Three Admonitions

As a believer of God, you should be loyal to none other than Him in all things and align with His heart in all things. However, though all understand this doctrine, these most apparent and basic of truths to man cannot fully be seen to be embodied in them, due to their difficulties, such as their ignorance, absurdity, or corruption. Therefore, before your end is determined, I ought to first tell you some things, which are of utmost importance to you. Before I continue, you should first understand this: The words I speak are truths directed to all mankind, not only for a specific person or type of person. Therefore, focus solely on receiving My words from the standpoint of truth, and retain an attitude of concentration and sincerity. Do not ignore a single word or truth that I speak, and do not regard My words with disdain. In your lives I see much that you do that is irrelevant to truth, therefore I am expressly asking you to become servants of truth and not be enslaved by wickedness and ugliness. Do not tread on the truth and defile any corner of the house of God. This is My admonition to you. Now I will begin to speak about the topic at hand:

First, for the sake of your fate, you ought to seek to be approved by God. That is to say, since you acknowledge that you are numbered among the house of God, then you ought to bring peace of mind and satisfaction to God in all things. In other words, you must be principled in your actions and conform to the truth in such. If this is beyond your ability, then you shall be detested and rejected by God and spurned by all. Once you are in such a plight, then you cannot be numbered among the house of God. This is what it is to not be approved by God.

Second, you ought to know that God likes an honest man. God has the substance of faithfulness, and so His word can always be trusted. Furthermore, His action is faultless and unquestionable. This is why God likes those who are absolutely honest with Him. Honesty means to give your heart to God; to never play Him false in anything; to be open with Him in all things, never cover the truth; to never do that which deceives those above and deludes those below; and to never do that which is done merely to ingratiate yourself with God. In short, to be honest is to refrain from impurity in your actions and words, and to deceive neither God nor man. What I speak is very simple but is doubly arduous to you. Many would rather be condemned to hell than to speak and act honestly. Little wonder that I have other treatment in place for those who are dishonest. Of course, I understand the great difficulty you face in being an honest man. You are all very clever and adept at judging others from your own perspective, so this renders My work much simpler. And since you each harbor secrets in your heart, well then, I shall send each of you into disaster to undergo a “trial” by fire, so that thereafter you shall be utterly committed to belief in My words. Finally, I shall wrest from your mouth the words “God is a God of faithfulness,” then shall you beat upon your breast and lament that “devious is the heart of man.” What then will be your state of mind? I imagine you will not be so carried away with self-importance as you are now. And much less will you be “too profound to be understood” as you are now. Some behave decently and particularly “well-mannered” in the presence of God, yet become defiant and unrestrained in the presence of the Spirit. Would you number such a man among the ranks of the honest? If you are a hypocrite and one who is adept at “socializing,” then I say that you are definitely one who trifles with God. If your words are riddled with excuses and valueless justifications, then I say that you are one who is very unwilling to practice the truth. If you have many unspeakable confidences and are very unwilling to lay bare your secrets—your difficulties—to others so as to seek the way of the light, then I say that you are one for whom salvation will not be easily received and who will not easily emerge from the darkness. If seeking the way of truth pleases you well, then you are one who lives often in the light. If you are glad to be a service-doer in the house of God, working diligently and conscientiously in obscurity, always giving and never taking, then I say that you are a loyal saint, for you seek no reward and are simply being an honest man. If you are willing to be candid, if you are willing to give your all, if you are able to sacrifice your life for God and stand witness, if you are honest and think only to please God, and never consider yourself or take for yourself, then I say that such people are those who are nourished by the light and shall live forever in the kingdom. You should know whether there is true faith and true loyalty within you, whether in your record you have suffered for God, and whether you wholly submit to God. If you lack these, then within you remains disobedience, deceit, greed, and discontent. As your heart is not honest, you have never received the appreciation of God and never lived in the light. What one’s fate will become hinges upon whether he has an honest and blood-red heart, and whether he has a pure soul. If you are one who is most dishonest, with a heart of malice, and an unclean soul, then the record of your fate is certainly in the place where man is punished. If you claim to be very honest, yet never act in accordance with the truth or speak a word of truth, then do you still expect God to reward you? Do you still hope for God to regard you as the apple of His eye? Is this thinking not preposterous? You deceive God in all things, so how can the house of God accommodate one such as you who does not have clean hands?

The third thing is this: All believers in God have resisted and deceived God at some points along their path. Some misdeeds need not be recorded as an offense, but some are unforgivable; for many are that which transgresses the administrative decrees, which is an offense against the disposition of God. Many who are concerned about their own fates may ask what such deeds are. You must know that you are arrogant and haughty by nature, and unwilling to submit to the fact. Therefore, I shall tell you little by little after you have reflected upon yourselves. I exhort you to better understand the content of the administrative decrees and know the disposition of God. Otherwise, you will find it difficult to keep your lips sealed and your tongues from wagging too freely with high-sounding talk. Unknowingly you may offend the disposition of God and fall into the darkness, losing the presence of the Holy Spirit and the light. For you are unprincipled in your actions. If you do or say that which you should not, then you shall receive a fitting retribution. You must know that though you are unprincipled in your words and actions, God is very principled in both. The reason you receive retribution is because you have offended God, not a man. If, in your life, you commit many offenses against the disposition of God, then you are bound to be a child of hell. To man it may appear that you have only committed a few deeds not in accordance with the truth and nothing more. Are you aware, however, that in the eyes of God, you are already one for whom there is no more sin offering? For you have transgressed the administrative decrees of God more than once and show no sign of repentance, therefore you have no choice but fall into hell where man is punished by God. During their time following God, a small number of people committed deeds that go against the principles, but after being dealt with and guided, they gradually discovered their own corruption, then set on the right track of reality, and they remain well-grounded today. Such men are those who shall remain in the end. It is the honest whom I seek; if you are honest and act with principle, then you can be a confidant of God. If in your actions you do not offend the disposition of God, and you seek the will of God and have a heart of reverence for God, then your faith is up to the standard. Those who do not revere God and do not have a heart that trembles in fear may easily transgress the administrative decrees of God. Many serve God on the basis of passion, and know not the administrative decrees of God, much less understand the implications of His word. So despite their good intentions, they often do that which disrupts the management of God. Those who commit serious disruptions are cast out and no longer have the chance to follow Him; they are cast into hell without any further association with the house of God. These people work in the house of God with ignorant good intentions and end up provoking God’s disposition. People bring their ways of serving officials and lords to the house of God, vainly thinking that such ways can be wielded here. Never did they think that God has not the disposition of a lamb but that of a lion. Therefore, those associating with God for the first time are unable to communicate with Him, for the heart of God is unlike that of man. Only after you understand many truths can you continuously know God. This knowledge is not letters or doctrines, but can be used as a treasure of your confidence with God and as proof that He delights in you. If you lack real knowledge and are not equipped with the truth, then your service with passion will only bring upon you the loathing and abhorrence of God. Now you should understand that belief in God is no mere study in theology.

Though My admonition is brief in length, all I have described is what is most lacking in you. You must know that what I speak of now is for the sake of My final work among man, to determine the ending for man. I do not wish to do much more work that serves no purpose, and neither do I wish to continue leading those men that are as hopeless as driftwood, much less those with sinister intentions. Perhaps one day you will understand the earnest intentions behind My words and the contributions I have made for mankind. Perhaps one day you will grasp a principle that enables you to decide your own ending.

from The Word Appears in the Flesh

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Find the Second Coming of Jesus Christ - Let’s discover the mystery of the Lord’s second coming, watch and prepare for it, then welcome the returned Lord Jesus Christ.

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Find the Shepherd
Find the Second Coming of Jesus Christ - Let’s discover the mystery of the Lord’s second coming, watch and prepare for it, then welcome the returned Lord Jesus Christ.

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