What Is the Greatest Blessing Job Obtained?

I had long thought that the property, sons and daughters, lifespan are the greatest blessings Job obtained. But now, I understand that the greatest blessing is …


I No Longer Put Too Much Pressure on Daughter

I always hoped that my daughter was intelligent, and would be successful after growing up. But she failed to live up to my expectations, what should I do?

Let Go of My Daughter’s Marriage

I Finally Let Go of My Daughter’s Marriage

Who taught me to let go of my daughter’s marriage and no longer hinder her from choosing her marriage partner?


Can We Obtain Happiness Through Pursuing a Superior Life?

Is being rich and living in great luxury really a happy life? No! The true happiness comes from God.


Is Obeying Pastors Obeying God?

Many believers believe that those who obey pastors are obeying the Lord. Is this viewpoint in accordance with the Bible? If pastors’ teachings are not in line with the word of the Lord, then how should we treat this?

The Secret to Easy Life

The Secret to Easy Life

We live in pain because of our pursuit of fame and gain. Only by obeying God’s orchestration and arrangements for our fate can we lead an easy life.


Bidding Farewell to the Days of Struggling by Ourselves

Since childhood, she has been trying to change her fate depending on her efforts. But now, she no longer banks on herself. Do you know who has changed her mind?

gospel music listen to and obey God

Gospel Music 2018 “God Treasures One Who Can Listen to and Obey Him”

God Treasures Those Who Can Listen to and Obey Him God doesn’t care whether one is humble or great. As long as he listens to God, obeys what God orders … Read More Gospel Music 2018 “God Treasures One Who Can Listen to and Obey Him”


How to Root Out Causes of Prejudice Toward Others

When we cannot get along with brothers or sisters, how to root out the causes of our prejudice toward others?


She No Longer Detested Her Bald-headed Dad!

Influenced by the view “judging by appearances,” she detested her bald Dad. But after she remembered some God’s words, she changed her mind, and then she was proud of her Dad instead.