Watching the Sunrise

In one early morning, I sat on the beach waiting for the sunrise. A soft sea breeze blew across my face, giving me a comfortable and refreshing feelingsunrise. Gentle waves rolled in with the breeze, as if they were also waiting for the coming of a new day and the sunshine. In the distance, the red sun was rising slowly above the sea, not dazzling, but lighting up the horizon red. The sea was setting off gentle waves, which seemed that it was welcoming the rise of the sun and waiting for its caress. Soon, the ruddiness on the sea surface was fading, the sun was rising higher and higher, and the sea gradually recovered its original blue color. Seagulls beat their white wings, flying over the water…. At that time, a father and son not far away from me came into my view. They talked while walking. The little boy, stamping on the sand, asked his father, “Dad, why does seawater not come upon the shore?” His father replied, “Silly child, how could it come upon shore freely? If it does, it will be a threat to our living space….” The little boy, with his head tilted to one side, seemed to be thinking about something. His father then fondled his little head gently and took his hand, and they walked on forward.

That scene reminded me of the words of Almighty God, “All things have a law and limit to their existence, and they each have their own instincts. These are ordained by the Creator, and are unalterable and unsurpassable by any man.” “There are so many oceans upon the earth, yet they have never transgressed their limits and come upon land at will, and that is because God set boundaries for each of them; they stayed wherever He commanded them, and without God’s permission they cannot move around freely. Without God’s permission, they may not infringe upon each other, and can only move when God says so, and where they go and stay is determined by the authority of God.” “They conversed with the Creator in their own special way, and came to appreciate the meaning of the Creator, and obeyed His commands. None ever transgressed the authority of the Creator, and His sovereignty and command over them was exerted within His thoughts; no words were issued forth, but the authority that was unique to the Creator controlled all the things in silence that possessed no language function, and which differed from mankind. The exertion of His authority in this special way compelled man to gain a new knowledge, and make a new interpretation, of the Creator’s unique authority.” (from Continuation of The Word Appears in the Flesh) All things created by God exist in good order beneath His sovereignty. They all obey the limits which God commanded for them and play their own roles under the exertion of God’s authority, and without God’s permission they cannot move around freely. God’s sovereignty shows His love for man—the laws and limits God set down are for man to live better. I pondered over the words of God, and appreciated the scene before me: The waves move forth and back on the beach but never roll upon land; seagulls fly over the sea surface looking for jumping fishes in the sea and send out gales of sounds; the sun is rising from sea level slowly…. Seeing that harmonious and warm picture, I couldn’t help but sigh with emotion: The Creator’s authority is supreme and unsurpassable! Thank Almighty God for leading me to know the mystery of all these.

To know more about the Creator’s wonderful deeds, please listen to the hymn of God’s word from the Church of Almighty God: “All Things Live in the Rules and Laws Set Down by God

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