The Secret to Easy Life

The Secret to Easy Life

We live in pain because of our pursuit of fame and gain. Only by obeying God’s orchestration and arrangements for our fate can we lead an easy life.

My Wife Was On the Verge of Death

God’s Protection – When My Wife Was On the Verge of Death

My wife had an accident and was on the verge of death. But God wondrously pulled her to safety, I truly experienced God’s almightiness and sovereignty.

Best Christian Movie Fortune and Misfortune

Best Christian Movie “Fortune and Misfortune”: Can Money Buy Happiness?

In order to make money, the protagonist toiled half a lifetime but was tormented by illness. What reflection did she draw from the bitter reality?


She No Longer Detested Her Bald-headed Dad!

Influenced by the view “judging by appearances,” she detested her bald Dad. But after she remembered some God’s words, she changed her mind, and then she was proud of her Dad instead.

Overcome Inferiority Complex, I Find the Way

Overcome Inferiority Complex, I Find the Way

Do you know? Inferiority complex is neither caused by our average appearances nor our ordinary backgrounds, but …

Lay Aside Incorrect View of Life

Lay Aside Incorrect View of Life: One’s Fate Is in One’s Own Hands

Bound by the view “one’s fate is in one’s own hands,” I led an extremely miserable life. It was God’s words that made me understand that only if I lay aside my incorrect view of life and obey His arrangements can I live relaxed and free.

Old mother

No Longer Worry About My Son’s Job-hunting

After obeying God’s sovereignty and arrangements, I no longer worry about my son’s job, fate and prospects.

Loving beauty

How to Get Over the Failure in Cosmetic Surgery

I chose to get plastic surgery in spite of dangerous, but the surgery failed, which brought me agony. What’s the reason to all of this? How should I cast away such pain?

The Beauty of the Four Seasons—The Creator’s Miraculous Deeds

Experience God’s miraculous deeds and His limitless and immeasurable love for mankind from the four seasons created by God.

In Sixty, I Found the Real Happy Life

I strived for better life for 60 years, but to no avail. Fortunately, I heard the voice of God and found the real happy life.