those who have sense will be aroused and strive hard for progress after reading these words. God wishes that all people can live and work in peace and contentment but will love God. It is God’s will that all mankind enter into rest, and even more it is God’s great wish that the whole earth will be full of God’s glory. But it is a pity that all people are obsessed and unawakened and no longer have human likeness after they have been corrupted by satan until today. So, people’s thinking, morality, and education are an important aspect, and training in cultural knowledge is a secondary aspect, so that their cultural qualities will be improved and their mental outlook will be changed.

In fact, Gods requirements for people are not very high. However, because their qualities fall far short of the standard required by God, most of them just raise their heads to look up to Gods requirements, yet are unable to meet them. Peoples inborn condition and their equipment after birth both fall far short of Gods requirements. But it is not a sure way that they only know these; distant water cannot quench present thirst. Even if people have known themselves to the extent that they are less than dust, if they do not have the resolution to satisfy Gods heart, much less have the advanced way to meet Gods requirements, then what value does such knowledge have? Isnt it drawing water with a bamboo basketto no avail? The crucial thing I talk about is entering in, which is the main topic.

In peoples entering in, their life is always insipid, in which they only have a few items of monotonous spiritual living, such as praying, eating and drinking Gods word, meeting, and so on. So they always feel that they do not derive much enjoyment from believing in God. When doing these spiritual activities, they do them on the basis of their original corrupt satanic disposition. Although they sometimes can receive the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, their original thoughts, disposition, lifestyle, and habits are still rooted in them, so their inborn nature still remains unchanged. God hates the most the superstitious activities people do. Now many people still cannot give them up, thinking that they are ordained by God. Even today they still have not cast them off completely. Things such as wedding or dowry arranged for young people, statements and sayings about monetary gifts, banquets, and the like of happy events, old sayings handed down, and all meaningless superstitious activities performed for the dead and for funerals, are even more loathed by God. Even Sunday (the Sabbath day kept by the Jews) is also loathed by God. The customary dealings and worldly intercourses among people are even more detested and rejected by God. The well-known “Spring Festival” and “Christmas” are not ordained by God either. Moreover, aren’t the ornaments and the playthings of “festivals” (the couplet, the rice cake, the firecracker, the lantern, the Christmas gift, the Christmas gathering, the Holy Communion) idols in people’s heart? The bread-breaking and the wine of the “Sabbath” and the “fine linen” are much more idols. The various kinds of traditional festivals prevailing in China like “the second day of the second lunar month,” the “Dragon Boat Festival,” “the fifteenth day of the eighth lunar month,” “the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month,” and the “New Year,” and “Easter Day,” “Baptism Day,” and “Jesus’ Birthday” in the religious world, these totally unreasonable festivals are all made up and handed down by many people throughout the ages and are alien to the mankind created by God. It is due to people’s fertile imagination and “ingenious conception” that they have been handed down to the present. They seem to have no flaws, but actually, they all are the tricks satan fools people with. The more a place is inhabited by swarms of satans and the more a place is outdated and backward, the more the feudal customs are prevailing. Just these things have bound people so tightly that they have no room to move at all. It seems that many festivals of the religious world show great originality and ingenuity and that they can be connected with God’s work. Little do people know that they are all invisible ropes with which satan binds them in knowing God and are satan’s schemes. Actually, after a stage of God’s work ends, God has destroyed his tools and “style” of that age, without leaving any trace. However, those “devout believers” keep worshiping those tangible material things, but put behind what God has and do not study it. They seem to be full of love for God, yet they do not know that they have long driven God out of the door and have enshrined “satan” on the table instead. “Jesus’ portrait,” the “cross,” “Mary” as well as “Jesus’ baptism” and “Jesus’ supper,” people worship these as the “Lord” while repeatedly calling “God the Father.” Isn’t all this a joke? Today, many similar sayings and practices handed down among people are loathsome to God. They hinder God’s way ahead seriously and even more cause a great loss to people’s entering in. Not to mention to what degree satan has corrupted people, even the “law of Witness,” the “experiences of Lawrence,” the “survey of Watchman Nee” and the “work of Paul” within people have fully occupied the inside of them. God simply has no way to step in to work on them, because these things within them such as the “individualism,” the “laws,” the “principles,” the “rules,” and the “regulations” are too many. These things plus their feudal superstitious color have captured and devoured them. People’s thoughts seem to be an appealing color mythological film, coming in the cloud and going in the mist, so imaginative that they are thrilling and dumbfounding. Truthfully speaking, today God comes to work mainly to deal with and dispel people’s superstitious color and renew their mental outlook. God’s work does not advance to this day by men inheriting the inheritance from several generations of ancestors, but is started by God personally and ended by God personally, and it does not need to inherit the inheritance from a certain spiritual great man or carry on a thing of representative significance done by God in a certain age. There is no need for men to worry about all these. So, today God speaks and works in another style. What is the need to “bother” men? If in the stream of today people walk the way of today by inheriting the inheritance from the “ancestry,” they cannot walk to the end. God detests such a practice of people very much, just as he hates the years, months, and days in the world.

To change peoples disposition, it is better to first correct these things in their innermost being by which they have been deeply poisoned and cause them to start with changing their thinking and morality. First, everyone should see clearly that those religious rituals, religious activities, dates, and festivals are all hated by God, and all should break free from the bondage of these feudal thoughts and completely get rid of all their strong superstitious color. All these are included in people’s entering in. You all should understand why God leads people out of the worldly things and out of the regulations. This is the gate of your entering in. Although these things have nothing to do with your spiritual experience, they hinder your entering in the most and hinder you from knowing God the most. These things have become a “net,” in which all people are trapped. Many people read the Bible so much that they can memorize many verses from the Bible. In their entering in today, they unconsciously measure God’s work by the Bible, as if the basis of this stage of God’s work were the Bible and its origin were the Bible. When God’s work agrees with the Bible, they strongly uphold God’s work and look at God with new eyes. When God’s work does not agree with the Bible, they sweat with anxiety and look for the basis of God’s work. If what God does is not mentioned in the Bible at all, they pay no more attention to God. It can be said that most people accept God’s work of today scrupulously, obey it selectively, and know it mindlessly, and they always keep half of the past things and give up the other half. Is this entering in? They always hold the books of others as treasures and take them as the “golden key” to open the gate of the kingdom, but they simply take no notice of God’s requirements of today. Still many “smart experts” take God’s word in their left hand and hold others’ “masterpieces” in their right hand, as if they want to find the basis of God’s word of today in those “masterpieces” so as to fully prove that God’s word is right. And they even interpret it to others by referring to those “masterpieces,” as if they are “working.” Truthfully speaking, among people many “researchers” simply do not have any regard for today’s newest research results, the unprecedented research results (which refer to God’s work and word and the ways to enter into life). So, they all “rely on themselves” and “preach” with their glib tongues everywhere, boasting about “God’s good name,” but their own entering in is tottering, which seems to be as far from God’s requirement as the time of creation is to today. Is God’s work easy? It seems as if people have made a resolution, leaving half of themselves to yesterday and bringing the other half to today, handing half to satan and giving the other half to God. It seems as if they can only feel easy and justified and feel somewhat comforted by doing so. People’s inner world is too insidious, fearing that they might lose tomorrow and at the same time fearing that they might lose yesterday, and deeply fearing that they might offend satan and at the same time fearing that they might offend the God of today who seems to be and yet seems not to be. Because people’s ideological and moral cultivation is too poor, their discernment is very poor and they simply do not know whether or not the work of today is done by God. Perhaps because people’s feudal superstitious thoughts are too serious, they have long put superstition and truth, God and idol in the same category. None of them have a heart to discern these things. It seems as if they still cannot discern them even if they rack their brains. So, they all stop their steps and no longer walk the way ahead. All these are the consequences of their being devoid of correct ideological education, and they bring a great difficulty to their entering in. As such, they always feel no interest in what the true God does, but always “hold fast to” what men (such as the great men in their hearts) do, as if it has branded them. Aren’t all these the newest lessons people should enter into?

from “Work and Entering In (3)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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Find the Shepherd
Find the Second Coming of Jesus Christ - Let’s discover the mystery of the Lord’s second coming, watch and prepare for it, then welcome the returned Lord Jesus Christ.

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