Lord’s Return

I Rejoiced in the Lord’s Return and Broke the Spiritual Famine

Why did the church become desolate? Where did God go to? Through seeking, I finally discovered the root cause of the desolation within the church and welcomed the return of the Lord and broke the spiritual famine.


City With Rain: I’ve Found Church With Holy Spirit’s Work

Through seeking, I have found the church with the Holy Spirit’s work and enjoyed the nourishment of the city with rain.

It Was God Who Guided Me From the Wilderness to Canaan

My church has lost the work of the Holy Spirit. When I sought and investigated, God guided me from the wilderness to Canaan.


A Catholic’s Testimony: I Regained the Joy of Being With God Finally!

The church once prospered are desolate, I felt hungry and pain in my spirit. However, a bible study made my spiritual life turn for the better, and helped me regain the joy of being with God.