You Must Know the Aim of the Three Stages of God’s Work.

三步作工(英文版) 修改版權

The Relevant Words of God Are as Follows:

The purpose of the three stages of works is to save all mankind, to thoroughly save mankind from satan’s domain. Although each of the three stages of works has a different purpose and significance, it is a part of the work of saving mankind; it is according to mankind’s different needs that God does different works of salvation. …


When the entire management is about to end, God will divide all things into their kinds. Men were created in the Creator’s hands, and in the end he will completely bring them under his dominion. This will be the conclusion of the three stages of works. …

When the three stages of works completely end, God will have made a group of people who testify God, that is, a group of people who know God. All these people will be the ones who have the knowledge of God, who can practice the truth, and who have humanity and sense. They will all be the ones who have the knowledge of the three stages of the work of salvation. This is the work that will be accomplished in the end. These people will be the crystallization of the six-thousand-year management work and the most powerful testimony of defeating satan in the end.”

from “Knowing the Three Stages of Works Is the Way to Know God” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

My entire management plan, which spans six thousand years, consists of three phases, or three ages: first, the Age of Law; second, the Age of Grace (which is also the Age of Redemption); and finally, the Age of Kingdom. My work in these three ages differs according to the nature of each age, but at each stage it accords with man’s needs—or rather, it varies according to the tricks that Satan employs in My war against it. The purpose of My work is to defeat Satan, to make manifest My wisdom and omnipotence, to expose all Satan’s tricks and thereby to save all of humanity, which lives under its domain. It is to show My wisdom and omnipotence while at the same revealing the hideousness of Satan. Moreover, it is to teach My creations to discriminate between good and evil, to recognize that I am the Ruler of all things, to see clearly that Satan is humanity’s foe, the lowest of the low, the evil one, and to make the difference between good and evil, truth and falsehood, holiness and filth, greatness and baseness, as clear as day. This way, ignorant humanity may bear witness to Me that it is not ‘I’ who corrupt humanity, and only I—the Creator—can save humanity, can bestow upon them things for enjoyment; and they may come to know that I am the Ruler of all things and Satan is merely one of My creations, which later turned against Me.”

from “The Truth Concerning the Work in the Age of Redemption” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

“…the kernel of the management work is to save all mankind. The mankind in the beginning was in God’s hand, but because of satan’s temptation and corruption, all men have been bound by satan and fallen into the hand of the evil one. So, satan becomes the object to be defeated in the management work. Because it occupies man and man is the capital for the entire management, in order to save man, God has to regain man from satan’s hand, that is, to regain man who has been taken captive by satan. Thus, he defeats satan by transforming man’s old disposition and causing man to be restored to his original sense. In this way, he can regain the captured man from satan’s hand. If man has broken away from satan’s influence and bondage, satan will be put to shame. In the end, man will be regained, and satan will be defeated. Because man has broken away from satan’s influence of darkness, man will become the spoil of the entire war, while satan will become the object to be punished after the war ends. Then the entire work of saving mankind will end.”

from “Recover Man’s Normal Life and Bring Man into the Pleasant Destination”
in The Word Appears in the Flesh

Such is the management of God: to hand mankind over to Satan—a mankind that doesn’t know what God is, what the Creator is, how to worship God, and why it is necessary to submit to God—and give free reign to the corruption of Satan. Step-by-step, God then recovers man from the hands of Satan, until man fully worships God and rejects Satan. This is the management of God. All this sounds like a mythical story; and it seems perplexing. People feel that it is like a mythical story, and that is because they have no inkling of how much has happened to man over the last several thousand years, much less do they know how many stories have occurred in the expanse of this universe. And furthermore, that is because they do not appreciate the more astonishing, more fear-inducing world that exists beyond the material world, which their mortal eyes prevent them from seeing. It feels incomprehensible to man, and that is because man has no understanding of the significance of God’s salvation of mankind and the significance of the work of God’s management, and does not comprehend how God ultimately wishes mankind to be. Is it a mankind akin to Adam and Eve, uncorrupted by Satan? No! The management of God is in order to gain a group of people who worship God and submit to Him. This mankind has been corrupted by Satan, but no longer sees Satan as his father; he recognizes the ugly face of Satan, and rejects it, and comes before God to accept His judgment and chastisement. He knows what is ugly, and how it contrasts with that which is holy, and he recognizes the greatness of God and the evil of Satan. A mankind such as this will no longer work for Satan, or worship Satan, or enshrine Satan. That’s because they are a group of people that have truly been gained by God. This is the significance of God’s managing mankind. …


The love and compassion of God permeates each and every detail of His management work, and regardless of whether people are able to understand God’s good intentions, He is still tirelessly doing the work that He intends to accomplish. Irrespective of how much people understand of the management of God, the benefits and assistance of the work done by God can be appreciated by everyone. Perhaps, today, you have not felt any of the love or life provided by God, but as long as you do not abandon God, and do not give up on your determination to seek the truth, then there will always be a day when God’s smile will be revealed to you. For the aim of the work of God’s management is to recover the mankind who is under the domain of Satan, not to abandon the mankind who has been corrupted by Satan and opposes God.”

from “Man Can Only Be Saved Amidst the Management of God” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

God created mankind and placed them on earth and has led them to this day. Later, he saved mankind and became mankind’s sin offering. At the end time, he has to conquer mankind and thoroughly save mankind, recovering man’s original likeness. From the beginning to the end he has been doing this work, recovering man’s original image and original likeness. He wants to establish his kingdom and recover man’s original likeness, which means to recover his authority on earth and recover his authority among all created beings. After men were corrupted by satan, they lost their heart of fearing God and lost their rightful function as a created being, becoming enemies that disobey God. They all live under satan’s domain and are manipulated by satan. So, God has no way to work among created beings, much less can he receive their fear. Man is created by God and should worship God, but he runs counter to God and worships satan. Satan has become an idol in his heart. Thus, God has lost his place in man’s heart, that is, the meaning of his creating man is lost. So, for him to recover the meaning of his creating man, he has to recover man’s original likeness and rid man of his corrupt disposition. To regain man from satan’s hand, he has to save man from sin. Only in this way can he gradually recover man’s original likeness and original function and eventually recover his kingdom. To thoroughly destroy the sons of disobedience in the end is also for the purpose that man can better worship God and better live on earth. Since God created mankind, he will have them worship him. Since he wants to recover man’s original function, he will recover it thoroughly, without leaving any mixture in it. For him to recover his authority is so that man will worship him, obey him, and live because of him, that all his enemies will be destroyed because of his authority, and that his everything will remain among men and will not be resisted by anyone. The kingdom he wants to establish is his own kingdom, and the mankind he wants is a mankind who worships him, who completely obeys him, and who has his glory. If he were not to save the corrupt mankind, the meaning of his creating man would come to naught, and he could not have authority among men or have his kingdom on earth again. If he were not to destroy all the enemies that disobey him, he could not gain full glory or establish his kingdom on earth. Destroying the disobedient ones among mankind thoroughly and bringing all those who have been made complete into the rest will be the mark that his work has been accomplished and been crowned with success. All mankind will have recovered their original likeness and can perform their own duty, keep their own place, and obey God’s every arrangement. Thus, God will have gained a group of men on earth who worship him and will have established a kingdom on earth that worships him. He will triumph on earth forever, and those who are hostile to him will perish forever. Then he will have recovered his original intention in creating man, recovered his intention in creating all things, and recovered his authority on earth, his authority among all things, and his authority among his enemies. This will be a mark that he has completely triumphed. From then on, mankind will enter into rest and into the human life on the right track, and God will enter into the eternal rest together with man and into an eternal life of God with man. The filthiness and disobedience on earth will disappear, and the wailing on earth will disappear. All those who are hostile to God on earth will exist no more. Only God and those who have been saved by him will remain, and only all things created by him will remain.”

from “God and Man Will Enter Into Rest Together” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

When mankind has entered into the eternal destination, all men will worship the Creator. Because men have been saved and have entered into eternity, they will no longer pursue any goals, much less need to worry about being besieged by satan. At that time, all men will ‘keep their place’ and perform their duties, and even if there is no chastisement and judgment, they will still perform their own duties. At that time, everyone will be a created being in identity and in position, and they will no longer be high or low but only the functions they perform will be different. Yet they will still be living in an orderly and proper destination of mankind, and they all will be performing their own duties for the worship of the Creator. Such a mankind will be the mankind in eternity. At that time, what man receives will be a life of being shone upon by God, cared for by God, and kept by God, man will live with God, mankind will have a normal life on earth, and all mankind will have stepped onto the right track. Through the six-thousand-year management plan satan will have been thoroughly defeated, that is, God will have recovered man’s original image after he created mankind on earth. Thus God’s original will will be satisfied.”

from “Recover Man’s Normal Life and Bring Man into the Pleasant Destination”
in The Word Appears in the Flesh

Managing man is my job, and making all men conquered by me was even more predetermined by me early at the creation of the world. Although men do not know that I will thoroughly conquer man in the end time or that the proof of my defeating satan is conquering the disobedient ones of mankind, I told my enemy long ago when it warred with me that I would conquer men who had been taken captive by satan and who had long become its children and its faithful servants that watched over its house. … Mankind who have long been trampled by satan are actors playing satan and even more the embodiments of satan, and are a proof of bearing a ‘resounding testimony’ for satan. How could such ‘mankind,’ such scum, or such offspring of the corrupt ‘human family’ bear a testimony for God? Where can my glory come from? Where can my testimony be? For the enemy which opposes me and corrupts mankind has defiled the mankind whom I created long ago and who were full of my glory and my living out, and it has taken my glory away and what it works into men are only poisons full of satan’s ugliness and fruit juices from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. … I will regain my glory. I will regain my testimony among men and everything originally belonging to me that I bestowed to mankind before—thoroughly conquering men. But you should know that the men I created were originally holy men who had my image and my glory, and that they originally did not belong to satan and were not trampled by satan but were purely my manifestation and did not have any satanic poison. So, I will make all men know that what I want are only holy men who were created by my hand, whom I love, and who do not belong to anything else, and that I will take them as my enjoyment and my glory, but what I want are not the mankind who have been corrupted by satan, who belong to satan today, and who are no longer the mankind created by me in the beginning. Because I want to take back my glory in the world, I will thoroughly conquer the ‘survivors’ of mankind, as the proof of my glory of defeating satan. I will only take my testimony as my crystallization and my enjoyment. This is my will.”

from “What Is a Real ‘Man’” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

The six-thousand-year work has been done until now, and many deeds of God have been revealed. The main purpose is to defeat satan and save all mankind. Through this opportunity, God causes all things in heaven, all things on earth, and all things in the sea, and all and every creature on earth to see God’s almightiness and see all God’s deeds. Through the opportunity of defeating satan, he reveals all his deeds to men so that they can all extol him, praising his wisdom in defeating satan. All things on earth and all things in heaven and in the sea will give glory to him, praise his almightiness, praise all his deeds, and acclaim his holy name. This is the evidence of defeating satan, also of conquering satan, and even more of saving mankind. All creation will give glory to God, praise him for his defeating the enemy and returning victorious, and praise him for his being the great victorious King. His purpose is not just to defeat satan, so his work lasts six thousand years. Through defeating satan, he saves mankind, and through defeating satan, he reveals all his deeds and all his glory. He will gain his glory; all the angels will see all his glory, and the messengers in heaven, mankind on earth, and all creation on earth will see the Creator’s glory. This is the work he does. The creation in heaven and the creation on earth will all see his glory. He will thoroughly defeat satan and return triumphant so that all mankind will extol him. This is a work that will achieve a double purpose. In the end, all mankind will be conquered by him. All those who disobey and resist will be exterminated in the end; that is, all those who belong to satan will be exterminated.”

from “You Should Know How All Mankind Has Developed Until Today” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

Man is the master of all things, while those who are gained will be the fruits after the entire war. Satan is the corrupter of all things and will be the loser after the entire war and will be the one to be punished after the war. Of the three, God, man, and satan, only satan is the one to be detested and rejected, while those who were gained by satan but have not been regained by God will become the ones to receive punishment for satan. Of the three, only God is worthy to be worshiped by all things, while those who were corrupted by satan but who have been regained by God and who walk in God’s ways will become the ones to receive God’s promise and judge the evil ones for God. God will surely overcome, and satan will surely lose, but among men some will overcome and others will lose. Those who overcome will return to the Overcomer, and those who lose will return to the loser. This is all men being after their kinds, this will be the conclusion of all the work, and this is the purpose of all the work, which will never change. The kernel of the management plan is focused on this one point, saving man. God is incarnated mainly for this kernel, for this work, and for defeating satan.”

from “Recover Man’s Normal Life and Bring Man into the Pleasant Destination”
in The Word Appears in the Flesh

All people need to understand the purpose of My work on earth, that is, the final objective of My work and what level I must achieve in this work before it can be complete. If people, walking with Me to this day, do not understand what My work is all about, then have they not been walking with Me in vain? People who follow Me should know My will. I have been working on earth for thousands of years, and I am still doing so now. Although there are especially numerous items included in My work, its purpose remains unchanged. For example, although I am filled with judgment and chastisement toward people, it is still in order to save them, to better spread My gospel and further expand My work among the Gentile nations once they have been made complete. So now, at a time when many people have already greatly lost hope, I am continuing with My work, continuing the work I must do to judge and chastise people. Despite the fact that they are all fed up with what I say and regardless of the fact that they have no desire to care about My work, I am still carrying out My duty because the purpose of My work remains unchanged and My original plan will not be broken. The function of My judgment is to get people to better obey Me, and the function of My chastisement is to allow people a better transformation. Although what I do is for the sake of My management, I have never done anything that was unprofitable for them. That is because I want to make all the nations outside of Israel just as obedient as the Israelites and make them into real man, so that I will have a foothold in the lands outside of Israel. This is My management; it is My work in the Gentile nations. Even now, many people still do not understand My management because they are not concerned with it, instead just thinking about their futures and destinations. No matter what I say, people are indifferent to My work, just focusing on the destinations of their tomorrow. So if that continues, how can My work be expanded? How can My gospel be spread throughout the world? You must know that when My work is expanding, I will scatter you, and I will strike you just as Jehovah struck the tribes of Israel. All this will be done so that My gospel may be enlarged over all the earth, so that My work may spread to the Gentile nations. Thus, My name will be magnified by adults and children alike and My holy name will be exalted by the mouths of people from all tribes and nations. In the final era, I will have My name magnified among the Gentile nations, make My deeds seen by the Gentiles so they will call Me the Almighty, causing My words to soon come to pass. I will make all people know that I am not only the God of the Israelites, but the God of all Gentile nations, even of the nations I have cursed. I will let all people see that I am the God of all creation. This is My greatest work, the purpose of My work plan for the last days, and My only work to be fulfilled in the last days.”

from “The Work of Spreading the Gospel Is Also the Work of Saving Man” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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