The Value of the Desert

By Zhenglu


When it comes to desert, we will think of drought and barrens, clouds of sand, and the peals of camel bells. As a place where only few tough species can survive, it is literally a forbidden zone for humankind. Even though there were some adventurers daring to pay a visit there, the price they paid was high, which sometimes were even their lives. As a result, one needs courage and boldness to venture into the desert, for what he may face is the sandstorms that can devour everything or, even worse, the death itself.

When I was very young, I was told that “Of the world’s land surface, mountains cover 30%, waters 60%, and fields 10%.” After going to school, I learned from textbooks that, the desert is also a kind of terrain, which covers a quite large area and has a wide distribution on the earth. However, I didn’t understand: What can we benefit from the desert? As we know, oceans, land, forests, grasslands, mountains and water are foundations of our survival, all of which constitute our home. But how about the desert? It almost has nothing to do with our life. If all these things are God’s creations and masterpieces, then what is the value of the desert? I had been haunted by this question for a long time. Not until many years later did I realize God’s will from His words, and so, my confusion was resolved.

God’s words say: “It is because of His rule that all beings carry out their own functions within His rule. For example, the mountains nurture the forests, the forests then in turn nurture and protect the various birds and beasts that live within them. The plains are a stage prepared for humans to plant crops as well as for various birds and beasts. They allow the majority of mankind to live on flat land and provide convenience in people’s lives. And the plains also include the grasslands—huge swaths of grassland. The grasslands are the earth’s vegetation. They protect the soil and nurture the cattle, sheep and horses that live on the grasslands. The desert also carries out its own function. It’s not a place for humans to live; its role is to make humid climates drier. The flows of the rivers and lakes are convenient for people’s drinking water and for the water needs of all beings. Wherever they flow, people will have water to drink” (“God Himself, the Unique IX”). God’s words express the true facts: Deserts seem to be unworthy in our eyes, but they have extraordinary significance, which is to keep our living space moderately dry. A large amount of heat, coming from deserts, meets with the moisture from the surface water, creating a comfortable living space for us. Without deserts, we would endure insufferable humidity and the consequences are unthinkable. Deserts, big or small, dot the planet we live on, which are like silent air-conditioners, as well as sincere safeguards. Though bearing our discrimination and criticism, they still serve their functions silently, for our needs, and for God’s predestination.

I couldn’t help thinking: Apart from God’s wisdom and bestowal we’ve appreciated from mountains, rivers, oceans, fields, forests, and grasslands that can been seen by the naked eye, how much grace and care of God, which we haven’t yet understood or fathomed, are hidden behind those invisible things like airflow, gravitation, differential pressure, and the laws and balance of all things? In fact, they are all prepared for our living by the Creator, and are His meticulous orchestrations and arrangements. Although we have so little understanding of this, they, as the basis for our existence, have been accompanying with us. Meanwhile, the Creator, who created and rules over them, has always been with us silently. He governs all things with His authority and power; He has been at our side quietly, waiting for us to know Him through the laws of all things, know His authority and deeds, and know His true love for us, and waiting for us to come before Him, seek His deeds and will, and find the value and meaning of life. Just as God’s words say: “Since the day man came into existence, God has been steady in His work, managing this universe and directing the change and movement of all things. … Not one man whom God looks upon day and night takes the initiative to worship Him. God continues to work as He has planned on man for whom He holds no expectations. He does so in the hope that one day, man will awaken from his dream and suddenly comprehend the value and purpose of life, understand the cost at which God has given man everything, and know how fervently God longs for man to turn back to Him” (“God Is the Source of Man’s Life”).

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Find the Shepherd
Find the Second Coming of Jesus Christ - Let’s discover the mystery of the Lord’s second coming, watch and prepare for it, then welcome the returned Lord Jesus Christ.

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