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Before, there was a lot of deviation in the way people experienced, and it could even be absurd. Because they simply didn’t understand the standards of God’s requirements, there were many areas in which people’s experience went awry. God’s requirement of man is for them to be able to live out a normal humanity. The ways of modern man with regard to food and clothing, for example. They can wear a suit and a tie and they can learn some about modern art, and in their spare time they can have a somewhat literary and entertaining life. They can take some memorable photos and they can read and gain some knowledge, and have a relatively good living environment. This is the life that befits a normal humanity, and yet people see it as something detested by God. Their practice is just them following a few rules, and this leads them to live a life that is as dull as ditchwater, with no meaning whatsoever. In actual fact, God has never required man to do that. People wish to curtail their own dispositions, praying unceasingly in their spirits to be closer to God, their minds constantly occupied with mulling over godly things, their eyes constantly looking about, observing this matter and that matter, greatly fearing that their connection to God will somehow be severed. These are all things that man has summed up for themselves; they are rules set for man by man themselves. If you do not comprehend your own essence or what level you yourself can reach, then you will have no way to gain a reliable understanding of what exactly the standards are of what God requires of you, and you will then have no way to achieve a practice that is performed in appropriate measure. Your mind is always turning this way and that, you think of every way possible to study and feel your way through to how on earth you can be moved and enlightened by the Holy Spirit, with the result that you summarize a set of ways of practice that you think will help you gain entry. When you practice in this way, you do not know exactly what it is that God requires of you; you just practice in your own way, feeling completely at ease, not caring about the outcome and caring even less about whether deviation and errors are present. As you go on in this way, your practice lacks a great many things, such as God’s commendation, corroboration by the Holy Spirit and the outcome obtained by God’s requirements. It even lacks any normal humanity or a normal person’s sense of reason. Your practice is just you following rules, or it is you intentionally increasing your burden in order to restrict yourself, to control yourself. And yet you think that you have your practice down to a T, not knowing that most of what you practice is a process or observance that is unnecessary. There are many who practice like this for many years with basically no change in their dispositions, no new understanding, and no new entry. They unknowingly give full play to their brutish natures, even to the stage where there are many times when they do unreasonable, inhumane things and many times when they do things that give people pause and which are not understood. Is this type of person someone who has changed?

Now, relatively speaking, people pray less than before as now is not the age of searching and feeling one’s way forward. It is now the age of revelation, the Age of Kingdom, it is the life of insights where all things are plainly told to man, and man is no longer left to feel their way through life. Regarding the aspects of marriage, worldly affairs, life, food, clothing and shelter, interpersonal relationships, how one can serve in a way that satisfies God’s will, how one should forsake the flesh…, which of these has not been told to you? Do you still need to go searching? Do you still need to pray? There really is no need! If you still do these things, aren’t you just adding yet another layer of formality? It isn’t necessary! The key is whether or not you have resolve. Some people knowingly commit offense, and they know clearly that walking the worldly path is no good, that it brings loss to one’s life and delays their life progress, yet they insist on doing it, and they do it after praying and searching. Is this not knowingly committing offense? Like those who hanker after carnal pleasures and cling to riches, who then pray to God saying: “God! Do You allow me to cling to carnal pleasures and cling to riches? Is it Your will for me to earn money in this way?” Is this a suitable way to pray? If they know perfectly well that God takes no delight in these things then they should be relinquished, but these things are fixed in their hearts and they pray and search in order to force God to concede to them and to make God give them a response. Then there are those who bring brothers and sisters of the church over to their side and set up their own independent kingdoms. You know very well that these actions defy God, yet you still go searching and praying to God. You are too thick-skinned and, when you do things like this, you are still able to appear undaunted and calmly pray to God. You really are without shame! Concerning walking the worldly path, this has long been preached before. It is loathed by God, yet you still pray, saying: “Oh God! Do You allow me to walk the worldly path? Can I satisfy Your will in this way? Actually, my intentions are right. I am not doing this for the flesh; I do it only so that Your name is not shamed, I do it for Your glory, so that worldly people can see Your glory in me.” Isn’t this way of praying just a load of nonsense? Don’t you feel ashamed? And aren’t you being most foolish to think that this is a valuable thing to do? You are unwilling to experience the life of light, instead going intentionally to taste that life of darkness and suffering. So aren’t you just asking to suffer? You have been told how to live a spiritual life, a life of normal humanity and you have been told of all aspects of the truth. If you don’t understand something then look at it directly. Do you still need to close your eyes and pray? If you still go searching by raising your eyes to heaven, aren’t you still believing in a vague God? You previously saw results from your searching and praying and the Holy Spirit moved your spirit somewhat because that time was the Age of Grace. You couldn’t see God so you had no choice but to feel your way forward and go searching that way. Now God has come among man and the Word has appeared in the flesh. You can now see God, and so the Holy Spirit no longer works as He did before. The age has changed and so has the way in which the Holy Spirit works. Though prayer may be performed less than before, because God is on earth man now has an opportunity to love God. Mankind has entered the age of loving God and they have within them a proper closeness to God: “Oh God! You are indeed so good, and I am willing to love You!” Just a few clear and simple words give voice to the love of God within your heart and it is only to deepen the love between you and God. Sometimes you may see yourself expressing some rebelliousness, saying: “Oh God! Why am I so corrupt?” You really want to beat yourself up, with tears in your eyes. At this time, your heart feels regretful and distressed but you have no way to express it. This is the current work of the Holy Spirit, but this is only something that those who seek life can attain. You feel that God has great love for you and you harbor a special feeling, but you don’t have the words to pray clearly. You always feel, however, that God’s love is as deep as the sea but you have no way to express this condition, always feeling it in your heart but never having the right words to express it. This is a condition that often arises in the spirit. This kind of prayer and fellowship within your heart that aims to get closer to God is normal.

Find the Shepherd
Find the Second Coming of Jesus Christ - Let’s discover the mystery of the Lord’s second coming, watch and prepare for it, then welcome the returned Lord Jesus Christ.
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Find the Shepherd
Find the Second Coming of Jesus Christ - Let’s discover the mystery of the Lord’s second coming, watch and prepare for it, then welcome the returned Lord Jesus Christ.

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