Though I Have Acne, My Life Isn’t Uncertain

I often worried that I couldn’t find a job because of the pimples on my face. However, I felt released after I accepted God’s gospel, understood the root of the problem and learned to obey God’s sovereignty and arrangements.


Obeying God’s Sovereignty As Opposed to Being Fixated on Glamour

Life is too short. As opposed to being fixated on status and reputation, we should obey God’s sovereignty and accept His arrangements.

Matthew 25:15

Today’s verse is : Matthew 25:15. If we can obey the Creator’s sovereignty and arrangements, neither blindly admire nor belittle others, and view ourselves correctly, then we can carry out our function and responsibilities in the right position, and live out a meaningful life.

An Ill-fated Lady Has Finally Found the Light

With the viewpoint that “one’s destiny is in his own hand,” I had struggled for many years but still lived a very miserable life. Not until I found the source of my suffering after I turned back to God did I live in the light.

Best Motivational Video - Unchaining the Heart

Christian Movie | Who Can Change Your Life | ”Unchaining the Heart”

He believed that as long as he constantly worked hard, he would be able to be a cut above the rest, and achieve merit and fame.

Creat a Happy Life

Fail to Creat a Happy Life With My Own Hands

By Hong Ju It’s sad that a top will keep spinning by itself if you spin it and weigh it, but once it stops, it will fall down and cannot … Read More Fail to Creat a Happy Life With My Own Hands

What Is the Greatest Blessing Job Obtained?

I had long thought that the property, sons and daughters, lifespan are the greatest blessings Job obtained. But now, I understand that the greatest blessing is …


I No Longer Put Too Much Pressure on Daughter

I always hoped that my daughter was intelligent, and would be successful after growing up. But she failed to live up to my expectations, what should I do?

Let Go of My Daughter’s Marriage

I Finally Let Go of My Daughter’s Marriage

Who taught me to let go of my daughter’s marriage and no longer hinder her from choosing her marriage partner?


Can We Obtain Happiness Through Pursuing a Superior Life?

Is being rich and living in great luxury really a happy life? No! The true happiness comes from God.