If Almighty God’s end-time work is the true way, why do those elders, pastors, and priests not accept?

The answer from God’s word:

法利赛人 Pharisee_

Do you want to know the root of the Pharisees’ resisting Jesus? Do you want to know the substance of the Pharisees? They were full of fancies about Messiah, and they only believed that Messiah would come but did not pursue the truth of life. So they are still waiting for Messiah today, because they do not know the way of life nor know what is the way of truth. Do you think that they, so foolish and stubborn and so ignorant, will receive God’s blessings? Can they see Messiah? They resisted Jesus, because they did not know the direction of the Holy Spirit’s working, because they did not know the way of truth from Jesus’ mouth, and even more because they did not know about Messiah. As they had never seen or stayed with Messiah, they all made the mistake of holding on to the name of Messiah emptily but resisting the substance of Messiah unscrupulously. And the substance of these Pharisees is stubborn, arrogant, and disobedient to the truth. The principle of their believing in God is: Regardless of how high your preaching is and how high your authority is, as long as you are not called Messiah, you are not the Christ. Isn’t such a viewpoint of theirs very preposterous? Isn’t it too ridiculous? Let me ask you again: Since you do not have any knowledge about Jesus, then won’t you very easily repeat the mistake of the Pharisees at that time? Can you discern what is the way of truth? Are you really sure that you will not resist the Christ? Do you know how to follow the Holy Spirit’s work? If you do not know whether you will resist the Christ or not, then I say that you are already living on the brink of death. All those who did not know Messiah could do things of resisting Jesus, rejecting Jesus, and slandering Jesus; all those who do not know Jesus can do things of rejecting Jesus and reviling Jesus, and even more, can consider Jesus’ coming again to be satan’s deception; and more people will condemn the Jesus returning in the flesh. Do you not feel afraid? What you face will be blaspheming the Holy Spirit, tearing up what the Holy Spirit says to the churches, and spurning the words expressed by Jesus’ mouth. Being so dizzy, what can you receive from Jesus? Being too obstinate to be awakened, how can you understand the work of the Jesus returning in the flesh on the white cloud? I tell you, those who do not accept the truth but are just waiting for Jesus to descend on ‘white clouds’ are surely the ones who blaspheme the Holy Spirit. These people are surely the brood to perish. You only want to receive the grace from Jesus and only want to enjoy the blissful realm of heaven, but you never listen to the words of Jesus’ mouth and never accept the truths Jesus expresses when returning in the flesh. What are you going to give in exchange for the fact of Jesus returning on the white cloud? Will it be your sincerity in confessing your sins with your mouth after committing them repeatedly? What are you going to present as an offering to the Jesus returning on the white cloud? Will it be the capital of your years of work with which you exalt yourselves? What are you going to present to make the returned Jesus trust you? Will it be your arrogant nature that does not obey any truth?”

from “When You See Jesus’ Spiritual Body, It Will Already Be the Time God Renews Heaven and Earth”
in The Word Appears in the Flesh

Because the facts do not allow people to imagine them as they like, much less allow them to overturn them as they want, while people’s notions and imaginations do not allow the facts to exist, and they do not think about the correctness and truthfulness of the facts but just vent their notions and give free rein to their imagination, thus, their notions and imaginations become an enemy to all the works of today which do not fit their notions. This can only mean that people’s notions are wrong, but not that God’s works are wrong.”

from “Knowing the Three Stages of Works Is the Way to Know God”
in The Word Appears in the Flesh

Only those who know and understand the three stages of works will accurately and fully know God. At least, they will not conclude God to be the God of the Israelites or the God of the Jews and will not regard God as a God who is forever crucified for mankind. If people know God only through one stage of work, their knowledge will be too, too little, just like a drop in the ocean. Otherwise, why do many old religionists crucify God alive? Isn’t it because they circumscribe God within a certain scope? Many people resist God and hinder the Holy Spirit’s work, and isn’t it because they do not know God’s manifold works and even measure the Holy Spirit’s work according to their little knowledge and doctrine? Although these people have superficial experiences, they are arrogant and willful by nature, slighting the work of the Holy Spirit and ignoring the discipline of the Holy Spirit. And they use their insignificant old doctrines to ‘verify’ the work of the Holy Spirit and pretend to be somebody, thinking that they are knowledgeable and can go anywhere in the world. Little do they know that they are all the ones detested and rejected by the Holy Spirit and eliminated by the new age. Aren’t all those who come before God to openly resist God base people with shallow knowledge who show off their talents? With only a little Bible knowledge, they want to dominate the whole ‘academic world.’ With only a little superficial teaching doctrine, they want to turn the Holy Spirit’s work around and attempt to make it go on according to the track of their mind. With a short sight, they want to have a look at the splendors of God’s six-thousand-year work. Do such people have any sense? Actually, the more knowledge a person has of God, the less he will judge God’s work lightly. And he will only speak a little knowledge about God’s present work, but he will not draw conclusions casually. The less knowledge a person has of God and the more haughty and unaware of his own limitation he is, the more he will wildly preach about what God is. And all that he preaches is doctrine and without any evidence. Such a person is a most worthless person. Those who take the work of the Holy Spirit as a trifling matter are all frivolous people! When they encounter the new work of the Holy Spirit, they do not treat it seriously but talk about it loosely and judge it at will, deny the rightness of the work of the Holy Spirit willfully, and even revile or blaspheme it. Aren’t all such disdainful people arrogant ones who do not know the work of the Holy Spirit and who are haughty and willful by nature? Even if such people accept the new work of the Holy Spirit one day, they will not be forgiven by God. They not only look down their noses at those who work for God, but they even blaspheme God Godself. Such reckless people will not be forgiven in this age or in the age to come. They will forever be ones to perish in hell! And these disdainful and willful people are all ones who raise the signboard of believing in God. The more a person is like this, the more easily he will offend God’s administrative decrees. Aren’t all those arrogant people who are wild by nature and who never submit to anyone walking such a way? Aren’t they resisting the ever-new and never-old God like this day after day?in the ever-new and never-old works, God continuously expresses the disposition that he has never expressed to people and always makes known to people his new works and his new being. Although the old religionists resist fiercely and oppose openly, he is still doing the newer works he ought to do. His work is always changing, so it is always opposed by people. And his disposition is always changing, and the age he works in and the object of his work are always changing. Moreover, he is always doing some works he has never done before and even doing some works that are contradictory or contrary to his former works in people’s eyes. People all only accept one kind of work or one kind of practice and can hardly accept a work or practice which is opposed to or higher than that. But the Holy Spirit is always doing new works. As a result, group after group of religious specialists who resist the new works are produced. The reason why these people become ‘specialists’ is that they do not have knowledge of God’s being ‘ever new and never old’ or have knowledge of the principles of God’s working, much less have knowledge of the many ways of God’s saving man. Thus, people simply do not have any discernment of whether a work is from the Holy Spirit or whether a work is done by God Godself. Many people hold such an attitude: If it matches the previous saying, I will accept it; if it is different from the previous work, I will oppose and reject it. Even today, don’t you all follow such a principle? … You should know that you resist God’s work or measure the work of today according to your notions, all because you do not know the principles of God’s working and because you treat the work of the Holy Spirit too carelessly. You resist God and hinder the work of the Holy Spirit because of your notions and your natural arrogance; it is not because God has done a wrong work, but because you are too disobedient by nature. Some people, after believing in God, have not even been certain where man comes from, but they dare to talk publicly, judging the right and wrong of the work of the Holy Spirit, and they even lecture the apostles who have the new work of the Holy Spirit, making indiscreet remarks or criticisms and speaking insolently. They are really too low in their humanity and simply cannot be seen to have any sense. Aren’t all such people the ones to be rejected by the work of the Holy Spirit and burned by the fire of hell one day? They do not know God’s work but they judge it, and they even want to direct God how to work. Could such people who have no sense know God?”

from “Knowing the Three Stages of Works Is the Way to Know God” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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