Gospel Hymn “God Eagerly Wants Those Who Can Carry Out His Will”

God longs to gain those who understand His will, know His disposition and worship Him. Such a group of people, they are His confidants.

2019 Christian Song “God in the Flesh Is a Living Fountain of Life”

The work that is of greatest value to corrupt man is that which provides precise words, clear goals to pursue, and which can be seen and touched, which can be seen and touched.

Christian Music “God Saves Those Who Worship God and Shun Evil

Only Noah and his family remained alive, only he and his seven family members survived. For Noah shunned evil and worshiped Jehovah.

Gospel Song of 2019 “The Significance of God’s Managing Mankind”

God’s management is to gain mankind who worships and obeys Him. Though corrupted by Satan, they call it father no more, no more.

Gospel Music “Only Those Who Have Been Cleansed Will Enter Into Rest”

It’s through the final work of cleansing that those who enter the rest will have broken free from Satan’s power and been gained by God. They’ll enter the final rest.

2019 Worship Dance Video “Eternal Praise and Thankfulness to God”

Almighty God, Christ of the last days, expresses the truth to cleanse mankind.
We are raised before God. How joyful it is to enjoy His words.

Praise and Worship Song “God’s Love for Man Is Most Genuine”

We spurn the enslavement of corrupt flesh, of fate and prospects—how happy it is to be liberated. From God, we receive the truth and the life. The kingdom of Christ is our wonderful home!

2019 Christian Worship Dance “Joined By Love”

We travel from afar to gather in the house of God, eating and drinking God’s words and living the life of the church each day.

Christian Music of 2019 “God Creates a More Beautiful Tomorrow for Mankind”

Upon those farmers of Canaan who welcome God’s return, He bestows His good fruits and wishes only for heavens and man to last forever, and man to last forever.

Praise and Worship Song “God’s Authority Is Unique” (Lyrics)

God’s authority is unique; it’s His special expression and essence, which no other beings possess, created or non-created.