How to Solve Condition of Getting Tired When You Read God’s Word?

By Yi’er

Dear mom,

How have you been lately? You and my sister asked me to investigate Almighty God’s work in the last days, but I didn’t bother. Now I have some good news to tell you, I have accepted Almighty God’s last days’ work. Through reading His words, I am completely sure that Almighty God is the returned Lord Jesus. Today I have learnt a hymn: “It’s Such a Joy to Be an Honest Person”: “Understanding the truth frees one’s spirit and makes one happy. I am filled with confidence in God’s word and harbor no doubts. I am without negativity, I do not retreat, and never despair. I uphold my duty with all my heart and mind, and I have no concerns for the flesh. …” I find it really good to follow in the footsteps of God. I can be supplied by God’s words every day and feel released in my spirit, just as the hymn mentions. However, after accepting Almighty God’s work, I also had a rough time. Mom, I would like to tell you about it.


After accepting Almighty God’s work in the last days, I desired greatly to read more of His words. But when I first opened the book of God’s words and began to read, I somehow felt drowsy and muddled and my eyelids started drooping. At first, I thought it was because I hadn’t slept well, so I decided to sleep first, thinking: “I’ll read God’s words after having a good rest.” However, I couldn’t fall asleep when I lay on my bed, and so I began to read the news on my cell phone. Immediately, my mind became clear, and I didn’t feel sleepy at all. Therefore, I began to read God’s words again. However, I soon felt sleepy again after reading a few lines. My eyelids couldn’t stay open and I felt I had no vitality at all. I couldn’t figure out why I felt sleepy as soon as I began to read the book of God’s words, or why I was quite alert when watching entertainment programs or playing games. So I put the book aside and didn’t try to read it anymore. A few days later, my heart felt empty, as if something was missing. But at that time, I didn’t pay much attention to this. I thought: “I know Almighty God is the true God, and I won’t leave His way; attending meetings on time is enough for me.” Afterward, when I had meetings with the brothers and sisters, I saw that every one of them could talk about some knowledge and experiences of God’s words, but I could only listen. The brother who performed the duty of watering asked me: “Sister, how have you been doing recently? Which God’s words have you read? Please share with us.”

Mom, do you know how embarrassed and guilty I felt when the brother asked me that? At that moment I thought: “I’m done for. I haven’t read God’s words in the past few days. What can I fellowship?” However, I was afraid that if I spoke about the true situation, I would feel ashamed in front of the brothers and sisters, so I lied to them: “I’m fine. It’s just that I didn’t have too much time to read God’s words recently.” After saying that, I felt uneasy and felt a sense of guilt in my heart: I clearly hadn’t read God’s words at all. Wasn’t I lying through my teeth, cheating other people and cheating God? At that moment, I secretly resolved that I would read God’s words properly after getting home.

After I arrived home I hurried to take out the book of God’s words, which was in the corner, and began to read. But, just as I sat down and began to read a few lines, the telephone rang, and then later someone came to visit me, and then I also thought of something I hadn’t finished yet. Later, I told myself not to get distracted, but I still couldn’t calm down enough to read. My eyes stared at the words, but my mind went blank, or I got confused. But I still persisted in reading. After reading some pages, I found I couldn’t understand what the words were saying. When I continued reading, I forgot the content of previous pages I’d read, and even forgot the topic. So I read those passages again, but the result was the same. I was obviously in no mood to read the book.

Later, when chatting with my sister, I told her about my situation. She said, “That’s a disturbance from Satan. It knows that after we read God’s words, we’ll understand the truth, reject Satan and return to God. Therefore, it doesn’t want us to read God’s words. But if we don’t read God’s words when coming across Satan’s interference, then we’ll fall victim to its tricks. If we believe in God but don’t read His words, our lives won’t grow, and it’ll also affect our understanding of God. Just as if we only have snacks but don’t have meals, then we’ll lack nutrition, and gradually we’ll have no strength and our health will break down.” Then my sister asked me whether I prayed to God before reading His words, and I said I didn’t. She said: “No wonder! You don’t pray to God, so it’s easy for Satan to disturb you and make you unable to calm down. So, when you read God’s words, you can’t achieve good results. In addition, if you don’t pray to God and rely on God, how can you overcome Satan’s disturbances and attacks? Therefore, we should pray before reading God’s words and beg Him to quiet our heart, enlighten us and lead us. This way, we can read His words carefully.” She also read a paragraph of God’s words for me, “God works, God cares for a person, looks upon a person, and Satan dogs His every step. Whoever God favors, Satan also watches, trailing along behind. … Satan is at war with God, trailing along behind Him. Its objective is to demolish all the work God wants to do, to possess and control those whom God wants, to completely extinguish those whom God wants. If they are not extinguished, then they come to Satan’s possession to be used by it—this is its objective.” After listening to God’s words, I understood why something unexpected always happened every time I wanted to read God’s words. It turned out that it was Satan who created the disturbance to destroy my normal relationship with God. Satan was unwilling to let me read God’s words uninterrupted, and it intended to prevent me from developing a proper spiritual life so that I would stray away from God. No wonder I would feel sleepy or something would happen as soon as I read God’s words. This was the root of the problem. I saw that Satan is really heinous, and I must see through its crafty schemes. Following that, I first prayed to God before reading every passage of God’s words, asking Him to keep my heart quiet before Him so that I could be free of Satan’s disturbances. I then found that my situation was indeed far better than before, that I didn’t feel sleepy when reading God’s words, and that I could be quiet before God. Moreover, I also felt the enlightenment and illumination of the Holy Spirit when I read God’s words.


Later on during a gathering, I opened up to fellowship my experience of being disturbed by Satan with the brothers and sisters, and one of the brothers fellowshiped this with me: “All the brothers and sisters who come before God have gone through Satan’s interference. Some suffered ailments; some were harassed by their family members; some were harassed by pastors and elders of their churches; and some had things go wrong with their families. All these circumstances we encountered are the battles of the spiritual world. …” Then he read a passage of God’s words for me, “In every step of work that God does within people, externally it appears to be interactions between people, as if born of human arrangements, or from human interference. But behind the scenes, every step of work, and everything that happens, is a wager made by Satan before God, and requires people to stand firm in their testimony to God. Take when Job was tried, for example: Behind the scenes, Satan was making a bet with God, and what happened to Job was the deeds of men, and the interference of men. Behind every step that God does in you is Satan’s wager with God—behind it all is a battle. … When God and Satan do battle in the spiritual realm, how should you satisfy God, and how should you stand firm in your testimony to Him? You should know that everything that happens to you is a great trial and the time when God needs you to bear testimony.

He also fellowshiped this with me, “It is allowed by God that we encounter all sorts of disturbances and testing from Satan. Behind the scenes, Satan is making a wager with God, which is when God needs us to bear testimony to Him. It’s like the trial that befell Job in the Bible: His assets disappeared overnight, calamities befell his children, and he even had painful sores all over his body. In our eyes, some of these calamities were the actions of robbers and some were natural disasters, but behind the scenes it was Satan’s probing as well as God’s trials that came upon him. Satan, by means of this, intended to undermine Job’s faith and make him deny and betray God. However, God knew Job was a person who feared Him, so He permitted Satan to test him, to perfect his faith in this way. At the same time, God let Job bear resounding testimony for Him. Finally, Job, by maintaining his devotion to God, defeated Satan. Due to his faith in God and testimony for God, he received God’s tremendous blessings in the end. Now, God’s six-thousand-year management plan for the salvation of mankind is drawing to an end. Almighty God’s work in the last days is to perfect a group of overcomers, who are perfected after having been subjected to Satan’s disruptions and attacks. Therefore, God allows Satan to test us, so as to perfect our faith. Consequently, no matter what kind of environment we encounter in the future, we should have confidence to pray to God and rely on God, seek the truth to see through Satan’s tricks, and bear testimony to God. If we can stand witness to God like Job, we’ll be eligible to receive His blessings and promises.”

Mom, after reading God’s words and listening to the brother’s fellowshiping, I am now able to discern some tricks of Satan, and I have the confidence to experience God’s work. Mom, you needn’t worry about me anymore, and I’ll strive to seek after the truth. Now, I read God’s words every day and I think reading His word is beneficial for me to understand the truth and mature in life. In the future, I’ll read more of God’s words and strive to understand more truths. I have also been performing my duty of preaching the gospel in the church. I’ll cherish this duty and fulfill it well to satisfy God!

Your daughter,


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