Break Through the Rumor and Welcome the Lord

Zhenxin, Taiwan

I am a Christian, who has believed in the Lord for 24 years. Having attended meetings in the Lutheran church for years, I had long since acquired a spiritual nurturing habit of reading the Bible and praying. I had great faith and I believed that as long as I went to the church to have meetings on time, followed the teachings of the Bible faithfully, worked hard for the Lord and seriously spread the redemptive gospel of the cross of the Lord, I would be taken into the kingdom of heaven when the Lord came again. I also believed that it was devoted to God to listen to the pastors’ sermons and that the pastors’ expounding on the Bible was the Lord’s guidance. I even thought that they were God’s servants and obeying them was completely reasonable, hence I never suspected what they said. When they spoke of the negative information about the Church of Almighty God, I instantly accepted and believed all their words. Accordingly, I began to guard against the Church of Almighty God. Without making an investigation, I, ignorant admonished the sisters around me and people in other churches not to contact the people of the Church of Almighty God.

One time, when having a meeting in an older sister’s home, I heard a brother say, “As we all know, now is the last days. The Bible predicts that the Lord will come again. But how will the Lord actually return? In what way does He return? What kind of work does He come to do? Have you ever thought about these questions?” All of us were attracted by the topic he talked about and were wrapped in thought. I pondered, “Yes. The Bible prophesies that the Lord will come quickly. But how will the Lord come? What work will He carry out? I indeed have never thought about these questions carefully.” The brother went on to say, “Let’s read the prophecies in Revelation, ‘Behold, he comes with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him’ (Rev 1:7). ‘Behold, I come as a thief. Blessed is he that watches, and keeps his garments, lest he walk naked, and they see his shame’ (Rev 16:15). From these verses, we can see that there isn’t one way in which the Lord will return, but two ways, that is, the Lord’s return will be secret at first, and will only become public later. We know that God will do the work of judgment in the last days. He will first separate wheat from tares, sheep from goats, good servants from evil servants, and then punish the evil and reward the good, bringing those who truly follow God into the kingdom of heaven. Before the fact is revealed, God will work in secret first. If He reveals Himself openly first, all the people will bow down to the ground to worship Him. In that case, those with true beliefs and false beliefs in God will not be distinguished; then God will have no way to do the work of punishing the evil and rewarding the good either. So the time when God works secretly is that of His salvation of man, namely, the period of God’s doing the work of judging and purifying man. Just as the Bible says, ‘For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God’ (1 Peter 4:17). ‘So Christ was once offered to bear the sins of many; and to them that look for him shall he appear the second time without sin to salvation’ (Hebrews 9:28). That God does the work of judgment is to thoroughly remove our sinful nature.”

The brother continued, “From the time we believed in the Lord up to now, we have been enjoying God’s grace and blessings. And God has been continuously forgiving our sins. We are forgiven of sins due to believing in the Lord, nevertheless gaining the grace doesn’t mean that there are no more sins within us. Satan’s poisons and laws are still deeply rooted within us. Bound and dominated by this satanic nature, we can still commit sins in spite of ourselves. We can still be deceived and used by Satan to rebel against and oppose God. For all that the sin offering of the Lord Jesus is forever effective, yet if we always sin, and confess our sins, confess and then sin again, are we worthy to enter the kingdom of heaven? Can it prove that God has gained us? Consequently, God will do a new work to make us fully cast off the bonds of sin and to truly belong to Him. There’s a prophecy in Revelation. ‘Behold, he comes with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him.’ After reading these words, I couldn’t help thinking: Why will every one weep and gnash their teeth when they see God come with clouds? Won’t this be the sorrow resulting from our not accepting the work of judgment done by God secretly descending but waiting for the Lord openly coming with clouds to take us to heaven? At that time, we will have missed God’s work and what we will meet is the work that God sets our outcome and begins to do the work of punishing the evil and rewarding the good. Let me read a passage of words, then we’ll understand more. ‘Every man conceives God’s work of judgment to be legendary. Do you know, however, that long after God has begun the work of judgment among men, you are still nestled in sleep? Do you know, at the time that you believe God’s work of judgment has officially begun, it shall already be the time when God changes heaven and earth? At that time, perhaps you will have only just understood the meaning of life, but the merciless work of punishment of God shall bring you, still slumbering, into hell. Only then will you suddenly realize that God’s work of judgment has already concluded’” (“Christ Does the Work of Judgment With the Truth”).

After the brother finished talking, I thought: In the past, I only waited for the Lord to come with clouds openly. Yet, I had never thought the Lord would come again secretly. I merely knew the verse on the judgment beginning at the house of God, but didn’t know the detailed work of God in His judging and purifying man when he comes again. I felt that the brother explained the Bible very clearly, so I asked him which church he came from. He answered, “The Church of Almighty God.” At his words, I recalled the rumors I heard in the church. I had a conflict in my heart, worrying that I would go astray. However, I saw the brother was cautious and solemn when he communicated with us, and that he clearly interpreted the verses of the Bible and the prophecies in Revelation. Ruminating on what the brother talked about, I understood that I should seek God’s will more on everything. God’s work isn’t accomplished according to our imaginations. We are only the creatures of God and we are not qualified to assess the rightness of God’s work. I considered also that the content the brother discussed was in accordance with the truth. And it really made me know God’s will. But I didn’t know how to treat the rumors I heard. After returning home, contradictions still occupied my mind; I hovered between if the way that brother preached is true way or the rumors. I felt confused and urgently wanted to find the answer.

Afterward, I asked two pastors two questions: one was that if God will come again secretly; another was about the sinful nature that led to our sinning and confessing. Regarding the first question, the pastor answered me, “The saying didn’t stray away from the teachings of the Bible.” But he didn’t give me a satisfactory answer to the second question. Thinking back, although I, who have believed in the Lord Jesus for 24 years, enjoyed a lot of grace, was forgiven of sins, and prayed to reflect on my own behavior every day, yet I had no way to solve the problem of unwittingly committing sins. Moreover, as a Christian, I have never faced up to this key problem; I was not aware that I am a sinner whose sinful nature is difficult to change. I only thought when the Lord Jesus comes again, He will receive us, the Christians faithfully following Him. However, concerning the question of the sinful nature which even the pastors could not answer, the brother not only fellowshiped this aspect of truth plainly and clearly, but there were some ways of practice in his preaching. Hence, I began to worry if I was really the Pharisee the Lord Jesus spoke of, and if I had resisted the Lord’s second coming. At this time, compared to the fear of the rumors, the idea of seeking and investigating the true way was too much for me. Thereupon, I decided to contact the brothers and sisters in the Church of Almighty God to seek and investigate. When I sought, a sister of the Church gave me a copy of The Scroll Opened by the Lamb and helped me download the app of the Church of Almighty God. For fear that I might miss the chance of salvation of the Lord’s return, I eagerly looked for the answer. As soon as I had time during my work, I would read God’s word. Also, I prayed to the Lord Jesus silently in my heart, “Lord, if Almighty God is Your return, may You lead me to know You step by step. If not, may You lead me to walk away from it.”

Dear brothers and sisters, if you have any understanding or enlightenment from God, welcome to share with us via:1. The online chat window at the bottom of the website. 2. Send an email to [email protected].We sincerely hope we’ll grow spiritually through sharing with each other.

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