Prayer Should Be Based on Practicing and Experiencing God’s Word

prayer-based-on God’s word

Prayer should be based on practicing and experiencing God’s word.

If we only pray but don’t practice or experience God’s word, our prayer is a religious ritual, and won’t be heard by God.

If we only read the words of God but don’t speak from the heart as we pray to God, we will only gain theoretical knowledge, rather than enlightenment and guidance from the Holy Spirit.

What does it mean to truly pray? It means speaking the words within your heart to God, and communing with God having grasped His will and based upon His words; it means feeling particularly close to God, feeling that He is in front of you, and that you have something to say to Him; and it means being especially radiant within your heart, and feeling that God is especially lovely. You will feel especially inspired, and after hearing your words your brothers and sisters will feel gratified, they will feel that the words you speak are the words within their hearts, the words they wish to say, and that what you say represents what they want to say. This is what it means to truly pray. After you have truly prayed, in your heart you will feel at peace, and gratified; the strength to love God will rise up, and you will feel that nothing in your entire life is more worthy or significant than loving God—and all this will prove that your prayers have been effective. Have you ever prayed in such a way?” (“Concerning the Practice of Prayer“)

The Truly Obedient Shall Surely Be Gained by God
God’s Word “Believing in God Should Focus on Actual Practice, Not Religious Rites”

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