The Will of the Lord Jesus Behind His Crucifixion


One day, I watched a short film titled “Mission—The Lord Jesus’ Love.” When I saw the Lord Jesus suffering the beating-up from soldiers, carrying the cross on His back and walking step by step difficultly to the place of crucifixion in order to save the whole mankind, my tears flowed freely. Because every whip left a bleeding mark on the Lord Jesus, and the road to Golgotha was paved with the Lord’s precious blood. From this, I saw God’s love for man is really so deep and great! Who else except the Creator has such deep love for man? While being moved by the love of the Lord, I had a question in my heart: In spite of such great humiliation and physical pain and torments, the Lord Jesus still walked on the way to His crucifixion. What was His will behind the crucifixion besides saving the whole mankind?

Lord Jesus crucified

Later, I accepted the last days work of Almighty God—the returned Lord Jesus. From Almighty God’s words, I understand more about the will of the Lord Jesus behind His crucifixion. I read Almighty God’s words, “When the Lord Jesus lived with men, He saw farmers sowing. He knew what tares were and what leaven was. He also knew that mankind liked treasures, so He used the parable of the treasure and the parable of the pearl. In His life, He often saw fishermen casting nets. The Lord Jesus saw all such activities related to mankind’s life, and at the same time He was also experiencing such a life. Like every normal person, He had three meals a day and worked and rested daily. He was personally experiencing a common person’s life and also seeing other people’s life. When He personally saw and experienced all these, what He thought about was not how to live a good life or how He Himself lived an easier and more comfortable life. Rather, when He experienced the real life of mankind, He saw the bitterness of mankind’s living and saw the miserableness, poorness, and pitifulness of the mankind corrupted by Satan living under Satan’s domain and living in sin. When He personally experienced the life of mankind, He also felt how helpless the mankind was who lived in corruption and also felt and saw the miserable condition of the mankind who lived in sin being tortured by Satan and by sin to the extent of not knowing where to go. When the Lord Jesus saw these, did His divinity or His humanity see them? The Lord Jesus’ humanity existed and was living. He could feel and also see all these. Of course, His substance, His divinity, also saw them, that is, Christ Himself—the person of the Lord Jesus—saw them. All these He saw made Him feel the importance and necessity of the work He undertook when incarnated this time. Although He Himself knew how heavy the responsibility He would bear was when incarnated this time and how cruel the suffering He would face was, nevertheless when He saw that mankind was helpless in sin, and when He saw that mankind lived pitifully under the law and struggled powerlessly, He became more and more grieved in His heart and became more and more eager to save mankind from sin. No matter what difficult situations He would encounter, and no matter what suffering He would undergo, His heart became more and more determined to redeem man who lived in sin. During this course, it could be said that the Lord Jesus knew more and more clearly what work He should do and what commission He should undertake; moreover, He became more and more eager to accomplish the work He would undertake—bearing all the sins of man and atoning for mankind’s sins so that mankind would no longer live in sins, and meanwhile God would no longer remember man’s sins because of the sin offering and thus go on with the next stage of the work of saving mankind. It could be said that in His heart the Lord Jesus was willing to offer up and sacrifice Himself for mankind and willing to be crucified as a sin offering, and He was eager to accomplish this work. So much so that when He saw the miserable condition of mankind’s life, He even more wanted to accomplish His commission soon without an instant’s delay. When He had such an eager mind, He did not consider how greatly He would suffer, nor did He care how much humiliation He would endure. He just had one conviction in His heart: As long as He offered Himself up, as long as He was nailed onto the cross as a sin offering, God’s will would be carried out and God could start a new work, and mankind’s life in sin and mankind’s state of living in sin would be completely changed. His conviction and the thing He was determined to do both had to do with saving mankind. He only had one purpose: to carry out God’s will so that God could carry out the next stage of His work smoothly. This was the Lord Jesus’ mind at that time.

From Almighty God’s words, I understand why the Lord Jesus still went resolutely and determinedly to the place of crucifixion, even though He knew He would suffer such great humiliation and pain. On the one hand, it was because He intended to save mankind who lived in sins and suffered Satan’s affliction, so that man would have the chance to come before God because of God’s redemption and thus break free from the bondage of sin. The more important reason was that He laid the foundation for the accomplishment of the next stage of God’s work of managing mankind—to completely save mankind who lives under Satan’s influence of darkness. For these reasons, He tried to accomplish the work of crucifixion at all costs and eagerly. Today, if it weren’t that God is incarnated again to express words to disclose this mystery personally, who could know there is such profound and far-reaching significance behind the Lord Jesus’ crucifixion?
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