Her recipe for happiness

She Was No Longer Distressed Because of Being Short

After understanding the truth that God rules over everything, she no longer felt self-abased and distressed because of being short.

English Short Stories | A Hole in the fence

English Short Story “A Hole in the Fence”

A Hole in the fence This story sends a message to us: We don’t care how people are feeling but lash out at them willfully, and at this point, our … Read More English Short Story “A Hole in the Fence”

She is watching the scenery on the mountain

Thoughts Provoked by a Talk

After talking with my father, I couldn’t help thinking: Can money make people happy?


The Rough Path of Life Perfects Our Faith

Don’t be afraid of ups and downs of life. God uses this to perfect our faith.

A Key Helps You Find the Secret of Happiness

The happy life that she gave her eyeteeth for has never came true even though she kept seeking it. Thus, she was full of complaint in her heart. Not until she understood from God’s words what true happiness was did she have a correct goal in her pursuit.

Saved by God,Money,Girl

Saved by God – No Longer Be a Slave to Money

I worked so hard for money that I finally burned myself out and developed depression. When I lived in agony, I was saved by God, and no longer a slave to money.

Material Pleasures Cannot Bring True Happiness

Christian Perception: Beer and skittles cannot free me from the emptiness. Only by believing in God and pursuing the truth can I gain true happiness.


Obey God’s Sovereignty, Live Out the Real Human Life

Only if we return to God, accept and obey His sovereignty and arrangements for our fates can we live out the real human life!

Happiness Lies in Contentment

Happiness Lies in Contentment

What should we do if we always feel miserable because of discontent? We should understand that happiness lies in contentment.

Best Christian Movie Fortune and Misfortune

Best Christian Movie “Fortune and Misfortune”: Can Money Buy Happiness?

In order to make money, the protagonist toiled half a lifetime but was tormented by illness. What reflection did she draw from the bitter reality?