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By Yifan

Thinking Happiness Could Come True as She Wished

The beginning of Lianxin’s married life was comparatively more peaceful. Although not until late did she and her husband go off work every day, her husband always took on all housework such as cooking, washing clothes and so on after getting home. Looking at the figure of her husband who was busy with housework, she felt pretty happy. Because her work was more tiring than that of him and the economic income was also more than that of him, thus before they married, he promised that he would do all housework and said he didn’t want the health of his good wife getting worse. Hearing such words, she felt it was right that she chose to entrust her whole life to this man.

It made her full of hope for the future life having a stable job and income and also a husband who was fond of her. She encouraged herself in her heart to redouble her efforts to make money. And she planned to buy a good house in five years.

Several years had passed in a flash. Just when she thought she was not far from the happy plan, however, an unexpected thing broke her beautiful dream …

Only When Awake Did She Feel the Freezing Cold of the Reality

Lianxin, who was always healthy, suddenly didn’t feel good in the fifth year after she got married: Her legs were weak and hurt. In the beginning, she thought it was because of the exhausting work and that she would feel well after a while. But later her condition worsened so that she had to ask for leave frequently in order to reduce the tiredness brought by working too long.

One day, she really couldn’t stand the pain, so she wanted her husband to take her to hospital to have a health check. But beyond all expectations her husband said with a stern face: “There is no need to go. The reason why you feel bad is because you are old.” After hearing these words, she cried out within: “Oh, my gosh! I am just more than thirty. But in your eyes am I already old?!” Suddenly, she felt that her husband before her eyes became very strange.

As a consequence of not getting the care of her husband, she was quite depressed. But she had no place to say, and she could only bottle her worries up. She fancied maybe when her illness got better, her husband would change the attitude to her. Yet, how could she know that it was just the beginning of her pain.

Two years later, her illness was more and more serious, and even taking every step was very difficult for her. Although she was in such a plight, she still didn’t stop working because she didn’t want to be the burden of the family. But her husband didn’t express much care to her, nor did he have the slightest desire to let her stop the work and recuperate at home. He would rather ride a motorbike to take her to go to work and pick her up home every day.

She felt that their marriage which was originally sweet was gradually approaching the worst. There is a saying “Husband and wife are like birds sharing the same grove, who each fly away at the time of death.” In the past she was disapproved of it while at that time she had experienced to some extent. She and her husband hadn’t faced the point of life and death, yet her husband had revealed the heartlessness. She really didn’t dare to think about what her future life would be. As she was in declining health, she was somewhat scared and worried, feeling the future was dark and bleak.

The Affection in the Past Disappeared Completely

One day in May of 2013, Lianxin suddenly fainted when she was working and she was sent to hospital to have a check. She was diagnosed as having encephalatrophy, cerebral arteriosclerosis, and uterine fibroid. The doctor told her the serious encephalatrophy would lead to paralysis; cerebral arteriosclerosis would cause cerebral haemorrhage. Such a result, like a thunderbolt, made her unable to accept it. How could her condition have deteriorated to such an extent? Holding the laboratory test reports, sorrowful and hopeless, she really wanted to get the comfort of her family at that time.

Why is Marriage so Fragile

She called her husband and told him the result. Unexpectedly, before she could finish her words, he shouted on the phone: “You will use up our money if you treat the disease like this. How could we survive later?” And then he hung up the phone with a loud snap. At that moment, she immediately felt entirely dark before her eyes as if she suffered a head-on blow. She didn’t know why her husband had become so hard-hearted. The marital affection of seven years was actually so untenable!

It’s said that the happy marriage is that the husband and wife can live together till old age inseparability. She had never thought that when she suffered diseases, which would bring a heavy economic burden to the family, the previous affection was as transient as fleeting clouds. If the marriage was just a deal which aimed to fulfill each other’s interest, at that time she, held up by illness and badly needing a treatment, already had no bargaining chips to trade. At the corner of the corridor in hospital, she gradually squatted down and huddled to herself, shedding the desperate tears.

She thought: What will the future life be? What extent will my condition deteriorate to? Will I face the death? … Facing such plights, she felt very helpless. What she could do was just to resign to the fate and take one day at a time.

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